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Honey, Honey and Lemon, How You Thrill Me, Ah-hah, Honey, Honey.

Im_leaning_on_the_lamp_post I knew things were bad when the only post title I could think of was 'You can't stop the Mucus, Nobody can stop the Mucus': that's when I knew it was time to go back to bed and try again later on. I have a throat infection and a cold. We're not technically sure about the infection, but I couldn't afford to wait three days for a swab to be analysed so it's penicillin all round. I can't take cold and flu medication, so it's all Days of Yore here: paracetamol, honey and lemon in hot water and Vick's. I reek of Vick's. The Labradors shun the jar of Vick's, but they still love me even when I am Vick-ified. They are good nurses and spend a lot of time sitting next to me in bed staring at me with their ears arranged like Sister Betrille's head wear in The Flying Nun. I have risen from my sick bed to take them for a walk. The kind of walk where they run to all points of the compass and I stagger about a bit, breathlessly. Peri_very_sleepy

I haven't been visiting other blogs (well maybe one or two) or replying to my comments.  The replies would have been Vegemite smeared. I have been pretty much living on Vegemite on Toast. The saltiness of the spread and the scratchiness of the toast make my throat feel good. MrsDrWho has offered every assistance, but there's nothing I really need except time to recover. I should be back to what passes for normal here in about a week apparently. I haven't knitted or sewed, I haven't read a book. I have put a whole heap of programmes onto discs for MrsDrWho: I can Partially Delete no matter how sick I am: my thumbs are fine!!

It could be worse, I could be the person who drove this car into the bank this afternoon. Not an ATM ram-raid, but an older driver who mistook the accelerator A_cartastrophefor the brake.

I have been to the doctor, the chemist, the supermarket and taken my Library books back in the last 6 days. It's the high life I lead. I'm going back to bed now with The Labradors, a hot water bottle and a cup tea. I suggest you get yourself a posy, an incense burner to wave about and maybe one of those frightening masks some people wore during the Black Plague epidemics in Elizabethan England. Or not.....

And The Company Jumps, When We Play Ravelry

Tk_ravellers_2There was no Boogie-Woogie on Saturday, not even any Rum and CocaCola, but the company was delightful. The Northern Apple Islanders had a Ravelry meet up at Blue. We were all so excited, well I was so excited that Kate who'd ratherbeknitting* had left by the time I Cuzmo_arrives_hometook the picture!! So the Ravellers are, from the left: MrsDrWho, Shrekgirl63*, AmandaJ, Magdalena* , Katt and Sharon. [* Ravelry Link] We were all so excited that we plan to meet again in three weeks for some more Ravelry!! Amanda made me a giant brooch, well actually it's Cuzmo [whom I want to call Cuzco] a Knitted Babe, and he matches my new Cardigan. He is lovely and came with a wonderful letter warning of the ill effects of Labradors on a Knitted babe!! Here he is, pinned safely to the corkboard above my computer, like a green guardian angel. Amanda was right: Harki and Peri did want him. They wanted him a lot!!! Thank you Amanda, and rest assured while he has a holey head, at least he's not holey all over!!

I started some2paws_ladder new socks at the meet up, but I unravelled them after the gusset decreases because my high instep refused to fit. I have started them three times, and the third time's the charm: Diamonds in the Stream. [I sing along to Dolly and Kenny in my mind] The wool is from the Wonderful Katie at Live2Knit and it's Rita dyed in the 2paw colour!! I wanted to highlight the colours and so I needed an expanse of stocking stitch, but I still wanted a pattern. I have ladders through my purls. I don't have ladders through my knits. I hope they block out. This wool is so nice to knit with, it's delicious. I'm using 2.25mm and 72 stitches and doing my usual sock thing.

MrsDrWho and I went to the pictures to see Iron Man on Friday night. Excellent film!! Well we thought so, and so did the rest of the cinema-goers who were geeky boys. I think we may have been the only females there. I'm up for Armscomic genre films, happy to give them a go, and I need to see this again. Two hours and twelve minutes and I didn't want to check the time once. Lots of nice Robert Downey Jr muscled arms and a plot that didn't let up for a second. Stay till after the credits. We did, and so did five other males. Does no-one else check out the Internet before they go to the pictures to see if it's worth sitting through the credits???

I have been buying myself some Fat Quarters as they take my fancy. I am going to do some sewing (See Katt and Sharon!!) and not all for me, obviously, as they are not all Fabric_fat_quarters green!! I am attached to them though.

After our walk this morning we were quite late, it was almost time for Elevenses when we came home. I bought some yummy French Earl Grey tea from Tonic, good sourdough rye from the bakery and some Chilli Salami from the deli at the trendy shop at the corner. My teapot has lost it's little knob and I was at a bit of a loss and then I did some Girls' Carpentry and found a nice green wooden bead and Voila, it's fixed!!!I didn't eat and drink at the same sitting, the one woPossible_elevensesuld have destroyed the taste of the other, but Harki and Peri really wanted some salami. I offered them bread. See what happened. The slight shaking is when I laughed!! We do 'Sit and Wait' but this time they were taking it way too seriously......

Now my blog is sidey-waysie, Toni doesn't like it. I'm not sure, I put all the 'business things' at the right and the reading at the left. I'm not sure I don't want to have it symmetrical again. It is ever so slightly weird.......

We-e-e-e-ear: Is Love?


Does it come from skies above? No, The Love comes from my Green Is The New Black (Ravelry link) cardigan. It is so warm and soft and it fits really well. I sewed on the buttons this morning and I have had it on and off all day. On and off because it is so warm and it's just not really cold enough yet to wear it. I will persevere though!!! The GITNeB, or Basic Black Cardigan by Glenna, knitted on 4.5mm needles in Grundl Dolce. It is variegated greens and so it goes with everything.

I sewed up the fronts and back in less than an hour last week: far lesHarry_hat_worn_by_a_nigels time than I expected. I put it off, and it wasn't as bad as I anticipated at all. In the meantime I finished the Harry Hat (Country Silk) and the It Ain't Half Hot socks (BIt_aint_half_hot_mum_socksuttons) for my mum and posted them off. I loved knitting the hat and  the socks took just two separate days to knit. Harry is modelled by MrsDrWho. It was either her, or my round sewing basket balanced on top of The BareNaked Lady. I wanted to buy my mum Sally Wise's new book: A Year in a Bottle, but it hasn't been published yet. The Saturday morning radio announcer raised my hopes that it would be available for Mothers' Day and Agfestm but alas my hopes were dashed. Luckily my mum is fine with delayed present gratification!!!

Harki and Peri just love the cooler weather. They are off up the side of hills, and down the face of almost-cliffs and there are so many new smells and things to see. We met Chocko and Jessie/Jazzie, not sure which is righUp_up_and_awayt, and their mum today and Peri was so excited. She ran about with the two other dogs, around in circles and even off up the track with them. Harki is less effusive and likes to keep an eye on things. Just when I thought Peri was going to run away with the other dogs, back she came at top speed, ready for a big pat and a treat!!!  They have some new Kangaroo/Lamb treats from MrsDrWho and they will turn inside out to earn one.

I went to MrsDrWho's classroom this week to help make Mothers' Day gifts. We made mWild_bush_rangers_2obile phone covers from felt, decorated them, and added a drawstring to the top. You can see some of the finished ones here. The children are quite well behaved and have learned from Easter time how to thread a needle and tie a knot in the end!! I came home and sat on the couch and I was totally overcome with tiredness. My head kept dropping and I could barely keep my eyes open. I had to go straight to bed for a long nap. I am feeling quite well, for me, at the moment and I have to be careful not to do too much. I am wont to try, and then I am worn out!!!

I am AprHarki_and_i_are_doing_thison Sewing Along, with Sew Mama Sew.  They call it a smock, but it is an apron to me. I have  cut out the paper pattern and Harki has surveyed it for me, making sure everything is A-OK, and it is!! I have to choose some green material and then sew away!! This will be the third apron I have sewn this year and I saw there are patterns on sale at The  BlackSpot of Doomlight, so I might buy a new apron pattern next week.

There has been much loud machinery noise lately. I looked out the window and I sawWhats_goin_on_2 giant machines working across the highway. The area was once marshland, covered in bulrushes. Vundy and Tori would run and leap through the stalks and get all wet and smelly when we went for a walk. The Council has been filling the area with the silt dredged from the river. You can see how awful the river is: so narrow in the middle and then all choked with silt. No-one wants to accept responsibility for fixing the problem, so they fiddle while the river dies. It is also very smelly, though we can't smell it way up here. The big machines drone up and down and raise and lower their appendages. I will be glad when they stop.

This weekend there's an exciting Ravelry meet up here in town, and MrsDrWho and I may occasion the Like_a_bridge cinema and Iron Man!!! Now it is very dark and I am off to watch Friends, the expurgated version, and knit the back ribbing for my Chappa'ai cardigan, I am alternating with The Pop Tartigan to save my shoulder muscles, and I'll wait impatiently for The State Within.

Canoe Feel The Love Tonight?

Peri_adori I have less than no interest in the fact that The Apple Isle will host the 2009 Canoe Wildwater World Cup, but how could I pass up the chance for an Anna Coren segue to The Lion King???  I have never seen the film but MrsDrWho plays the soundtrack in her classroom in the holidays. We will be feeling the love in 2009!! Peri is feeling the Morning Tea love and hoping for a titbit from The GardyGardeners.Ipcress_almost_done

I've been meaning to blog for three days but the light has been bad, on Thursday I had my car lights switched on at 3pm, and somehow it always seemed too dark to take a photo. I have been a little busy, though not on The Pop Tartigan because I knitted a sleeve in the space of 36 hours and my shoulder was boogelly: those 5mm needles can be a killer. I have been doing other Socktote_i_heart_knitting_2things. I have made my mum an Odessa. It is meant to reflect a crisp Spring day in Odessa, though I am not sure if that's Odessa Brazil, Canada or USA, but I like to think it's Odessa, The Film, which just makes me think of The Ipcress File, so I think I'll call this The Harry Hat!! Now if there was a choice of looking at me modelling The Harry Hat, or poking your eyes out with hot needles, MrsDrWho knows which one you should choose. So there is only a progress picture of said hat until maybe MrsDrWho models. It's on 4mm needles using almost two balls of Cleckheaton Country Silk in a blue you can't buy here anymore.

There has been sewing: a Sock Tote for Amanda from you-can-guess-where and a zippy bag for Kate:she's not keeping her Library pencils in it, but rather her socks-in-progress!!! There is also a backpack for me made from LoopyLouey's gifted fabric. I used Lotta JKates_crayon_pencil_caseansdottir's pattern though I lined it with lime green poplin. You can see some dog treats in the back pocket and also Harki's zebra striped toy. She's not very happy, I think you can see her bottom lip trembling in the picture: she's pretty sure I've taken it for good. I gave it back straight away.

If_it_wasnt_for_backpack_2My last post about The Flame Attendants et al seems to have elicited the same feeling from most people: we are very sad and disappointed at the politicisation of the Games, but supportive of our athletes. It's less than a hundred days till the Games begin: I suggest we all watch these Games instead and revel in John HWheres_my_toy_2oward's Apology.

There has been some cooking: a classic Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. I made it in a bigger tin and I really should have used more pineapple. I did buy more and was planning to dredge it with brown sugar and pop it under the grill, but it never happened. Recipe follows.... I have more to say - what a surprise!!, but I'm saving that for next time.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake


  • 2 tins of sliced pineapple rings, drained**
  • 90g butter, melted Upsidedown_pineapple_cake
  • about 1 cup of brown sugar

Cake Batter

  • 120g butter
  • 220g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tspn vanilla extract
  • 185g self raising flour
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup pineapple juice from the tin**

Preheat the oven to 180*C, and then line a 25-28cm spring-form tin with baking paper. Brush the base and sides with the melted butter and then sprinkle in the sugar. Finally  place the pineapple rings in the base of the tin. I didn't have enough. You can also put a glace cherry in the centre of each ring!!

To make the batter, cream the butter and sugar, lightly beat in the eggs and vanilla and then fold in half the flour and half the milk by hand. And then gently fold in the remaining flour and milk. Spoon over the pineapple and spread evenly. Cook for 45-50 minutes or until it is browned and springy to the touch and has come away from the sides of the pan. Invert onto plate and serve with lashings of custard or cream and ice-cream. A Classic.

PS The Jennifer Fallon series?? It's a set of four now!!! Just in case you were on a knife edge waiting for the next one. I am.