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Ages ago Georgie tagged me for a Seven Randoms Things Meme, and even more ages ago TinkingBell tagged me for a Why I Live Where I Live Meme: and so, in one fell swoop we have the Seven Random Things Where I Live Meme!!!

1. Today I decided I should make an appointment to visit the dentist. They had sent me two letters but because I had other things on my mind earlier this year I decided it could wait. Lo and behold there was an appointment tomorrow, 'Yes!', I said. Then I practiced going to the dentist by lying on the bed and trying to swallow with my mouth open. (As you do) Not going to happen. I've postponed my visit for a month.

2. I have my own TARDIS. It's Montpelier Green of course, not TARDIS Blue. It's the first thing you see when you come in the door and underneath is an 'I Want To Believe ' Poster. Just covering all my bases My TARDIS (are belong to us).

3. I especially like my house because it has secret sliding doors, the originals from  1930, that can divide the lounge and dining rooms.

4. I live here accidentally. I'm from the Southern Capital, but ended up teaching here. After living in a flat mining town for quite a few years I was so happy to be living on a hill again, with a water view. Even if the water is boogelly. I love our house, it's only small, but it's just right for us. There are wooden floorboards in the dining room  and elaborate white twirly wooden decorations from floor to ceiling in the hall. I like looking out the front bay windows, there are five in a curve, and sitting on the verandah in the Sun. 

5. I won a prize in a writing competition for The ABC. It was a NANO Story with only 6 words. Hence my ability to rate an Honourable Mention. The prize was a book and an ABC mouse-mat.

6. I often eat at Old Peoples' Teatime. Today I ate tea at 4-30pm. Sometimes I only have Brunch and OP Tea. Tonight I had chicken with mushrooms, thyme, sour cream, rice and vegetables. Yum.

7. I haven't really gardened in the back yard for eight years, and at the weekend friends came and took away the jungle for me. The Labradors are so happy!! I am so lucky!!

Here are some gardening pictures. MrsDrWho, Auntie and Uncle Dutch and their son and his wife, Uncle and Auntie Electric, all worked like things-that-work-really-hard and transformed my backyard. Every time I go outside it is a surprise. It's like the episode of Armstrong and Miller where the people waiting for the chemist to fill a prescription went out the back and through the door and all the chemists' staff were in Narnia!! That's how I feel. I was so exhausted I couldn't sleep. Don't get me wrong, I didn't actually do anything. But as I spend most of my life sitting on the couch and just standing up and being outside all day wore me out. But do you know, the very, very best thing is that Uncle Electric put a hanging down light fitting in the bathroom so now I can reach to change the light globe. Fantastic. He also installed a J-Box outside. That's enough electrifying talk I think!!!

Before and After 

Harki and Peri usually sit in the garage, but that was Spring-cleaned as well so they were shut out. Harki would be a good girl but Peri had already made two successful bids for freedom. So they perched on the step, and looked pitiful. We found lots of toys, so many that they filled a tub to overflowing. Harki is beside herself. She just can't choose. Even Peri runs past and picks up a toy and plays for a few minutes.

Two little Labradors sittin' on the step  Harki's Choice

I have made an start on my gloves. It's not much of a start but I have assembled the necessary items and even cast on. I'm planning on putting the cable section of Rose's Wrist-warmers on the gloves. My tension is too tight and I don't have a pattern that fits so I have gone down a needle size and I'm winging it.

This WILL be gloves...eventually 

There is so much more to say, I could blog on, but I'll save The 39 Clues (who can fly that aeroplane????), The Cloth and Soap Swap, The Skirt Sewing, The Cooking, The Mummy 3 and The New Books for next time. Oh and A Fringe review. This week I am excited because Hamish Macbeth is being repeated. We have the DVDs and even the missing West Side Story episode but there's just something compelling about HM being on TV. Oh, that could be my eighth random thing- I am compelled to watch shows we already have on DVD. I just have too. Somehow they are just that tiny bit sweeter Free-to-air.

I've spent a wodge of time installing Windows Service Pack 3 today, and playing with my photos, and I have 152 Bloglines posts to read. That's really read and maybe comment on, not just whizz through. I may be a day or so on those......



Such good friends! Do you think they might want to come over and go over my garden? Wow - I whole container full of chew toys! Lucky Harki and Peri, or do you think they hid them, and now have to find new places to hide them again?
I've read Hamish Macbeth book series and loved them.


How wonderful having your garden done, what wonderful friends you have! The box of not lost toys anymore made me laugh!!!! I love the look of those wrist warmers, very swish and pretty!!!and your Tardis? lucky girl :O is David Tennant in there??????yumyum


ps Re Hamish...the other day I was going to get series one and two out from the dvd store, then I thought I would get them next time as I already had some movies in my hand, then that night I saw the ad for him coming to abc2 I was SOOO excited to be able to see it again (without paying) but I thought what a freaky coincidence

Rose Red

hee hee, I watch shows on tv (and movies too) that I've got on dvd, so I know exactly what you mean!


You are so lucky to have such dear friends. I wish someone will do my gardening too as I have not done much (except weeding) in winter. Have a good rest after all that excitement.


How lovely to have backyarddom!! and don't the dogs look happy! I missed the fringe last week - grr - I forgot and children were late to bed and so on - ptui! Next week!


that's an incredibly generous thing for friends to do for you!

And I love the idea of old people's tea time. I wish my life was more easily structured to do that.

mrs dr who

So many toys...so hard to choose!
So many collaged doggies....so hard to focus!


Oooohhh I just lurve Hamish Macbeth and have the DVDs as well (and I'm not owning up to howmany times I've watched them). But I don't have that missing episode - how do you get hold of it??!!!!


You're not making this catch-up thing easier, are you?! I'll pick one thing from a post and comment on it, OK? That's a large box of toys, that is!

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