"Feat Part of Iron and Part of Clay" or " 'Alp Me If You Can I'm Feeling Down"
I Thicket I Love You!!!

The ThreePennyFarthing Opera*

I was riding a Penny Farthing in the Tour de France KAL. I must have been, because I fell off my bicycle so many times and I know I can ride and knit on an ordinary bike. I am surprised I didn't take my Mack the Knife to the jolly knitting. I managed to complete the back and two sleeves, but I was stopped dead in my tracks when it took eleven days for the fourth ball of wool I needed to arrive from Bendigo. Honestly, the fabric MrsDrWho and I ordered from America arrived sooner. Apparently there is a huge backlog of parcels here in the Northern Capital, so the fault lies with Australia Post. They have employed two delivery contractors instead of four and it is a Sisyphean task. I must apologise that there are numbers on my photos. MrsDrWho kindly showed me how to make the date show up, and then I couldn't remember how to make it go away!!

At long last - LOVE

While I was waiting I started a few new things: some mittens for my next-door neighbour - and one is 2 rows shorter than the other. I shall have to unravel it and fix it. I like the way the thumbs match the colour changes!!

One of these things is not like the other

I'm crocheting the Don't Croc-usscarf for Mrs Mauritius for her birthday. She is off overseas to the Podes (The opposite of the Anti-podes) for a holiday soon so I though she might like it early!!! I have to finish it, block it and then dry it by 9-00am tomorrow. I have promised Sharon I will crochet her a hat and in a strange coincidence she chose the exact same pattern I had queued on The Ravelry the day before. Spooky!!!

Esther of The Ruth Spoon sent me a parcel of Fancy Ticklers: there is a lovely gingham apron, a 'C' book mark which looks as if it is from an old alphabet book, a piece of text art printed on fabric, a lovely handmade bag I am using to pop my camera in, and some hair slides. I managed to take a picture of the hair slides in situ, yes, that's my hair. I had a cut and colour on Wednesday. I had those foil things, the ones that make me feel like I am a K-Tel LP record holder: they flip just like that!! My base hair colour is not so red, but I hit the enhance button to make the hair slides clearer. I plan to do some olde fashioned cross-stitch and embroidery on the apron pocket. Thank you so much Esther, I love to read your blog!!!

Ruth Spoon Fancy Ticklers Hair clips in situ

I have a new lawn mower. You can see Uncle GardyGardner mowing the lawn with it.Not too noisy and probably not very green, but it's used once a month for about 10 minutes. And I cheered myself up with a new half-price handbag. It is deliciously wonderful and I love it!!!

Start your mower engines Bag of fun

I have been to the pictures to see The X-Files: I Want to Believeand MrsDrWho and I watched Stargate SG-!: Continuum. I will 'review' them in my next post!!!

Harki (40.1) and Peri (37.3) are so happy, enthusiastic and full of life. They have lost even more weight: Harki lost 1.4kg and Peri lost 1kg. Harki has only 600g more to lose but Peri will be sadly dieting away 2.3kg more!!! I think they look quite slim, considering that a photograph adds pounds/kilos!!!

Peri Loves Harki

So things are a little cheerier here. Not only am I NOT in bed with a headache, but I feel up to opening the mail every day!!! I also have a couple of quick and easy recipes to post and hopefully I will have a picture of the finished scarf next time too....

*The Threepenny Opera



oh that bag is gorgeous Cindy!! I remember you buying your bag that looks like a Kelly bag - I loved that one too. I can relate to the mail problem too - very frustrating. Congratulations on winning Esther's giveaway what a lovely lot of goodies you have. (thought you might like the green in my blog):)

Katie, Penny & Lucy

You can knit & ride a bike at the same time!!!!! Never mind those silly men in the Tour de France, all they can do is ride, knitting & riding, now that's multi-taslking talent at it's best!


I love the bag - mmm gorgeous!! - and beautiful things from Ms Ruth Spoon!!! I too am in awe of your ability to knit and ride - gosh - and don't the labs look svelte - pats for them!!!! - I have lost less weight but many centimetres (and rather gained some wool - whoops!)

Glad you're better and up and around!


Ah, so many wonderful things! I like your new handbag! Look at how good the Labs look already, sot trim. :o) I love the faces, they light eyes, so pretty! Nice to hear you are well. :o)


Great news on the health and pressie front!
I love the Stargate motif and the fingerless gloves are very nifty!


I can tell that the girls have lost weight, they look very svelte.

LOVE the green bag!

The mitts turned out fab, asymmetry rules ;-)


Your girls are looking very happy and healthy! That handbag is just PERFECT!!

Great knitting too - as ever :)


Sounds that you have been busy & having fun. Love the mittens & the colors - what yarn are you using? The bag is just the right color for you - I can imagine you carrying it with the slides in your hair - pretty picture.

Rose Red

Mittens are great and yay for finishing the back of the stargate. And green bag - so good!! Nice prize from the Ruth Spoon too - lucky you!


I love the mittens too. I'm also glad that you're all healthier and happier. Coincidentally, I am making a crocus scarf too (using bright red Jet)so I'm looking forward to seeing your version...and to some new recipes ~ your salmon pancakes were delicious. =]


ooh. what's the brand of the lawn mower you got? i'm planning on getting a lawn mower too!!

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