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Books Cassidy and the Sundance Kid*

Paul Newman I am stating here and now that  Paul Newman was hot when he was young, as was Young Frank and Young Elvis.  Oh and Young David Niven and Gregory Peck was very interesting too. There are more, but you get the idea. I'll stop now.

I haven't seen all of Paul Newman's films but recently I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roofand he was pretty gorgeous. As well as being hot, he was also a good man and I am sad that he died. He lived a long and fulfilled happy life, so I expect he couldn't ask for more. I swear (actually I don't but you know what I mean) he was The Best Thing in Message in a Bottle. Much, much, better than Kevin.

I have a lot of books and I have been purchasing more books and magazines and then making a collage. There are not 545 pictures this time though!!! You can see A is for Apron and the two Softies books, and then the new Donna Hay and AWW Christmas cookbooks, my new Vintage patterns from Unravelled which are just wonderful and finally some magazines. I also have three new Doctor Who books ready to pick up.

Book Book Book Book 

Then there are these three on lay-by at the Book shop as well. On special to boot.

Too Many Cooks... 

There has been some wool acquisition too. Some extra green Rainbow sock wool from Katt. She dyed it especially for me and it will be socks for MrsDrWho for Christmas. I know I am still making the bamboo socks and the TARDIS socks have yet to leave the ball, but I will get there. Then there was the secret surprise wool that came with the Vintage magazines: it's Happy Spider's Canopy. I have some more of her wool too and it is lovely and green. I was very spoiled by Unravelled and I may have even helped her with her decluttering!!

Extra Green Rainbow Sock Wool  Special Surprise Wool!!! 

I haven't been doing much this week, I had a headache yesterday so I missed out on Sewing group. Harki and Peri looked after me though. Auntie Electric took some very good proper photographer-type pictures of them. She made me a disc and I can print them out and keep them!!! I have some green photo frames that need filling. I think they look even more gorgeous in B&W. I love the way their paws are entwined.I'm giving them a big pat And yes, that's me giving Harki and Peri a ruffle-up.

In medical news I had my new port flushed today and it worked!! I had it poked without any local. It did hurt but we decided I was brave enough: I didn't even squeal as I threatened to do. Look away now because here comes a more medical bit: when she pulled back on the syringe, blood came out of my port just as it was always supposed too. We all gave a cheer. That means I can have all my blood tests so easily and I can save my one vein for a rainy day!!

Tomorrow I am going out to dinner at Wee Jock's Mum and Dad's house and I am taking Sticky Date Pudding with Toffee Sauce. I am going to make some lovely Lemon Slice for MrsDrWho. The GardyGardeners gave me a whole bag of very lemony lemons so I am ready to make lemon curd and maybe some syrup cake as well. I do like lemon.

Harki and Peri Together

I have a little sewing to do now, and I am going to use my Suffolk Puff maker to see how it works. That should be either a lot of fun, or not!!!

* Not This Butch Cassidy I hasten to add. I loved this when I was young though!!!

And wouldn't you know it, the new 39 Clues challenge is a flyng one. I am doomed I tell you, doomed!!!



Oh look at their faces in your ruffle-up picture! That's wonderful! How they enjoy it, I can hear them moan! I'm in a startitis mode as well, added to my list of WIP's is a new mosaic blanket I'm working on. I'm glad it's good news about your health.


Vale Paul Newmann. I remember him in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ~ what a fabulous performance from him and from Elizabeth Taylor...and he was gooooorgeous! (I seem to remember watching that movie again and again and again. =P)

You've added some great yarn and books to your stash ~ and I think the a photo of the labradors is lovely.


I forgot to say that I'm really glad that your medical procedure worked out so well too. =D


That's a lovely picture of you with Harki and Peri! The B&W one is pretty cool too, they look very noble there! Can't wait to see what you whip up with the new yarn! I'm glad your new port is working well!


Awesome port-related news - yay!
Great recent acquisitions - my dad has two of those Nigella books. I think he made the pancakes once and that was it!
You have lovely hair, by the way.


Love the photo of Harki and Peri, simply beautiful. Our family portraits all have Kelli in them!

And I'm really glad your port worked, must be such a load off your mind, no more vein (haha) thoughts!

Forever Summer is the only NL book I don't have! Could you do a review when you pick it up?

Rose Red

The labs look very dignified in B&W!! Lovely. And the ruffle up photo is a lot of fun - and all those books and magazines look fabulous! I love vintage pattern books too.


I have to agree. Paul Newman - YUM! Sean Connery is right up there too :)


Oh, the girls look adorable in both photos! I'm glad to hear that you have good news on the health front, too.


lovely to see you with your lovely dogs :)


All good news - and sad about Paul Newman ... glad the port is working as it should! And you know, I must get one of Nigella's books one of these days, they always look so scrummy!


I was sad on the passing of Paul Newman. The stars of yester year are much better looking than what we have now. Hope you are feeling better.


What a lot of acquisitions! Lovely.

I always think everything looks better in B&W. Especially me!

I have heard of this 39 Clues business. Is it fun? Is it worth playing along??


Awwww, that last picture of your babies makes me want to run out and get another Lab. I absolutely love it!


Paul Newman sure was handsome. Cool hand Luke was a great movie too, nearly mad me sick in the egg eating though. That is a beatiful photo of Harki and Peri


Paul Newman sure was handsome. Cool hand Luke was a great movie too, nearly mad me sick in the egg eating though. That is a beatiful photo of Harki and Peri


Oh such a lovely doggy piccie! I love lemons too and have no resistance when it comes to home made lemon curd or lemon tarts!!!

Sorry I haven't dropped by - I have been working and editing and now have nearly 250 blogposts to catch up on!

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