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The Hospital released 2paw into my care yesterday.
You can all breathe a sigh of relief...or panic. It all depends on how good you think I am at caring for the infirm and pathetic.
Not very .......but TOO BAD mwha ha ha ha ha .
And all you bleeding hearts ( yes you AmyP and Lynn) , dont bovver calling the Social Services...I've taken off her restraints and allowed her water and a pain killer.
Geeeeeeeeeeee some people are really funny about patient after care!!!!!
So she is well enough to drink tea sitting up, made me make her cheese on toast ( apparently the next best bit of cooking I've ever done since the vegemite on toast this morning...sigh) and watch Babylon 5. So nothing much wrong with her really !!!!!
Here is a photo of her war wounds. I have instructions to put it in really small so if you want to embigger
Cut 'er throat me hearties
it just click away ( and get your vomit bucket those of the weak stomach brigade)
She is reclaiming the Girls from Puppy Camp tomorrow and in the mean time I am going to contaminate her blog with a few more kitten germs.
Can you see me

Cleo thinks you can't see her hiding in the undergrowth.
Kill kill kill

And Caramello regularly attacks the keyboard and mouse ( OK...attack a mouse I can understand but the keyboard????? !!!) and kills them until they fall on the floor. But that isn't why my computer is stuffed. That is just and extra.
They are much kinder to 2paw than they are to me. They checked on her through out the night and have allowed her to have a spot on the couch in the afternoon. No licking of eyelids or games of "in the bed , out the bed" for her at 5 am.
She will be blogging for herself soon. For heavens sake...they only cut her throat not her fingers!



You are funny and a very good friend! Tell Cindy, best wishes for her recovery!


Oh! How did I miss this yesterday! Gosh that's a bit of a war wound, isn't it? It looks nasty. But you're in good hands, Cindy. That much is clear. Enjoy the rest and care.


I'm so glad to hear she's okay, I'm sending my love to her, with a few doggy and kitty kisses too. (The war wound looks pretty nasty but she may have an impressive scar to show off!) I'm sure Harki and Peri will be glad to get out of doggy borstal and home with their mummy!


Thanks for updating us and being such a good friend to Cindy! Cindy, hope you heal/feel better soon!!!


Good news on the releasing-front (although I'm not too sure about them releasing you into the "care" of MrsDrWho). On the bright side you'll have some very impressive scars with which to show off to the other kids!


What, I stop blogging for a week and you go overboard???? I'm glad you are getting better Cindy and I'm wondering how you feel about velvet ribbons with pendants? (Once you've healed, of course!)

Rose Red

Oh my, that's certainly something for show and tell!
thanks for the update MrsDrWho.


Oh my gosh...that's an impressive wound/s!! It looks like we'll all have to be knitting/crocheting some really cool neckwarmers to cover this lot up :D

Seriously though Cindy, I hope you have a speedy & trouble free recovery & that MrsDoctorWho doesn't poison you with her cooking & put you back in hospital :S!!

Please take care Cindy & MrsDoctorWho please take care so you can keep ON taking care :D

Thinking of you


Sorry MrsDrWho...I thought your moniker was a bit long when I was typing it.


Hazzah! Good news all round, I clicked the photo to make it bigger, I am impressed, clearly there was a Mad Scientist on duty.

Alas when I had my implant last changed, my original had moved, and took some extra time to remove, i had a smashing giant black/purple bruise. But no one would look at it, forcing me to try and take a picture of it myself.

Try taking a picture of the underside of your arm without being able to see what you are photographing! Most difficult, i have a weird unrecognizable photo some where still I must get it out.


good grief thats an impressive picture Cindy!!!!

take care of yourself..glad to hear MrsDrWho is looking after you :)

bet the girls will be happy to see you again tomorrow.


Good grief, so what happened to the barbed wire fence if that's what you look like???

Best wishes for a quick recovery.


Oh. My. Gawsh.
I just looked at the enlarged picture!
MrsDrWho, please send Cindy my love and tell her that I'm so glad she's OK.

(Your cats seem to like the same sort of games my cat does ~ my cat especially enjoys playing Gnaw The Sleeping Human's Elbow.)


Loving the kitty pics MrsDrWho. (I can miss the labs at the same time, right?) Hope you are much better soon Cindy.

lynne s of oz

More kitten germs on 2paw's blog! Eeek!
Impressive wound - I can guess what it is for. Just not sure how it fits in to the rest. Then again I'm the wrong sort of doctor.
Get well soon, 2paw! And thanks, MrsDrWho for looking after us and Cindy.


OMG?? erm...what happen? a wound on the neck?? shocking!! Anyway, please send my regards to Cindy!! tell her momo and coco send their hugs and kisses too!!


Oh my goodness, i didn't drop in for a week and am shocked! what happened?! is this a planned war wound or did some viscious animals do this to her!?

i am glad that she is feeling better now and discharged from the hospital. poor harki and peri must be worried sick as well.

dear cindy, please get well soon.



Good heavens above! Lots of hugs 2paw - what HAVE you been up to? Glad you're out of hospital and on the mend, with a trusty friend by your side (even if she does have cats ;).

Much love.


It's so great that 2paws have such a great friend to take care of her. Please do treat her with tender loving care & send her my love.


That's a pretty impressive piece of needlework, Ms Cindy 2Paw. I do hope you're soon back to full fitness. Enjoy the tender ministrations of MrsDrWho in the meantime.

I look forward to catching up with both of you when I next make it to a meeting of the knitting coven.


Oh, my! I hope you are all doing okay. . . it seems like you've been through quite the ordeal lately. Sending good thoughts your way.


Oh my! Bet there's quite a story to that one. Hope you heal up quickly and everything is okay.

Lab cuteness, kitten cuteness - it's all good!


Thanks so much for keeping as all updated on Cindy's recover. I hope you are feeling a lot better real soon Cindy. Take care.


Oh MrsDrWho thankyou for taking care of Cindy and thanks for letting us know how she is.

Oh Cindy! Ouch!!! I hope you are soon feeling much better and are able to play on your puter and play with your puppies and come and knit with us. I have been thinking of you often.
xx sue

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