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Hello Everybody.
This is Mrsdrwho guest blogging for 2paw. Yes, I know I haven't managed to do anything to my own blog for a while, but my computer is now fixed so more pics uploaded soon.
Although by fixed I don't mean that pics upload in less than 9 mins...they don't but never mind!!
But first too look at.....Olympic Biscuits for the Relay For Life biscuit sale at school.
Olympic Biscuits
and .......a kitten nose.
Go on...tell me that isnt too cute for words !!!!
Cats august 020
But enough about me....I am just letting you know that 2paw is temporarily out of order but she is fine.
Pictures to come later- I took really good photos yesterday much to the amazement of the nurse.
Harki and Peri are also fine.
The ABC radio is available and she has access to semi regular cups of tea.
Really...she is fine. Honest she is.
Look at these faces...Would we lie?
All breathe a sigh of relief now.
And so that is it for now - further details are for her to divulge or not. 



All the best to you, Cindy!


Get better quick!


Hope you're feeling better soon!


All the best 2Paw and feel free to get MrsDrWho to do stuff for you! {{{hugs}}}


Healing thoughts for 2paw. Beaut guest blog, BTW, Mrs Dr Who, but does 2paw know you've swapped the labs for a puddy cat?


lots of get well wishes and hugs to Cindy from Linda and Ruby Doo!! very cute kitties!!!!!

Rose Red

It is a very cute kitteh nose! But what will the labs think?!

Lots of get well soon wishes to Ms 2paw.


Hope you get well soon - take care!


Cindy, I hope you are feeling better soon, all good thoughts are coming your way. Take care. You are lucky to have MrsDrWho to look out for you too, along with Harki and Peri.


Sending healing thoughts your way!


I'm really sorry you're out of action, Cindy. I hope you get better really quickly.
Thank you MrsDrWho for letting everyone know and, yes, that kitty is very, very cute. =]


positive thoughts going your way Cindy no matter what the situation is. Take good care of yourself.

(yes thats such a cute little nose)


Oh deary me! That is not good news. Best wishes and PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO!!


Oh no! Hope you are OK Cindy.Thinking of you and hoping you will soon be home. xx

metal and knit

Hope your back on top of things soon. Love to you all and big happy wags from Boss for you and the girls.

lynne s of oz

Hope you are better soon, Cindy!
MrsDrWho, you are not very convincing!


Pats for Cindy and hugs for the dogs (or was that the other way round?) all happy and well very soon please!

Kitten nose=cute!


I'm a sucker for a cute kitten nose! MrsDrWho's humor has put a smile to my face even over the concern of how you are. Healing thoughts headed your way. I made the mistake of "embiggering" the photo... now I am more worried! Yikes!


Oh, my. I hope you feel better soon, Cindy. I am worried.

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