Little Missing Muffets
There Will Be An Answer: Leg-a-cy

Barack To The Future

Well here's hoping, fingers crossed, that all the good intentions are realised. I am quite happy that two of the old war lords have been overturned, just Mr Brown to go now, though he wasn't originally a war lord. I am also quite intrigued by the fact that this could almost be Season 7 of The West Wing. One of the men about to be appointed to the Cabinet(?) was in fact a role model for Josh Lyman. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. I think both candidates made excellent speeches, but the funniest thing has been hearing Yes We Can mashed up with Bob The Builder's song.

I went to The Craft Fair and I needed two days to recover. Mrs Madcage and I both had boogelly feet and so we tottered around and caught the buses. A lot. I spent Sunday lounging on the couch in my pyjamas. At TCF I bought some biscuits for The Labradors (all eaten now) some fabric, some old pattern books (pictures to follow, it's too dark now) a raspberry ice cream, some sugared almonds and a Paw biscuit cutter. There were some nice things, all the go were soaps and teas, but there seemed to be less naffness than last time I went. We had a lovely time and the weather held out too. If I had bazillions of dollars I would have bought some of the gorgeous handcrafted wooden objects. Or bottled the fragrance that wafted around in the air. There were nice knitters, as pictured, and a boogelly knitter, not pictured.

At the Fair  Yum

Harki and Peri have been protecting me from 'things'. There is a gap in the fence with lattice behind it and I think Peri can see the two grey cats next door. She tears up the backyard and barks fiercely. Harki races up to see what is happening and then there are hackles everywhere!!! Today they had an upside down day because they had bones for Breakfast and then their Breakfast for tea. We had run out of dry food and so they had to wait till I came home from afternoon tea. They didn't seem to mind too much though. They had a special treat of expensive food on sale. I read the label and it would cost $7 a day to feed them. They don't cost anywhere near that much (doing sums in head.....) roundabout $2-65 to feed two big dogs is very economical. If they get too expensive I will have to sell them for medical experiments, I'm sure Michael Palin can arrange it!!

Backs Up

I've finished the Croc Socks and started my Sun, Sand and Sea socks. No pictures: too dark. I've finished my yet to be properly named eyelet skirt, lining and all. Pictures? Ditto. I have made Bunny pencil cases. Three of them. They are so cute!! And I have a picture. The free pattern is from The Craftzine.

Welsh Rabbits

I have been watching wodges of TV from the couch: Lewis, Burn Notice, Life and Taggart. I am also slightly obsessed with M C Beaton's Agatha Raisin books. I read Book #2 this afternoon, she's the author of the Hamish Macbeth books. I kept meaning to post earlier in the week, but I just seem to have frittered my days away. I am tired, could be new drugs or maybe I am still operating on Pre Daylight Saving time? Or maybe I am suffering from a little ennui?? Oh here's my hat, being modelled by MrsDrWho and Teddy. Teddy is gorgeous and very spoiled. He's naughty for his mum but so well behaved for others!!

Teddy, MrsDrWho and my hat

Cake In A Bowl

  • 4 tblspn self raising flour
  • 2 tblspn caster sugar (I used brown)
  • 2 tblspn cocoa powder
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tblspn milk Cake in a Bowl
  • 3 tblspn vegetable oil
  • 3 tblspn choc chips 
  • 1/2 tspn vanilla extract

I didn't use a mug or a cup, I used a bowl with a capacity of about 2 cups. This will serve two normal people!!! The microwave is 1000W. Pictures show different stages in an anti-clockwise direction.

Mix the dry ingredients in the bowl and make a well in the centre. Whisk the wet ingredients together and pour into the well. Fold gently till combined and then microwave on High for 3 minutes. I put the bowl on a plate as added protection. Allow to cool a little.

This is redolent of a self saucing pudding and can be eaten alone or with cream, custard and/or ice cream. I think it would be nice with some raspberries too.  



Lovely things at the craft fair. Mmm, the ice cream looks delicious! The bunny cases are too cute!!! Biko is doing the same thing. If I don't play with her, she gets bored in the back yard, and pretends that there are beasts to be chased away, hackles up and fierce barking, but nothing's in sight. I've read all the Agatha Raisin books my library has, I loved them. :o)


Once again, I'm starving after reading one of your posts!! Oh, the ice cream and the cake look sooo appetizing!! And, as always I'm laughing out loud at the doggie pic. The back hackles are so great! My S&S do that too, but I have never captured such a good pic of it. I am going to show that pic to Jeff later. What a nice craft fair and adorable bunny baggies! I hope you are feeling well and that the spring weather helps too!


Harki & Peri have some magnificent hackles, Penny has a great mohawk that runs right down the length of her back, Lucy has just a little one, but she uses it more, she's our watch dog, Penny is the guard dog!

Those bunny pencil cases are sooo cute, I especially like the zippy cotton tails!


those bunny pencil case are way too cute!!!!!!


those pencilcases are so cute!!!

ooooooh the recipe!! i dont think i acutally own a bowl that fits 2cups that will survive the microwave!! lol

i keep meaning to get back to the craft fair each year but just never make it!! though we werent overly impressed with the one time we did go!! that was back when Rachelle was about..ooooh...2 years old?

Rose Red

Mmm, cake in a bowl. And I have a 2 cup bowl too...

I thought the same thing about Obama and the West Wing! I wonder if Obama's speechwriters watched it too!! I thought his victory speech was very Jed Bartlett (and therefore wonderful!)

I'm glad the labradors are protecting you from the cats!


love the bunny pencil cases - shame I'm not so hot on zips!! thanks for your comments over my way - now I'm drooling over and dreaming of your chocolate cake!! I headed to the craft fair for the first time - I hung out for a long time in the food marquee ... sooo good!


Strange that you should post about Agatha Raisin now!... I have just discovered her and read 3 books in a row, not in the right order, I am afraid... just when they come available from my local library. I have a lot of catch up to do...


I've just finished watching the entire seven seasons of the West Wing. I looooooved it ~ the series is so beautifully written and really brought the real election to life for me. I felt teary when I found out that Obama had been elected ~ such a momentous event.
I think your bunny pencil cases are super cute and the photo of the labradors is hilarious!...and I love that the cake in a bowl only takes three minutes to bake. =]


Despite the non-goodness of the feet, the faire looks like it was good!
It looks like we're stuck with Gordon Brown for the time being because he's the best of a bad lot, and I'd rather have him at the helm in these troubled times than any of the other options (either within or without the Labour party). Will you look at that - I have an opinion! :D

I didn't realise MrsDrWho's face was so hairy - you might want to suggest that she shaves more frequently!
Take care of yourself.


I love the bunnny pencil cases!! Just lovely

sorry you're feeling boogelly - Maybe I'll try to be at Deloraine next year = yummy icecream - ooooooooh raspberry icecream.....


You have absolutely no idea how relieved and happy I am with the results of the election. Now when I hear MY's like music to my ears.

The pencil cases are adorable! Chief is putting on some pounds too. Now that winter's here we're both going to have to work harder to keep it off.


I think I gained weight after reading about the ice cream and cake, um... makes my mouth water seeing the pictures.

The bunny cases are SO cute! I LOVE the zipper pulls with the bunny's cotton tail on it!


My comment disappeared, too lazy to retype it, but just wanted to say Hello!


Lovely cute bunnies; lucky you going to the craft fair! And I agree with you on that microwave cake - I don't know what mug the writer of the recipe was using, but it must be ENORMOUS!!!


I bet the guy at Cafe 11 has an idea what to call your eyelet skirt!

Bunnies! Bunnies rool.


Teddy - what a cutie!!

[I laughed out loud at the future medical experiments!]


I love the pencilcases! How come I have never seen your blog before? What an oversight! Thanks for your lovely comments :-)


Just in case medical experiment sales are 'by weight' mebby you should fatten the puppies up ;-)


Oh, my, look how the fur on the girls' backs is up -- there must be something scary out there!


You are really clever with your titles - I love them all. Looks like you have been busy - so many activities!


I love the bunny pencil casses. Perfect for Miss B to have a got at during the next lot of holidays.

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