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Little Missing Muffets

Last Friday, when we went for our usual walk, The Labradors 'lost' me for seventeen minutes. They were running up the hill, I was walking on the path and they were out of sight.  When I reached the turn back point, they were still nowhere to be seen. I walked for the next ten minutes with that horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach. I called them and they didn't come, I spied flashes of gold, but it wasn't them. I catastrophised by imagining they had plummeted over the cliff into the Gorge. (Never mind the were up the hill!!) When I was 2 minutes from the car, there they were, running up the track towards me. They were so puffed out and all wet because even Harki had been in the creek. I think what happened was they thought I had turned back and then they waited for me at the gate. MrsDrWho has pointed out that it was me who was lost, there were two of them, together, and they knew where they were!! I was so happy to see them that there were big hugs all round.

Mares eat oats

Peri has been 'shopping' in the grocery bags again and this time she ate a whole box of old fashioned rolled oats. They must have tasted awful, but she didn't seem to mind. She opened the box so nicely. She also hid the left shoe from two pairs of walking shoes. I foolishly wore a new pair and I am paying for it with two blisters the size of  50 cent pieces. I bought these really great Blister bandaid things at the chemist and they are helping a lot.  

I want to be in the car with Harki

Harki has been back to see the Doctor and had her ears pronounced almost better. She got extra treats because she was shaking a little and she was very brave. I am going to start popping into the Hospital with The Labradors every now and then for a treat, so Harki doesn't think she is donating blood all the time.

Harki's waiting patiently

There has been sewing. I have sewed a toile for the bodice of my new dress. It is very boring to look at. I have sewed the eyelet fabric into a skirt and I am particularly proud of the side seam matchiness.  It must be lined. I have bought the lining, but I was waylaid by the need for a hat. Tomorrow. I bought some starry green fabric and I have whipped up a hat. I am not sure whether it will suit me or not but I don't care. Hattily careless am I.

Seams seem good

Hat attack

Mrs Madcage and I are going to The Deloraine Craft Fair. Actually we on the Apple Isle just refer to it as 'The Craft Fair'. I go every few years. I know some Ravelry people are going but Mrs Madcage and I are foot disabled at the moment, so we'll limp along together in our own slow time.

I made The Cake-In-A-Mug. More of that with pictures and recipe soon. I'm not even trying today though. I recharged my camera batteries and then the camera and the computer threw hissy fits and refused to talk to each other. Then I changed the pixel width of my blog....... Least said, soonest mended there. And I'm off to sewing any minute now after this!!! There will be a Craft Fair report of some kind I hope. Oh and I have comments to reply to. No doubt there are people sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that!!

There may be spelling and other errors in this post, I apologise in advance.

You Can't Make a Silk Skirt Out Of A Sow's Ear

If a sewing pattern is designed for a stretch fabric, no matter how many interventions you stage, it just won't work. The poor Give me your answer do skirt was never going to cut it, and so I cut it: up. I had more fabric, I had bought it on sale and so this morning I drafted a pattern for a new skirt, a personal pattern to fit me, with woven fabric in mind and here it is: The Give me your answer Two. It was windy, and Harki was helping so it's not the world's best picture (not that I think any of mine are, except for Labrador pictures where the subjects'  wonderfulness over rides my hopelessness) 

Give me your answer 2

It fits so perfectly that I rifled through my fabric stash and found this, made of eyelets holding some fabric together. I will have to place the pattern carefully so that the eyelets are not disturbed by the hem and it will need some lining. I'm not sure how far it should go though. How many glimpses of my Rubenesque thighs do I want to allow? Sorry for that mental picture!!!

Potential skirt 

The first Crocodile Rox Sock was finished in the waiting room yesterday. I didn't have my sewing up needle so I grafted the toe this morning. It fits really well and I am very happy with the whole thing!! I always use 72 stitches and 2.25mm needles, but I know others like to use 64 stitches. I promised TinkingBell that I would write up the pattern for her, but if anyone else is interested I can try adding a page to my blog with the pattern for both options. I failed miserably last time, but I may have some better luck this time!!! I think the picture on the far right is the closest to the correct colour.

A Croc Rox Sock 

This is a quick fly-by-day post as I am out for tea. I'm taking little ziplock bags with Cake in a Mug dry mixture all ready to go. Should be interesting. I'll let you know how it goes.

The Labradors are having a lovely day, there has been a lot of playing and there was apple and sweet potato in their breakfast!! There was also a vast amount of sunbaking and oceans of cold water were drunk.

Labrador Sisters

Girl, Un-interrupted

I must be honest, cherry tree, axe and all that: It was MrsDrWho's birthday in the first Roman Emperor's month. I gave her the sock wool. It is the knitting that takes the time, and I had a few interruptions. I have had no interruptions once I started The Crocodile Rox Socks. I started them at the weekend and I am almost to the toe on Sock #1. I did have the intentions of making the pattern irregular, but I couldn't bear it. I made a nice symmetrical scaly pattern that interlocks like brickwork. When I was making the gusset decreases I continued the pattern but stopped adding the end scales until there was only one left in the middle and then I ended that too. The wool is some Opal Uni in Apple. I have had it for ages and I'd forgotten quite how hard it feels on my fingers when I knit. I know it will soften up once I wash it.

Crocodile Rox Sock 1

Have I bitten off more than I can chew

We went for a walk this morning in the cool. It was 28*C inside yesterday so the cool overcast morning was a relief. Harki was a good girl as usual but Peri found something horrid to roll in at the start of the walk. When we came home she had to stay on her lead and then be washed with the hose until she was clean. She doesn't mind too much. Harki has been playing with all her toys: she's an equal opportunity Labrador. Here she is bringing me her Two Toy, made of a Squeaky Furry Bone inside a Tyre. It is very good and must be Thrown and Fetched to within an inch of its life. Apparently.

Peri Stinky

Harki Two Toy

I watched a slew of Burn Notice episodes last night while I was knitting. MrsDrWho has one episode on her HDD so I have to ask her very kindly to lend it to me so I can watch it in the proper order.  We finished watching Stargate Atlantis The Fourthly Season, all bar the last episode. It wasn't my favourite season, I don't think they knew what to do with Colonel Carter. We are going on with B5 while we wait for Blake's 7's final season to arrive.

While MrsDrWho arranged her Chr*stm*s charm squares seemingly endlessly I have just put my Moda Merry and Bright squares in some rows. I am going to sew them together to make a Chr*stm*s quilt of some description, The colours are not traditional ones, but I am past caring about that.


I have a pile o'patterns and I am going to make a dress  and a skirt or two. If I like the dress I will make a slew of them. My word de jour is 'slew'. Thus far there have been very few green tops in the shops so dresses would alleviate the lack of appropriate 'top-age'.

Sew sew 

I didn't get any sewing done on Friday as there was an email for assistance with the editing of the Science Talent Search power points from You Know Who. I am a hard taskmistress!!!

It's so late now I think I will plump for a skirt rather than a dress. Far less to go wrong with a skirt!!!

A Policeman's Lot Is Nude A Happy One

Our Police Commissioner here in The Apple Isle (and now I feel like I live in Toy Town with Noddy) Commissioner Jack Plod (and now I do) has been charged with Disclosing State Secrets along with other things. He was officially charged yesterday and was strip-searched in a cell momentarily as per usual. Some high ups think this is inappropriate. I say what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. However the thought of nude Commissioner Jack Plod is not a happy one!!! I do wonder what the State Secrets might be though....

Yesterday in town I spotted a Back Up Potential Husband: PH #2. He is smaller, pocket sized when Potential Husband Number 2deflated, but comes at a price. And don't they all!!! I must remember to show Miss HouseOf his picture soon.

The new BH&G magazine is out and it is The December Christmas Issue. In October. Thank you for that.

Sax and Violets

MrsDrWho's Sax and Violets socks are finished. Done and Dusted. All over Red Rover etc. They are the lovely Waving Lace pattern and I used Crystal Palace Bamboo in Violets on 2.25mm needles. Its a great pattern and they feel wonderful on my hand so should be nice on her feet. Happy Birthday MrsDrWho!!!

Reptiles beware

I have started a new pair of socks for myself. Four pairs of socks have worn out in the last month or so and Summer is just the time to be knitting socks. I went to have a blood test and I was sitting there waiting to be hooked up with my sock ribbing and my handbag and Viola!! I knew the pattern I wanted to knit: Can you guess? (And now I feel like I am on Play School!!) Well can you children?? I don't have a pattern but i have printed out some graph paper to make one. My knitting aspect is 1.4117 so I rounded that to 1.42. You find your 'Knitting Aspect' by dividing your 10cm/4" row count by the stitch count. Mine was 48/34.

Give Me Your Answer Do Skirt

I finished sewing my skirt. There was a slight debacle when I used the skirt pattern which I later realised was for stretch fabric. Half the pattern was for stretchy and the other half for woven. I still have to wriggle some more room into the hip area. Sigh. It would be easier to start all over again but I am determined to get this right. It is the Give Me Your Answer Do Skirt. I have tops that match the lime and aqua colours so it will be be great. It is weather for skirts now.

Harki has been for her now annual Spring Fever cortisone injection. I have drops, but on Tuesday night she was crying and rubbing her head on the floor. Peri 'helped' by licking her ears for her. The injection is very fast working and her eyes stopped watering and her ears stopped being red. She is very happy this morning as evidenced by all the Squeaky Toy squeaking that was going on. Another 28 toys were located in the garden at the weekend...

Look at me Lovely labs

We saw a sad sight on our walk today. Harki and Peri were running ahead and I came round the corner to see this. Poor Mr Kangaroo (yes I know it is a wallaby of some kind but we call them Kangaroos, The Labrador and I. Actually we say Mr Kangarooney. I have no proper life!!!) The Labradors were near enough to sniff but they came straight back when I called them. There were motorbike tracks on the paths. Bikes are not allowed but I think this may be how the kangaroo died.

A sad thing we saw 

Three things have arrived in the letter box.  Ailsa sent me a copy of an IK Crochet that needed a new home and I posted her off a bag and a treat!! I bought some excellent secret material from The Humming Mini and some terrific wool from Knitness on The Ravelry. Thank you all. What nice people!!


So, since we had a walk today we'll be sleeping in tomorrow and then maybe cutting out a dress to sew, fixing the skirt and making up the pattern for the socks that need a name. Oh and I must start watching the Whole Seasons of CSI:Ordinary and NY as we have Blake's 7 Season 4 on the way!!!

Don Berk

I cannot restrain myself. Don 'Berk':Total betrayal of any positive reputation the man had. As if a chlorine based polluting pulp mill in a valley area with an inversion layer could ever be World's Best Practice. Let's build it next door to his 'forest garden' then shall we???? Oh, does every know what a berk is?? The actual rhyming slang meaning is very very rude, but I have used the term in it's normal way, ie the man is an idiot!!!

Three Cheers for Peter Cundall. Now that's your bloomin' lot on that topic.

We have been busy doing not much. It was Show Day and so MrsDrWhoand I ate the corn 'pancakes' and watched Stargate Atlantis. We only have three episodes to watch, we have devoured it. We don't usually watch the very last episode because now our memories are so bad that when the new season comes out we can't remember what happened in the previous one. So we save the last episode or two and watch them immediately before the newer season. The changes aging brings!!!

Then on Friday there were nibbles at Mr and Mrs Reno's house. MrsDrWho came, along with Mr and Mrs HouseOf and Wee Jock's mum. It was lovely to see them all and I made a delicious and easy cheesecake. So easy that I whipped up another one on Sunday for Uncle and Auntie Dutch. They came to visit, much to The Labradors' delight, and mine!! They de-blackberried for a few hours and I sent them home with cheesecake and morello cherry sauce.  Recipe but no pictures will follow. MrsDrWho are you reading this?? I am whipping one you for you too later in the week too!!!

Labradors lie down

Harki and Peri have been helping me with some sewing again. I was making a toile for some drapey trousers. Well actually I wasn't for quite a lot of the time as first one Labrador, and then the other, came to lie on the fabric. They have a lot of rugs and blankets of their own, one that MrsDrWho gave them that even has two lovely Labradors on it.  But when they are asleep, everyone 'nose' why I love them!!!

Harki Nose

Peri Nose

For Kate, whose knitting hopes were dashed last time, here is some actual knitting. The Waving Lace Bamboo sock has made it to the foot. I did knit three whole repeats incorrectly on Thursday so I had to unravel and reknit but I have made it to the foot and it is plain stocking stitch sailing from here on. It has been hot, 24*C and so the time for knitting anything large is fast approaching. I need to knit a few tops, I have the milky cotton and the corn to do so.

Socking along

Yesterday afternoon I sat on the couch and finished clearing up the DVD HD. I had 28 pages, and at 6 per page that's 228 programmes. I have it down to just 18 x 6 now.

The BlackSpot of DoomLight(TM) is having a 20% off sale today and I am debating whether to go or not. There will be no wool, and I have lots of fabric, but maybe some embroidery thread and zips??? I will see how I feel a bit later on.

Oh when we were shopping on Saturday Miss HouseOf, who is four I think, spent all her time finding me green things. She has just realised I like green with a vengeance.

 I found a potential husband, to her utter horror.

What do you think???!!!Husband

Some people are posting every day in Blogtober(sic). Not me. But I might have a sock or two finished and some sewing as well later in the week. Here's hoping.

Easy Not Baked Cheesecake with Cherry Sauce

  • 3 teaspoons of gelatine
  • juice and rind of 1 or two lemons
  • 150-200g biscuits crushed into crumbs
  • 75-100g melted butter
  • 300ml cream
  • 500g cream cheese at room temperature
  • 3/4 cup or 165g caster sugar
  • 1 jar of morello cherries (460 g here)
  • 1 extra tablespoon of sugar or to taste
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of cornflour.

The most important thing here is the order in which you progress. This makes sure that everything is set or cool at the right time.

So, place the juice and gelatine in a container and microwave for about a minute. Stir to make sure all the powder is dissolved and then sit the container in a larger one of cold water.

Now line a 23cm spring-form tin with baking paper, mix the butter and biscuit crumbs and press firmly into the base and refrigerate. The different amounts are because it just depends on the tin you use, and how thick you like the base.

Now whip the cream and set aside. Beat the cream cheese, lemon rind and sugar until smooth and then pour in the cooled gelatine mixture. Fold in the cream and spoon into the tin, smoothing the top. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

To make the cherry sauce, strain almost all the juice into a pan, add sugar to taste and bring to the boil. Mix the cornflour with the reserved juice, Remove the pan from the stove, stir in the cornflour mixture, and then bring back to the boil, stirring, for a minute or so. Add the cherries and cook for a further 2 or 3 minutes. Cool then refrigerate and serve drizzled generously over the cheesecake.

This Little Peggy Went Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

Written Monday 6th October
There can be no clicky links today because The Typepad Compose Page is the only place I go on the whole Internet that has the Little Yellow Triangle Of Error in the Task Bar at the bottom. Nowhere else. Just here. And when the Little Yellow TOE appears I can't make clicky links, or make things Bold or Italic, and there will be no pictures. I might be able to came back later and put some in. Who knows????
There was a Big Yellow TOE this weekend when I went to the ATM and I had No Money. This is not unheard of, but I could not for the life of me think where I would have spent all my money, so that it would not appear in my Online account. Online it was there, but not at the ATM. I felt slightly sick all weekend, and moreso this morning. I couldn't tell the Credit Union because my card wasn't lost or stolen and neither had my computer been taken over or my phone hijacked. I did email, but no-one answered. When I was finally able to contact them this morning the lady said that my money was definitely there, but there had been ATM malfunctions over the weekend. Good news, but I had a horrid 40 hours. MrsDrWho lent me some spending money to tide me over so I could feed The Labradors fresh celery and zucchini!!!
You can't eat them Peri
Personally I think Peri is taking this green food thing a bit too far. I bought some new Environmentally friendly, non rusty, recycled, very pretty all green pegs. They were in a crinkly bag. Peri thought they sounded like food, and so she decided to give them a whirl!! It seems they were not good at all. Amazingly she didn't break or chew any and I have them arranged in coloured pairs, dark and light green, now. She also had the tape measure: perhaps I should call her Katt. Except Peri didn't break it!!! Harki was bitten by an insect of some kind on Sunday and she had to lick her muzzle and drink lots of water and be very restless. She must put her nose where there are ants, but she's not too allergic. It's usually 2 hours' worth.
This is an ex Nubby Brimmed Hat
I am crocheting Sharon a hat: The Nubby Brimmed Cloche. I have finished it but it isn't right. MrsDrWho modelled it. She looks wonderful in every hat, whereas I look lovely in NONE, nevertheless this wasn't flattering. I checked on The Ravelry and most people seem to have doubled their wool. I am using 12 ply, so 24 ply here I come. The crown is all half trebles, which are boogelly, but the brim is double crochet, which I like. So I am unravelling it, and starting again.
Florida Keys
Alicia Keys
My keycase had deteriorated to the point where it was falling apart so today I made another one to be going on with. My new one isn't leather, it's a green fat quarter, and it worked out to be slightly bigger. I think I did scant 1cm seams instead of full ones. It works really well and I used it this afternoon. We have to carry our Licence whenever we drive or be fined if caught without it and if I am going in the car to the dam for The Labradors' walk I don't take my purse. So this has a pocket with a snap in which I can keep my Licence.
Since I can't put any pictures or make clicky links I have thrown my frock over my head and I am off to bed now. There's nothing on TV. I've watched last night's Julian Clary episode of Who Do You Think You Are? He was very funny and made me laugh out loud: really!!! I've watched The Mentalist, a kind of dark version of Psych, and that was good. And the pattern for the bamboo socks is in the car, and it's dark. Oh we have Daylight Saving. If I was a cruel mother I would poke The Labradors awake from their sound sleep in the mornings: they wake at 7-45am, that is really 6-45am. I was awake before them. We are pretty much just doing things an hour later. We don't care. We are Daylight Saving Rebels until we adjust!!! We like it once we are adjusted.
Tomorrow is Show Day. I know The Labradors would win Every Single Category if they were entered, Best Cooking, Best Pig (Peg), Best Chpping Best Dog etc!!!!!
Look to the left or right
Written Wednesday 8th October
The Typepad people emailed me this morning and suggested I make them a 'trusted' site!!! I did this and now I'm up and running again although I am pretty sure this isn't why. Very weird. Now I can add some pictures and a recipe. Today I had a check up.  I have a boogelly Rotator Cuff tendon. Obviously, as MrsDrWho ponted out in her email, this is why I was overlooked for Wimbledon and not chosen for The Olympics this year.
The doctor was running  almost two hours late. I knitted socks while I waited,  but I was starving by the time I got home. I made Corn and Ricotta 'Pancakes'. They are quick, healthy and delicious. I used a mixture of fresh corn on the cob and some tinned corn I already had.  I grilled some tomato and local  free range well looked after pigs' bacon and added some greenery while they were cooking. The mixture makes A Lot.
Corn and Ricotta 'Pancakes'

  • 2 fresh corn cobs (decorned) or a 440g tin of corn kernels
  • 250g ricotta
  • 1/2 cup of buttermilkCorn and Ricotta 'Pancakes'
  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4 cup self raising flour
  • 2 spring onion, finely chopped
  • 1/2 bunch chives,  snipped
  • salt and pepper to taste, olive oil for cooking


In a bowl mix the ricotta, buttermilk and eggs till well combined and then add the flour, corn, chives and onion. Mix till smooth. Heat a non-stick pan to medium and add a little oil. Spoon a good tablespoon of mixture into the pan and flatten a little. Cook for 2 - 3 minutes on each side, until golden and cooked right through. Keep warm and then eat.

Books Cassidy and the Sundance Kid*

Paul Newman I am stating here and now that  Paul Newman was hot when he was young, as was Young Frank and Young Elvis.  Oh and Young David Niven and Gregory Peck was very interesting too. There are more, but you get the idea. I'll stop now.

I haven't seen all of Paul Newman's films but recently I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roofand he was pretty gorgeous. As well as being hot, he was also a good man and I am sad that he died. He lived a long and fulfilled happy life, so I expect he couldn't ask for more. I swear (actually I don't but you know what I mean) he was The Best Thing in Message in a Bottle. Much, much, better than Kevin.

I have a lot of books and I have been purchasing more books and magazines and then making a collage. There are not 545 pictures this time though!!! You can see A is for Apron and the two Softies books, and then the new Donna Hay and AWW Christmas cookbooks, my new Vintage patterns from Unravelled which are just wonderful and finally some magazines. I also have three new Doctor Who books ready to pick up.

Book Book Book Book 

Then there are these three on lay-by at the Book shop as well. On special to boot.

Too Many Cooks... 

There has been some wool acquisition too. Some extra green Rainbow sock wool from Katt. She dyed it especially for me and it will be socks for MrsDrWho for Christmas. I know I am still making the bamboo socks and the TARDIS socks have yet to leave the ball, but I will get there. Then there was the secret surprise wool that came with the Vintage magazines: it's Happy Spider's Canopy. I have some more of her wool too and it is lovely and green. I was very spoiled by Unravelled and I may have even helped her with her decluttering!!

Extra Green Rainbow Sock Wool  Special Surprise Wool!!! 

I haven't been doing much this week, I had a headache yesterday so I missed out on Sewing group. Harki and Peri looked after me though. Auntie Electric took some very good proper photographer-type pictures of them. She made me a disc and I can print them out and keep them!!! I have some green photo frames that need filling. I think they look even more gorgeous in B&W. I love the way their paws are entwined.I'm giving them a big pat And yes, that's me giving Harki and Peri a ruffle-up.

In medical news I had my new port flushed today and it worked!! I had it poked without any local. It did hurt but we decided I was brave enough: I didn't even squeal as I threatened to do. Look away now because here comes a more medical bit: when she pulled back on the syringe, blood came out of my port just as it was always supposed too. We all gave a cheer. That means I can have all my blood tests so easily and I can save my one vein for a rainy day!!

Tomorrow I am going out to dinner at Wee Jock's Mum and Dad's house and I am taking Sticky Date Pudding with Toffee Sauce. I am going to make some lovely Lemon Slice for MrsDrWho. The GardyGardeners gave me a whole bag of very lemony lemons so I am ready to make lemon curd and maybe some syrup cake as well. I do like lemon.

Harki and Peri Together

I have a little sewing to do now, and I am going to use my Suffolk Puff maker to see how it works. That should be either a lot of fun, or not!!!

* Not This Butch Cassidy I hasten to add. I loved this when I was young though!!!

And wouldn't you know it, the new 39 Clues challenge is a flyng one. I am doomed I tell you, doomed!!!