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I Thicket I Love You!!!

The BionicKnitter Woman recommended Thicket to me and they were having a special sale on green Thicket cares wool, so of course I bought some. Sadly there was some confusion with the posting, and in the end I just asked that my money, less postage, be refunded as it all seemed too hard. To Thicket's credit, Corinne not only refunded all of my money but also sent me a gorgeous Apple green ball of Jo Sharp. I have no hesitation in sharing this happy story and I compliment Thicket on the excellent customer service.

I can also highly recommend these 'shops' as well: Live2Knit, Indulging Your Inner Knitter, The Knittery, YarnsOnline, Yarnomat and EcoYarns. Oh and Katt too!!

My mum and my aunt have been here in the Northern Capital for three days: I am actually quite exhausted from being social and tomorrow I am sleeping in until I am totally recovered!!! It was a bit touch and go as to whether they would be able to get home as the highway to the Southern Capital was blocked by bad ice, snow and three B-Doubles which crashed.(No-one was hurt) My mum brought me two cute folders full of crocheting patterns and also the old sheep skin rug. Harki and Peri are in serious Lurve with the rug. It is apparently Harki's, she has staked her claim, but if she wanders off Peri is soon snoring away. I did put it on the end of the bed, but Harki quickly pushed it off with her paws: I was doing it wrong!!!

Harki on the sheep skin

Peri steals Harki's sheep skin spot

Speaking of Dogs, do you share your life with a Beagle, a Border Collie or an Australian Cattle Dog?? I have three postcards and stamps, so if you do, email me and on a first-come-first-served basis, I will post you the appropriate postcard and stamps. See the envelopes already stamped in the picture?? I am keeping The Labrador and The German Shepherd!!!

Working Dogs

Here's my Ruth Spoon apron with some embroidery on the pocket. Strangely, I already had the exact orange colour and I always have white- and green. This is called Chicken Scratch embroidery and I have never done it before but I love it. I wore the apron whilst MrsDrWho made Olympic biscuits.

Ruth Spoon Apron embroidered

Chicken Scratch embroidery

Speaking of Who, I also have my very own Sonic Screwdriver from the eponymous wife herself. It lights up and writes on Psychic Paper.

Zzzzztttt zzzztttt

And now, as promised, a recipe. This is based on the recipe on the Top'n'Fill tin.  I sent my rellies off home with this, which is why there are no pictures.

 Fruity Caramel Slice

  • 1 can of Top'n'Fill
  • 200g melted butter
  • 250g packet of Granita biscuits, crumbed
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 1/4 cups of dried fruit. I used Fruit Medley

Mix the melted butter and the caramel. Add the coconut, biscuits and fruit and mix well. Press into a slice tin lined with clingfilm or baking paper and refrigerate. I like to roll the mixture into walnut sized truffles and then coat them in coconut again. It makes about 50!!!

You can buy chocolate Top'n'Fill and I am contemplating making the same thing, but substituting Chocolate Ripple biscuits and maybe choc chips instead of fruit.



oh I LOVE the apron it looks soooo wonderful with your stitching!! We are VERY envious in this house that you have a Sonic Screwdriver!!!! Everyone needs one of those xoxo


The apron is fabulous! Very vintage chic.


Mmmmmmmm. The Fruity Caramel Slice sounds delicious and decadent. I really love the embroidery on the apron. Did you sew that, Cindy?


When I learned how to sew, back in school, we had to sew aprons like that, and embroider them as well. It's funny, that they always were pink/white checkered fabrics, well sometimes we could use blue/white, and green/white as well. Your heart looks so cute on it. I love how the Labs snuggle into the sheep skin rug. I have one too, but Sam always wants to "kill" it. He's never done this with anything before. I have it over the back of the sofa, and whenever he passes it from behind, and he thinks I'm not watching, he graps it and gives it a fast tug and shake. :o)

Doesn't everybody need a sonic screwdriver? Glad you have one. :o)


Ooh sheepskin rugs take me back a bit! They used to be everywhere! What a lovely apron. I still think that if I had one, I might bake something some day. I need a new oven. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Will you liberate the screwdriver or keep it in the packet?

And sadly I do not have a dog, just a cat with a learning disability.


I need a sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS!!!Thicket are lovely - they sent me the catalogue really quickly - but I haven't bought anything yet - I'm doing quite enough of that everywhere else at present - thank you very much!

Hope you are back to 100% battery charge soon!

mrs dr who

Thank goodness you posted that recipe. I have all the makings of both the choc and the fruit one...and neither of the cans of top and fill have the sodding recipe on them!!!!!!!


Oh, the apron is so lovely & reminded me of the one that I made in school with the same material. I do understand how tired you are with relatives in town as I feel the same when my parents were here. Have a good rest.


I met someone with a Sonic Screwdriver - don't think hers was a pen as well, though!

I heard about Chicken Scratch embroidery on the Tie One On blog - looks good on your apron.

Hope you had a good rest day.


love the chicken scratch embroidery (love any apron embroidery, truth be told!)

and great outcome from the Thicket story, good to hear those types of results


Beautiful yarn, and your gorgeous 2 paws. Thanks for the comment about the Midlands. I feel the need to head up their more often and just get out of town!


Very glad you've FINALLY got yourself a Sonic Screwdriver - you KNOW how useful they are! :)

Love that yarn - tis very gorgeous, and I'm glad the hassles sorted themselves out. Good luck bearing up to the social whirlwind, I know just what you mean about being all wored out from socialising.

My friend Abbey ( shares her life with beagles - can I dob her in re/ beagle stamps?

Glad the dogs are enjoying that rug - looks very warm!


I love your sonic screwdriver pen, and it lights up, wonderful! Looking forward to the Doctor meeting Agatha, I wonder if she'll consider him ill bred!


I have THREE beagles :)

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