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Time to go home You would think that having an operation, with lots of bed rest involved, would be the perfect excuse for A Whole Lot of knitting. You would think wrong. I have not knitted a stitch and typing is a pain in the neck (or arms)!!! Thank you one and all for your kind wishes: I was so very well looked after by MrsDrWho and Uncle and Auntie Dutch, who have Hospital Know How. I have had a lump in my neck since before Christmas last year and it has been slowly getting bigger, whilst being monitored closely and I have been blithely keeping my blog a happy Lump-free zone. As the time drew near to the operation I was pretty much convinced I was going to die. There is no rational reason: my reptilian brain was coming to the fore. The Labradors had to go to The Holiday Kennels, hence the trip to the country to check them out (They were wonderful carers)!! And I was reasonably OK until the day before when my Port broke. This was a good thing, because I could have my lump and the old Port out and a new Port in, all at the same time hence both boogelly arms. But I did reach the limit of my coping. MrsDrWho promised to adopt The Labradors and once I woke up she rang them every day and I clutched, pitifully, the piece of paper on which she wrote of their happiness!!! Uncle and Auntie Dutch were there every day too and I was able to get my cannula whipped out early and have a vase, STAT!! I am so lucky to have such lovely friends.

The nurses and doctors at The Hospital are wonderful and I could not have been better cared for. It was all fun and games during the night as I was in the Old Ladies' Joint Replacement Ward, I have no boogelly antibiotic-resistant germs and this Ward was very germ free, so I went there: One old lady liked to gad about with her walking frame and sit on people and another lady had a few tantrums. Me? I liked to lie in bed with my oxygen mask on and just listen to the ABC radio. I knew I was recovering when my meals were upgraded from Free Fluid, to Soft Light and then Normal. It was time for me to Happy to be home go.

I am home now. I had no external stitches at all. Pretty amazing. Medical persons have gasped in amazement at the finery of my wounds and the potential lack of scarring I should expect. I pretty much don't care!! Scars don't worry me at all. I can wash my hair and drive (slowly and cautiously) and I can potter about from bed to couch. Yesterday I took The Labradors to the Vet and Harki donated blood to a sick Golden Retriever and Peri was popped in a cage. Dr Tim took me through to peep at the sick dog and as I went past a cage I thought there was a fine looking Labrador in it. Yes, it was Peri!!! I am not as up with it as I think. Then we went to the dam and they had a little run in the bush and I sat on a fallen over tree in the Sun. I'm paying for it today by being extra tired.

So, I'm still waiting for results from The Hospital but I am trying to be positive and honestly, I haven't the energy to be worried. The new Port means that I have to sleep like I am a statue effigy on top of a coffin in an old Church and I am protecting my shoulder from happy Peri onslaughts at all times. Harki is very gentle and she is much braver as she was so well behaved when she donated blood. The Labradors came back from The Kennels so happy, and smelling slightly sweet from their hydrobath. They had such a good time, Harki and Peri were so well behaved and nice they were allowed to play with all the other dogs, and I suspect they may be missing the extra company.

I have browsed the bazillion posts from The Bloglines and marvelled at everyone's exploits, and I plan to reply to my lovely comments over the next few days as I feel better!! This morning we had a cup of tea and toast on the verandah, but this afternoon it's back to lying on the couch with excellent painkillers, my hotwater bottle and two Labradors whille drowsily watching DVDs.

Peri, Spring Goddess



Many many wishes for a speedy recovery.


I have been thinking of you all, and sending lots of get well vibes and prayers for good health. xx

Rose Red

So glad to hear you are back home with Harki and Peri. Rest up lots and get well soon. A hottie and dvds sounds like a very good remedy.


we missed you yesterday and thought about you.

glad to hear you are doing ok still. we will all think positive for you :)

take good care of yourself..and dont over do anything!!!


Welcome back Cindy. I was quite worried, despite Mrs DW's assurances that you were ok. It all sounded so serious!

My sister had one of those neck lumps removed and I remember the horrible fear of it all.

Recuperate and be back to your old self soon, ok?

And I didn't know dogs could give blood but suddenly it sounds like the most obvious thing and why didn't I think of it before?


I'm so glad that you're ok and recuperating well, and that you have such good friends to take care of you. Harki and Peri certainly sound as though they had a good time at the kennels but I bet they're glad to be back with Mum! That last photo of Peri is lovely!


Dear Cindy,

I'm so glad to see u updating your blog personally :) Everything will be back to normal in a jiffy. Labradors are the best givers of love and that's a really strong medicine.



Hello Cindy Dear
I'm so glad you are home and on the road to recovery. I hope your pain is soon gone and your results are ok. You were very brave to keep all that worry to yourself. We do care you know!
xx Sue


I bet the labradors missed you more than they miss the extra company :) Glad to see you back!


Ah, I'm glad you are home and recovering!!!
I love good behaved dogs, and good smelling ones too! Both pictures of the lab/s are wonderful!


Glad you are home with the dogs to help look after you. Take it easy and get lots of rest.


I am so glad you are back to blogging and home with the sweet doggies. I wish you a speedy recovery!


Wow! Glad to hear that you sailed through your surgery and it was minimally traumatic. We'll have matching scars!
I hope your "nurse" Labs are taking good care of you.


Hello! (Waves like a made Fan-Girl) I try and avoid hospitals if I can (don't we all) but I'm glad your trip went as well as it could have. Very many fingers crossed for the results and for the careful sleeping! Mucho hugs to you and the labs.


So glad to hear that you are recovering well. Do take care & take it easy. Lots of love.


was very worried to hear about your hospitalisation and for such a horrid thing, im sure it must be very frightening! add my thoughts to your pile of well-wishes, and hope you are back to knitterly goodness soon xx


Hi Cindy

I'm glad you're on the mend!! Hope you have a super duper speedy recovery!!! Lots of hugs to you and the doggies :)


Superpositcallifrag etc.

I have been sending lots of positive vibes and good karma to you and mental pats ot the dogs!


so glad to see you back in the blogosphere and that you are recovering! I did not enlarge the photo of your wounds the little one was enough! gee thanks for sharing (puke in a bucket...and to think once I thought I would be a nurse, what a joke)seriously though, so glad you are home x


Glad to hear you're back home & the girls are home from doggy camp.
Fingers, toes & paws crossed all results are good.


take care of yourself Cindy! All the very best for a speedy recovery!


I miss your blog for just one week and you go all to pieces!! Keep up the cups of tea (dr's orders!) and hugs to you all.


Big (careful) hugs from everyone at our place xxxxoooo


It's so nice to see you back! =] I hope you recover really, really quickly Cindy ~ I'll put you in my prayers(...and I think the photo of Peri in the Spring blossom is absolutely lovely.)


Glad to hear you are home and recuperating at a leisurely and ladylike pace. No need to rush these things! Next time I see you, I will show you my scars. One is invisible to the naked eye despite my throat being cut some time ago. The other is a source of constant amazement to teenage boys! In a good way of course!!

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