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Escape from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

The Hospital released 2paw into my care yesterday.
You can all breathe a sigh of relief...or panic. It all depends on how good you think I am at caring for the infirm and pathetic.
Not very .......but TOO BAD mwha ha ha ha ha .
And all you bleeding hearts ( yes you AmyP and Lynn) , dont bovver calling the Social Services...I've taken off her restraints and allowed her water and a pain killer.
Geeeeeeeeeeee some people are really funny about patient after care!!!!!
So she is well enough to drink tea sitting up, made me make her cheese on toast ( apparently the next best bit of cooking I've ever done since the vegemite on toast this morning...sigh) and watch Babylon 5. So nothing much wrong with her really !!!!!
Here is a photo of her war wounds. I have instructions to put it in really small so if you want to embigger
Cut 'er throat me hearties
it just click away ( and get your vomit bucket those of the weak stomach brigade)
She is reclaiming the Girls from Puppy Camp tomorrow and in the mean time I am going to contaminate her blog with a few more kitten germs.
Can you see me

Cleo thinks you can't see her hiding in the undergrowth.
Kill kill kill

And Caramello regularly attacks the keyboard and mouse ( OK...attack a mouse I can understand but the keyboard????? !!!) and kills them until they fall on the floor. But that isn't why my computer is stuffed. That is just and extra.
They are much kinder to 2paw than they are to me. They checked on her through out the night and have allowed her to have a spot on the couch in the afternoon. No licking of eyelids or games of "in the bed , out the bed" for her at 5 am.
She will be blogging for herself soon. For heavens sake...they only cut her throat not her fingers!

Any Port In A Storm

Hello Everybody.
This is Mrsdrwho guest blogging for 2paw. Yes, I know I haven't managed to do anything to my own blog for a while, but my computer is now fixed so more pics uploaded soon.
Although by fixed I don't mean that pics upload in less than 9 mins...they don't but never mind!!
But first too look at.....Olympic Biscuits for the Relay For Life biscuit sale at school.
Olympic Biscuits
and .......a kitten nose.
Go on...tell me that isnt too cute for words !!!!
Cats august 020
But enough about me....I am just letting you know that 2paw is temporarily out of order but she is fine.
Pictures to come later- I took really good photos yesterday much to the amazement of the nurse.
Harki and Peri are also fine.
The ABC radio is available and she has access to semi regular cups of tea.
Really...she is fine. Honest she is.
Look at these faces...Would we lie?
All breathe a sigh of relief now.
And so that is it for now - further details are for her to divulge or not. 

Cow The West Was Won.

I went for a little excursion into the country on Friday. I saw horses, alpaca, sheep and cattle. It's fairly rural just 15 minutes from town. I drove for about 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back which is the longest trip I have made for, well..... since I was first sick. The countryside was not very green, but it was not too bad either. We will just have to hope for rain. Isn't the individual cattle (I think it's a bull, but I am afraid of livestock , especially cattle and sheep and goats and horses) so very obliging? I lined up the shot and then s/he moved to the side and stared at the camera. I thought this might be a preamble to a charge so I didn't stop any longer.

Oh the farmer and the cowhand should be friends Mint sauce Mint sauce Mint sauce

Harki and Peri met bicyclists on our walk. Cyclists are not supposed to be on the walking track, but they persist. Peri was so good, and didn't leap, and came to get her lead on, but Harki stood like a guard dog between the cyclists and me. She wasn't moving until I told her it was OK!! She's a very brave and true dog.

Look Outs looking out

This picture pretty much sums up The Labradors: there's Harki looking a tiny bit quizzical but happy. Then there's Peri looking like a dill with her tongue hanging out!! Honestly, she sees the camera and all she want to do is run towards it. After I do all the 'Stay, Wait' things, she's too bored to look cute anymore. She want to run and play in the creek and then have a big drink in the car. She's a happy Labrador.

Harki looks sensible, Peri doesn't

I have been knitting another small thing: The Binary Hat Hat. I made it for Mr Reno. It was his birthday and we all went to Mr and Mrs Reno's house for tea.  I took tiny tasty sweet bites(recipe follows) Mr Reno appreciated the mathematical thought that went into the Hat Hat. If I had thought of it earlier, I would have knitted his name into the beanie. He is modelling it for your viewing pleasure. MrsDrWho took the snap as I am photo-unabled at the moment. Can't take a photo to save my life (Oh how appropriate- inside joke there for you MrsDrWho)

Binary Hat Hat

Today I filled a gap between the wall and the cupboard in the kitchen. Such fun, I used pink expandy foam in a can. I could just fill gaps everywhere now. It is addictive. ( I have just filled three more teeny tiny gaps!!!)

I have bought Fiona McIntosh's new book and I am saving it to read later in the week. I haven't even read the blurb on the back: she's an automatic buy for me.

Here's the Lemon Tasty Bite recipe. I was inspired by ye olde fashioned Lemon Meringue Pie filling and some Lime tartlets. I like lemon and I think it goes so well with raspberry, or any berry. The lime tartlets had chocolate on them: that's just wrong.

Lemon Tasty Bites

  • 1/2 cup of softened cream cheese (Philly cheese) full fat, not light
  • 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • 40-50ml  freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • grated zest of 1 or 2 lemons, depending on your taste. Lemon Tasty Bites
  • 20 tiny baked tart cases*
  • 20 raspberries

Whip the cream cheese and the condensed milk until it is light and fluffy- about 5 minutes. Then add the juice and zest and beat till combined. Refrigerate for at least an hour or until is is 'set' or less wobbly. I think the lemon juice encourages it to jell. Spoon into the little cases and top with a raspberry. Mine were frozen and they defrosted nicely by dessert time. I didn't find the need for cream, but you might like some.

*At the corner Deli I can buy 20 little cases, already cooked, for about $3-50.

The Dance of The Seven Fails

Labradors at The VetYou may think I am referring to the nail biting Gymnastics, The Beam, The Parallel Bars and The High Bar, where at least seven competitors fell. I started watching with my eyes almost shut, hoping that viewing blurrily would ameliorate the horrid falling experiences. Not so.

You might also think I am referring to the seven thousand ways I am unable to make the on screen channel display disappear from my TV. It appeared as if by magic yesterday afternoon and refuses to disappear, no matter how many buttons I press or how many times I turn things on and off. You would be mistaken.

I am, in fact, referring to the Six Muffins each and almost bag of dog food eaten surreptitiously by The Labradors over the last few days. A Big Fail and we are drawing a veil over the fortnightly weigh in results. Not mentioning them. Pretending they didn't happen at all.

Instead we are celebrating Harki's 9th Birthday, a tad late, but there was a little Family Crisis in The Baby Harki, Tori and VundySouthern Capital and the time wasn't right. So we are celebrating today, with The GardyGardeners!!! It is hard to believe Harki is nine. I still remember her as a tiny puppy, though it seems she was big. I called her Giant Baby Harki!!! Here she is with Tori Tompkins and Vundy the German Shepherd. There will be zucchini and celery boiled with a little stock from the chicken carcase I cooked on Sunday, as a birthday treat. Our house is a house full of Labrador Love.

I have been finishing a few projects: The second Howard Hues Hat with an i-cord loop on top and the Hues Are You? Mittens as well. These are quite good, and I am thinking of experimenting with ribbing the rest of the finger part after the thumb gusset is worked. I had to 'edit' one mitten and I ended up cutting off the cuff and reknitting it again with fewer rows. I've also worked a crocheted edging on a blanket and embellished it with crocheted flowers and bobbles. It's bobble-icious!! I love the bobbles. I want to make something that is embobbled!! I know no what as yet. I was so lucky to have everything matching and I have some Australian themed fabric to make a bag as well.

Howard Hues 2 and Hues Are You MittsRug Up

Peri is so wicked: I gave them both a bone and sent them out, and just out of the corner of my eye I saw Peri's tail disappearing into the hall!! She's a little traumatised as I clipped her nails this morning, but I used my cross voice and said 'Out!' and she trotted back through the back door.

Yesterday I went to The BSODL(TM) and found a few great fabric bargains: seersucker for some tablecloths @ $1 per metre. Seersucker is like hens' teeth here, and also some purple slightly stretchy cotton with a silvery damask pattern woven in. That was previously $19 per metre. In all I came home with 19 metres of fabric for $19.

My camera is talking to my computer again, however I still feel like I am seriously about to join the maddened Luddite throngs in Peter Dickinson's Changes Trilogy.

The Sun is shining, Harki and Peri are asleep on their sheepskin rugs and I am about to have a nap I think, it's Sewing group tonight, though I'll be knitting!!! Here's Peri being very cute and Harki who loves the GardyGardeners.

Peepo Peri Love

Eat-a-cake, Eat-a-cake Baker's man, Eat me a cake as fast as you can!

Baa Baa two sheep we have lots of wool MrsDrWho gave me a very snazzy container to transport muffins. If only I actually had a real Star Trek transporter, then The Labradors would not have eaten 12 choc chip muffins. Thank heavens there was only three-quarters of a cup of milky choc chips in them. I knew I had left them outside the back door as soon as I arrived at MrsDrWho's. She consoled me with the sage advice that even if I had left immediately to go home, they would have already gobbled them up. In their defence, I have to say that they didn't damage the container at all. Pretty deft work!!! In spite their wickedness, The GardyGardeners gave Harki and Peri a second sheep skin rug: now we are two!!! They are very spoiled and love their rugs. I think Harki looks regal and Peri looks very sweet and innocent!!

We have journeyed afar on our walks and now, most days. we can make it to the Horse Paddock Car Park sign. It takes me twice as long as a normal person, and The Labradors run far afield while I trudge along the bush track. I don't think I will ever make it to the end of the track, unless I drive to the other end and start walking from there. Although the weather is sunny during the day, it can be below zero in the morning with icy puddles and cars. Not as bad as the top of the mountain in the Southern Capital where the actual temperature was -15*C last week. Now that's cold!!

All hail the Paddock Car Park Sign

I have been knitting a little, a second Howard Hues hat and a few secret things, but mostly I have been sleeping in and lying about resting. My sister, unbeknownst to her, has given me some wool made of cotton and milk. It is Vicki Howell's Craft and I was able to buy the exact wool (I call it wool, old habits die hard, Bruce Willis dies even harder) from Ecoyarns to make the TankGirl top from Knitty. I will be making wider straps and mine will be all Kelly green. Mrs House Of, who is not a knitter, found me these great needles in the Tip shop (sic) in Adelaide. She wisely bought (old sizes) 7,8, 9 and 10s.

Another Howard Hues Needles and Cotton

I have quite a lot of green bags, so I lined them up for a parade today. There are four missing: my emerald green backpack, a clutch with a bangle for a handle, the small dark green bag with a strip of green emu leather, and another green bag with Cs on it. Altogether I have 30 green bags. I was ably assisted by Harki, whose head is in the picture. My newest bag, from MrsDrWho, is on the bottom right. It is a lovely forest green colour and styled like a girly Gladstone bag. It holds a mountain of things too!!! I love it!!!

Bag Lady with Dog 

Now I must confess I have always thought myself to be a bit of a Luddite, and I also Ted things up (HIMYM: over think things) I wondered how people replied to their comments so easily. I had to have two windows open and a mail message with the title of my post and I had to copy and paste and find email addresses etc. It made me slow to reply. Of course, in the Typepad where it says: Be notified of New Comments by Email, it didn't mean they just notified you. I thought it meant they just sent you an email to say there was a new comment. Not so, and now I am up to speed, albeit rather later than the rest of the world, and it is so much easier to reply to comments!!

Here's the Don't Croc-us scarf, crocheted in Denim colour with a 3.50mm hook. It was the perfect colour for Mrs Mauritius.

Don't Croc-us Scarf

The Working Dog Beagle has been spoken for, but if you know anyone who would like the Border Collie or Australian Cattle Dog postcard and stamps, please let me know. They are going begging, so to speak!!

And so, the slightly fake, slightly unfun Olympics continue on.  Great work by all the athletes, except for the man who threw his bronze medal on the ground and stalked off in a tantrum and those who failed their drug tests. I'm listening to the Olympics on the ABC, or watching some DVDs when it all gets a bit too much. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. Today I whiled away the afternoon trying to make my camera talk to my computer, whilst cooking a chicken in my new slow cooker. It is delicious: the chicken is tender and full of flavour. I see many more Slow cooking adventures ahead for me this week!!!

I Thicket I Love You!!!

The BionicKnitter Woman recommended Thicket to me and they were having a special sale on green Thicket cares wool, so of course I bought some. Sadly there was some confusion with the posting, and in the end I just asked that my money, less postage, be refunded as it all seemed too hard. To Thicket's credit, Corinne not only refunded all of my money but also sent me a gorgeous Apple green ball of Jo Sharp. I have no hesitation in sharing this happy story and I compliment Thicket on the excellent customer service.

I can also highly recommend these 'shops' as well: Live2Knit, Indulging Your Inner Knitter, The Knittery, YarnsOnline, Yarnomat and EcoYarns. Oh and Katt too!!

My mum and my aunt have been here in the Northern Capital for three days: I am actually quite exhausted from being social and tomorrow I am sleeping in until I am totally recovered!!! It was a bit touch and go as to whether they would be able to get home as the highway to the Southern Capital was blocked by bad ice, snow and three B-Doubles which crashed.(No-one was hurt) My mum brought me two cute folders full of crocheting patterns and also the old sheep skin rug. Harki and Peri are in serious Lurve with the rug. It is apparently Harki's, she has staked her claim, but if she wanders off Peri is soon snoring away. I did put it on the end of the bed, but Harki quickly pushed it off with her paws: I was doing it wrong!!!

Harki on the sheep skin

Peri steals Harki's sheep skin spot

Speaking of Dogs, do you share your life with a Beagle, a Border Collie or an Australian Cattle Dog?? I have three postcards and stamps, so if you do, email me and on a first-come-first-served basis, I will post you the appropriate postcard and stamps. See the envelopes already stamped in the picture?? I am keeping The Labrador and The German Shepherd!!!

Working Dogs

Here's my Ruth Spoon apron with some embroidery on the pocket. Strangely, I already had the exact orange colour and I always have white- and green. This is called Chicken Scratch embroidery and I have never done it before but I love it. I wore the apron whilst MrsDrWho made Olympic biscuits.

Ruth Spoon Apron embroidered

Chicken Scratch embroidery

Speaking of Who, I also have my very own Sonic Screwdriver from the eponymous wife herself. It lights up and writes on Psychic Paper.

Zzzzztttt zzzztttt

And now, as promised, a recipe. This is based on the recipe on the Top'n'Fill tin.  I sent my rellies off home with this, which is why there are no pictures.

 Fruity Caramel Slice

  • 1 can of Top'n'Fill
  • 200g melted butter
  • 250g packet of Granita biscuits, crumbed
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 1/4 cups of dried fruit. I used Fruit Medley

Mix the melted butter and the caramel. Add the coconut, biscuits and fruit and mix well. Press into a slice tin lined with clingfilm or baking paper and refrigerate. I like to roll the mixture into walnut sized truffles and then coat them in coconut again. It makes about 50!!!

You can buy chocolate Top'n'Fill and I am contemplating making the same thing, but substituting Chocolate Ripple biscuits and maybe choc chips instead of fruit.

The ThreePennyFarthing Opera*

I was riding a Penny Farthing in the Tour de France KAL. I must have been, because I fell off my bicycle so many times and I know I can ride and knit on an ordinary bike. I am surprised I didn't take my Mack the Knife to the jolly knitting. I managed to complete the back and two sleeves, but I was stopped dead in my tracks when it took eleven days for the fourth ball of wool I needed to arrive from Bendigo. Honestly, the fabric MrsDrWho and I ordered from America arrived sooner. Apparently there is a huge backlog of parcels here in the Northern Capital, so the fault lies with Australia Post. They have employed two delivery contractors instead of four and it is a Sisyphean task. I must apologise that there are numbers on my photos. MrsDrWho kindly showed me how to make the date show up, and then I couldn't remember how to make it go away!!

At long last - LOVE

While I was waiting I started a few new things: some mittens for my next-door neighbour - and one is 2 rows shorter than the other. I shall have to unravel it and fix it. I like the way the thumbs match the colour changes!!

One of these things is not like the other

I'm crocheting the Don't Croc-usscarf for Mrs Mauritius for her birthday. She is off overseas to the Podes (The opposite of the Anti-podes) for a holiday soon so I though she might like it early!!! I have to finish it, block it and then dry it by 9-00am tomorrow. I have promised Sharon I will crochet her a hat and in a strange coincidence she chose the exact same pattern I had queued on The Ravelry the day before. Spooky!!!

Esther of The Ruth Spoon sent me a parcel of Fancy Ticklers: there is a lovely gingham apron, a 'C' book mark which looks as if it is from an old alphabet book, a piece of text art printed on fabric, a lovely handmade bag I am using to pop my camera in, and some hair slides. I managed to take a picture of the hair slides in situ, yes, that's my hair. I had a cut and colour on Wednesday. I had those foil things, the ones that make me feel like I am a K-Tel LP record holder: they flip just like that!! My base hair colour is not so red, but I hit the enhance button to make the hair slides clearer. I plan to do some olde fashioned cross-stitch and embroidery on the apron pocket. Thank you so much Esther, I love to read your blog!!!

Ruth Spoon Fancy Ticklers Hair clips in situ

I have a new lawn mower. You can see Uncle GardyGardner mowing the lawn with it.Not too noisy and probably not very green, but it's used once a month for about 10 minutes. And I cheered myself up with a new half-price handbag. It is deliciously wonderful and I love it!!!

Start your mower engines Bag of fun

I have been to the pictures to see The X-Files: I Want to Believeand MrsDrWho and I watched Stargate SG-!: Continuum. I will 'review' them in my next post!!!

Harki (40.1) and Peri (37.3) are so happy, enthusiastic and full of life. They have lost even more weight: Harki lost 1.4kg and Peri lost 1kg. Harki has only 600g more to lose but Peri will be sadly dieting away 2.3kg more!!! I think they look quite slim, considering that a photograph adds pounds/kilos!!!

Peri Loves Harki

So things are a little cheerier here. Not only am I NOT in bed with a headache, but I feel up to opening the mail every day!!! I also have a couple of quick and easy recipes to post and hopefully I will have a picture of the finished scarf next time too....

*The Threepenny Opera