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I've not actually been hiding, but there's not been a lot to share. I have had lots of medical appointments this week but on Friday my surgeon gave me good news: apparently I have foolishly wasted one perfectly good thyroid gland by having it removed along with a plain boring old cyst. Thank goodness!!! I had to sing to show my voice was fine, so I sang the opening lines of Oklahoma's theme song chorus and then, when requested, another burst an octave higher. I am sure that's not what the doctors were expecting to hear. They asked me to shout, but although I can be exuberantly loud I try not to shout, I rarely shouted at my class and I try never to shout at The Labradors, but apparently I sing with excellent projection so I didn't have to yell. The surgeon says she doesn't need, or want, to see me again and they were all very glad that I could have my port replaced at the same time as my other surgery as it took two hours to put the breathing tube thingy down my throat. That was half the time I was in surgery!!! Then, of course, I had a little nervette of happiness because everything was OK.  I must ask MrsDrWho to take another photo of my scars, which are healing really fast. I shan't be able to trade on anyone's sympathy soon. I am able to sleep fairly normally on my front or side now so that's making me so much happier, though I am still a bit stiff and sore. All the kind acts, wishes, thoughts and emails are having a very positive effect, and I feel very spoiled to have so many lovely friends.

Come on in, the water's fine

I am still tired and slow so the poor Labradors are having quite short walks. I have devised a new system whereupon we walk thusly: Day 1- a walk in the morning, Day 2 - a walk in the afternoon, Day 3 - Rest day.  This means over eight days they have six short walks instead of four longer ones. It is a novelty to have an afternoon walk and we met some different dogs and walkers today. We went at the end of a rain storm and didn't expect to meet anyone. Harki was quite put out that I expected her to get off the path for walkers and sat down where she stood. I had to give her lead a hard pull to remind her I was in charge. In this strange alternate afternoon universe  Peri came when I called, had her lead clipped on easily and sat off the path most obediently.

Some unofficial embroidery  Longed for and now found

I have been doing a little knitting, but not much. I have started some embroidery for MrsDrWho's nephew. I am making a small quilt with a theme. I haven't joined Lynette's Embroidery-Along officially yet, and I am not to good at adding buttons to my sidebar even with Typepad's help. Lynette has a Labrador, Hi Lynette, Hi Hugo!!!  The sewing machine has been used, I've finally taken up the hems on some jeans and made some sock totes. One is for purplevelvetfrom The Ravelry. I craved and longed for last years IK Holiday Gifts issue. I had kind offers for lending it to me, but on a whim I asked on the Australian Knitter's group and lo and behold the Lovely purplevelvet posted off the magazine tout suite. I am in happy magazine delights!! So I seweda purple velvet (suedey not too plush!!) sock tote and popped in a few treats and posted it off with my thanks. Then I played about with my sock tote pattern and came up with this spotted small experimental sock tote. It is only 25cm long with a diameter of 8cm. Anyone like it?? First emailer to ask gets the SSEST: my email is under my buttons in the side bar. It's not perfect, but if all you want to pop inside is your small sock needles, and a small ball of wool, it'll do the job!!

PurpleVelvet sock tote 

Small experimental sock tote 

What else?? Well, now I'm not dead as I feared I would be, I have treated myself to some new Knit Picks needles from the Talented Donni- a whole set of sock sized needles, and from Yarns Online- 4mm needles. I've also ordered some books from The Book Depository: A is for Apron,  Knitting New Mittens and Gloves and a Trinny and Susannah book. I bought one of their older books today, it was on sale and 66% off!!!

Picking up some knitpicks 

I've been cooking too, lots of pasta and some creamy chicken and rice. Today I am marinating some lamb in tikka curry paste, freshly grated ginger and plain yoghurt. Then I'll lightly fry it and have it with extra yoghurt, lemon juice and some carrot and tomato salad in some pita wrap. Yum!! I'm also planning to make some chicken and chorizo rice pilaf with saffron.  I know I am feeling better because I want to cook.

This week I am looking forward to Fringe, and now that MrsDrWho seems to be over her horrid cold virus we might be able to have lunch, or brunch, or even go to the pictures, or spend some time shopping or catching up on some DVDs. I think we have Stargate Atlantis: The Fourthly Season now, as well as Dempsey and Makepeace!!! It's DVD watching weather, we have had violent thunderstorms and rain, and then warm sunny days as well. Harki's hip has been playing up, so she's been having half a tablet every day this week. It is Spring time, the same thing happened last year, yet in Summer, Autumn and Winter she is well. The Labradors are asleep now, too much afternoon excitement and they are also sulking as they weren't allowed to have any lamb. Harki's allergic to lamb so no-one can have any. I've seen all this season of Doctor Who so I'll settle in tonight to watch Midsomer Murders. And maybe contemplate the gloves I should be knitting right now.........



Phew, what a relief!
Good to hear the good news & that you're starting to feel better, nurses Harki, Peri & Mrs DrWbo have done an excellent job!


Congratulations on the all~clear! You must feel so relieved. I love that you sang Oklahoma! to your surgeon. I hope you have a wonderful week and get back to knitting soon (...and can you please pat the labs for me.)

Rose Red

So glad you got the all clear, that's fantastic. I think you definitely deserve those KnitPicks!


So very very relieved and happy to hear all is well!! Sounds like all is going well at your place - and I'll be thinking of you as I settle down to watch Midsomer Murders tonight too :)


you are sounding in marvellous spirits. As you should be with that good word from the Dr!

I can't believe we both mentioned Oklahoma in our posts at the same time on the same day. Just BIZARRE!


So glad your gaining your strength back and you haven't lost your singing voice *lol* I'm not a shouty person either although sometimes Joe requires a very loud firm voice to stop him eating nasty things whilst we're walking :-) I'm still sending happy healing thoughts your way; they're obviously working! *hugs*


I'm so happy to hear that you are O.K. and healing well! I adore your little sock bags, but will never make any, because of the tricky zipper put in.
I had to smile about your remark about buying things now that you know you are not going to die.
I had a similar experience. In July I was not well, thought I might die soon too, had tests done etc. At that time I looked in horror at all my stash, spinning wheels, fiber, knitting books etc. As soon as I knew I would be fine I started buying yarn etc. again, and haven't stopped since. I hope this will phase out too. :o)


Terrific News!!! Glad you are not going to shuffle off, we might even manage a cuppa least before Christmas!!! Love your embroidery...I have made a couple of those... will finish eventually!! I am into DVD Seasons at moment also...have watched The Tudors and 4 seasons of Wire in the Blood in the last 2 weeks...Enjoyment!!! CAthyxx


I'm so glad Cindy to hear that you're not off to the here-after for a while yet :D
You have such a positive outlook on life & I'm sure this is what keeps you going through the tough times!....well that & the Labs of course!
I know it is one of the reasons I love reading your are trully inspirational in the face of much adversity.
Many healing thoughts & prayers still coming your way....


My left half of my thyroid was removed in 96' and I lost my voice for 6 weeks! ( I swear Mr. Larj bribed the surgeon). Now my right half is acting the same way only there's less room for it to grow on account of scar tissue etc. They are going to have to catch me first! I go to my endocrinologist on Tues. :-( I did some really stupid thing when my voice was out, the worst was when I pulled in the drive-thru to order some Taco Bell. Yeah....there was a car behind me so I couldn't back out so I was stuck mute at the order speaker and had to give my order at the window. Boy did I feel like a dupe. Also, I was a little worried about giving the bank teller a note for my transactions. I could see myself slammed to the floor and cuffed before I knew what hit me. Good times. Glad to hear that your recovery is going well and that your biopsy was a happy one. It was probably just built up bits of dog hair stuck in there anyway. :-D


Fantastic news on the cyst (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say!) and it sounds like you are on the upward curve of recovery.

Love the giraffes!

Many wet-nosed kisses (to the dogs as well - snarf!)


It's good to see you up and about and getting back into the swing of things.

And I have to tell you, one of my favorite things about driving across Oklahoma was seeing the waving wheat and hawks making lazy circles in the sky.


So glad to read that there was 'nothing too serious' (now does that bring back memories of Ice House?!?!?)
I'm glad too that you got a copy of your magazine (I rediscovered mine yesterday, sadly crumpled - I'm glad you have a nicer one now)
And a dog allergic to lamb? How tragic!!!


So good to hear that all is well with you. You must be recovering well as you are cooking lots of delicious food!


Glad to hear your on the mend. I watched a downloaded copy of Fringe over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. It reminds be of X-Files.

lynne s of oz

Hooray for being alive! Boo hiss for having to take more meds!
We watched Dr Who on DVD and have been watching Midsomer Murders for the last three weeks. Goodness those Brits are kinky devils!


I am breathing a big sigh of relief that things turned out okay! give those pupsters a hug from me please!


I'm so pleased you're better! - I hadn't heard of Fringe - I shall have to check it out! Kim woke on Saturday morning with a large neck lump - it scared him so much he actually went to the doctor without nagging - had bloodtests yesterday and ultrasound tomorrow - we wait.... - Hugs to you and pate to the lovelies!


It is so good to hear you are on the mend and nearly completely healed Cindy!! you have been busy too. I recently discovered Lynette's Stitchery too and have printed it out but now started yet. I have gone a little mad with printing stitcheries out lately now I just have to do them all!!!


So very glad to hear youve got the all clear and are fast getting back to your old form!

p.s. Ive tagged you for a meme - hope thats OK!


Sheesh - look at all that outpouring of lovely thoughts and messages. So glad to hear you are back on the walking trail!

rose-maree dean

glad to hear that surgery went well and that there are no nasties.


yay,so glad to hear you have the all clear and are starting to get back to your old self. lots of best wishes for a continued speedy recovery!


I'm so glad to hear you are O.K.xx


Thanks for the comment :-)
I'm glad to hear you are feeling better and that I could give you some laughs :-)

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