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Cow The West Was Won.

I went for a little excursion into the country on Friday. I saw horses, alpaca, sheep and cattle. It's fairly rural just 15 minutes from town. I drove for about 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back which is the longest trip I have made for, well..... since I was first sick. The countryside was not very green, but it was not too bad either. We will just have to hope for rain. Isn't the individual cattle (I think it's a bull, but I am afraid of livestock , especially cattle and sheep and goats and horses) so very obliging? I lined up the shot and then s/he moved to the side and stared at the camera. I thought this might be a preamble to a charge so I didn't stop any longer.

Oh the farmer and the cowhand should be friends Mint sauce Mint sauce Mint sauce

Harki and Peri met bicyclists on our walk. Cyclists are not supposed to be on the walking track, but they persist. Peri was so good, and didn't leap, and came to get her lead on, but Harki stood like a guard dog between the cyclists and me. She wasn't moving until I told her it was OK!! She's a very brave and true dog.

Look Outs looking out

This picture pretty much sums up The Labradors: there's Harki looking a tiny bit quizzical but happy. Then there's Peri looking like a dill with her tongue hanging out!! Honestly, she sees the camera and all she want to do is run towards it. After I do all the 'Stay, Wait' things, she's too bored to look cute anymore. She want to run and play in the creek and then have a big drink in the car. She's a happy Labrador.

Harki looks sensible, Peri doesn't

I have been knitting another small thing: The Binary Hat Hat. I made it for Mr Reno. It was his birthday and we all went to Mr and Mrs Reno's house for tea.  I took tiny tasty sweet bites(recipe follows) Mr Reno appreciated the mathematical thought that went into the Hat Hat. If I had thought of it earlier, I would have knitted his name into the beanie. He is modelling it for your viewing pleasure. MrsDrWho took the snap as I am photo-unabled at the moment. Can't take a photo to save my life (Oh how appropriate- inside joke there for you MrsDrWho)

Binary Hat Hat

Today I filled a gap between the wall and the cupboard in the kitchen. Such fun, I used pink expandy foam in a can. I could just fill gaps everywhere now. It is addictive. ( I have just filled three more teeny tiny gaps!!!)

I have bought Fiona McIntosh's new book and I am saving it to read later in the week. I haven't even read the blurb on the back: she's an automatic buy for me.

Here's the Lemon Tasty Bite recipe. I was inspired by ye olde fashioned Lemon Meringue Pie filling and some Lime tartlets. I like lemon and I think it goes so well with raspberry, or any berry. The lime tartlets had chocolate on them: that's just wrong.

Lemon Tasty Bites

  • 1/2 cup of softened cream cheese (Philly cheese) full fat, not light
  • 1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • 40-50ml  freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • grated zest of 1 or 2 lemons, depending on your taste. Lemon Tasty Bites
  • 20 tiny baked tart cases*
  • 20 raspberries

Whip the cream cheese and the condensed milk until it is light and fluffy- about 5 minutes. Then add the juice and zest and beat till combined. Refrigerate for at least an hour or until is is 'set' or less wobbly. I think the lemon juice encourages it to jell. Spoon into the little cases and top with a raspberry. Mine were frozen and they defrosted nicely by dessert time. I didn't find the need for cream, but you might like some.

*At the corner Deli I can buy 20 little cases, already cooked, for about $3-50.


Rose Red

All the animals were very obliging in terms of looking at the camera - the sheep is doing it too!

Those little lemony tart things sound fabulous - love a lemony desserty item!


Not first but I will comment.
Inside dag.
I recommend the tasty bites to EVERYONE. Delicious. Yummy. Delectible.
Make them and eat them!!!!


hi Cindy What a bummer you can't comment on TPP at the moment as I love your comments, they make me laugh. I do hope you are well? those tarts look yum!


I love cows! When I was little, even before going to school, I was given a stick and 10-12 cows and had to move them to their day time pasture. Of course they knew where to go, and went so willingly, but I felt pretty good walking behind them. I liked feeding the calves as well. I would give them my hand to suck on, their tongues are raugh and there's quite some force when they suck, but oh those big eyes! I don't eat veal. I had to laugh of your distriction of the second pup photo! :o) Your lemon bites look very delicious!


Yours labs are adorable. Love the hat, and the colors look good together too.


Yummy yummy - they might have to be a stple - love lemon!

You are a dag - lovely cow shot though! - cows are more likely to come and stare at you than charge - they are so curious!

Love lovelove Fiona's books - and Glenda Larke - autobuy for me too!


Right, that does it! I could totally make those! No cooking involved! I will produce some very soon and take a photo!

I am scared of cows. And dogs.


Love cows and bulls I think they are gorgeous looking animals. I would love to live on a small farm in the country. Great hat and colour combo.


good looking cow...and tarts, and the hat... not to mention the labs who just look so Labby! esp the hanging out tongue thing :)


Oh I love a country drive! And moo cows! And Alpacky!

mmm lemony thingies....mmmm


It's been much too long since I stopped in for a visit, I enjoy catching up with you.

So nice the labs each have their own sheep skin now! They are adorable as always.


Looks like you had a nice walk (despite the cyclists) and you can have some of our rain, if you'd like!

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