There Will Be An Answer: Leg-a-cy
'A Beautiful Rind' starring Russell Cowe

Weighting For Godot

The Labradors have not been weighed since the 5th of August, so on Saturday we braved the scales. I think they should have been given some grams off because they were wet from the creek, but no quarter was given. Harki has done quite well and only added 200g, but Peri Naughty has whacked on a giant 500g. That's a whole pound made from porridge oats, condensed milk and other stolen food. She is on a very strict diet now. More celery and less food of other descriptions.

Weigh in

Everyone is so kind to be concerned about my tests, but to me, it was having to get up and showered and dressed by 7-30am that was the boogelly part!! My numbers were OK, and we have played about with the amount of one drug and I haven't had any horrid headaches for a whole month. Of course my feet and ankles are the size of an elephant (Banana Splits anyone???) but it's a small trade off. I don't have to see Dr B for seven weeks. I saw my alternative practitioner today as well, and I have managed to get my virtual age down from 70 to 67 years!!! She has a good sense of humour and we both laughed at that result and ignored it, but I have accidentally lost 2.5kg since last month. I've been eating more protein, more often, and fewer carbohydrates. Believe me, it has made no difference because my general puffiness has filled any clothing gaps. Tomorrow I see my GP. It is all about appointments for the next eight days.

My word there are Lamington opinions!!! I have eaten chocolate Lamingtons in the olden days that were filled with jam and/or cream. I have eaten Lamingtons shaped like little cup cakes. I have eaten chocolate cake made into chocolate Lamingtons. I think I have tried every permutation. Here, any home made Lamingtons are usually jam and/or cream free and tend to be ordinary chocolate or pink jelly. I wonder if other states have different traditions?

On the sewing front I have cut out the lining for my dress and made adjustments but Harki has been very helpful. Too helpful!!!

Harki is a material girl

Auntie and Uncle Dutch came by again on Sunday and took away more blackberries and did other miscellaneous gardening. Harki and Peri were exhausted from all the sniffing and running about they did. They scored a new rug: a Flokati rug, or to be more precise, half of one. Poppy the Dutch puppy had wreaked havoc on the other half and so now this is a rug for sunbathing. Peri thought I was going to try to clip her nails and that's why she has a worried look on her face and is sitting in a 'Ready Set Go' position.

Peri is a rug rat

Do you see the very clean tennis ball?? It is clean because it was helping to agitate inside the washing machine. I made a felted coin purse for Auntie Dutch's birthday and also a knitted bag. The coin purse is based on the one from AlterKnits Felt and the handbag my own design. It is lined with spotty fabric!! Auntie Dutch's hands are employed in the pictures for your enjoyment.

All Change Purse  Flaky Pastry Bag

My mum, who never ever wanted a shawl, saw the Swallowtail I made for my aunt and she neeeeded one. So after perusing several earlier in the year she chose The Laminaria shawlette and so it begins. I have completed the Star stitch section (which looks wrong??) and the transition and I am up to the Blossoms now. Boy those 9 stitches from 2 or 3 are killers: K1 * yfd K1* 4 times. I think I am using some Old Knittery sock wool in Forest. The pattern is not too bad as there's a rest with just purls on the wrong side. Oh, so I've joined the Unofficial A Long Lacy Summer KAL.

Makin' a shawlette

MrsDrWho, Miss Skipping and I went out for Indian. It was delicious and we ganneted the food in an hour and then talked for two more. We didn't have entrees or dessert, just mains. The tables are all 'tops' that balance on sewing machine tables, the kind with drawers that you see old Singer machines on top of. Very amusing.

Unpickled evening

MrsDrWho must be devastated to hear that her Imaginary Husband (Here Be SPOILERS) is leaving his gainful employment on a TV show.  I expect there will be an imaginary divorce sometime next year. She's a bit of a bolter, throwing over Captain Archer from Enterprise and then MacGyver and now, possibly, Doctor Who. I am inured to the Doctors' changes. It wouldn't be cricket if there wasn't a new one just around the corner.  

I have started some new socks as per my Southern Summer of Socks goal. These will be the Sun, Sand and Surf socks. I have finished the Sun section and started the Sand for sock #1. No pictures as it's dark now and I take even worse pictures in the night time. The Rainbow Croc Socks are coming along nicely too.

On Thursday I'm going on a Bus Trip. We are going to the Ashgrove Cheese for a tour and then to the Christmas Hills Raspberry farm for lunch. I am hoping to finish my dress to wear. The time is ticking away: Tomorrow I have to go for a walk, have Morning Tea with The GardyGardeners, go to the Doctor, and have tea. I think my dress will stay in pieces on the table!!

At the weekend I was very brave, for me, and I went to the new Market and said hello to Gemma from Loz and Dinny. She makes the most amazing clothes and I was able to be with the lovely things I had only seen on her blog. I was not abducted by White Slavers and it was exciting to meet her in real life.

Now I have to say thank you to someone. I don't know who it is, but they Random Act Of Kindnessed me, and asked Donni to send me a skein of her gorgeous Sir Walter Baby Alpaca. (No actual photo but this is one from my stash)  Thank you so much Mystery Nice Person!! I think my friends and I have worn out its softness by constantly feeling it. Thank you to Donni as well for her shawl pins. Promise to show mine next time, but it's green and will go perfectly with my mum's shawlette!! It just reinforces my belief that Knitters are Knice!!! Now I will go to bed, having drunk my tea and taken my drugs, and I can read my A is for Apron book. Harki is wriggling about here, needing a pat on her back and head. She thinks it's time for bed too, and "Maybe a treat", she says?? "I have my Squeaky toy and all's right with the world."!!

Sir Walter



Boy you are so busy, and had so much to share! I like the title of this post, made me laugh, as well as the pictures of the pups. They don't seem to mind a little extra weight. Love the "worried look" photo of Peri. Even with all your appointments etc. you managed to finish lovely gifts.
I really have to give Laminaria a try, it's beautiful! What a lovely gift of wonderful green yarn!


What a lovely RAK! Good news about the numbers, but sorry to hear about the giant dogs and giant ankles!

Good luck with all of the appointments and the Thursday trip sounds like fun!

Rose Red

Clearly the labs are eating the extra food and that's helping you lose weight - they are so thoughtful, aren't they!

So much news today! Love the green yarn, the felted things and oh, chocolate lamingtons - I have never thought of that! How indulgent! Although traditionally, my favourite lamingtons are just plain - no jam, no jelly, no cream - just sponge, choc icing and coconut. Yum!


You have been busy! Great to know that all is well with you & the medicines are working. I love Indian food too & when I was pregnant, I had to have it almost every day!


MMMmm! Indian food - love indian food! So good you are headacheless and well numbered - no fun about the Snorky? Banana split legs!

The dogs look beautiful, even if they are a bit well insulate - this is Tassie - they need insulation!

You're coming so close on Thursday - can't you hijack to bus to visit me and Anvers chocolate?


oh Yes I too am devastated at the news of David's departure from DrWho how will I cope I wonder? I just don't know, sob sob..... That puffiness from drugs is the absolute pits isn't it and humid weather like today doesn't help one bloody bit!
Can't wait to see your dress!!!

crafty things

The purse and bag look wonderful. Love the colours on the little purse.


I don't even want to know what Chief weighs in at. He likes to bark for the neighbors to come out and give him treats. It seems he has them trained. I think he might earn the title "Chief Naughty".

The bags look great, I need to do more felting.


You have been so busy! It is very entertaining to see what you've been up to. I think the creek water should be factored into the weigh in ;) Poor pup eating so much celery. In the photo with the tennis ball, I like all that loose neck skin...Saffy has that too...very cute! I am wondering who the new Dr. will be! I would have been happy with another season or so of the same, but change could be interesting.


gosh you have been getting around a bit havent you! i am distraught at the dr who news, i think i am rather fond of Him. sigh. and that sir walter is something else, i have some of donnis packy in the bruised bloodwood and it is swooningly soft. (i think i just made up a word).


I thought of you at once when I read about Dr Who. Sigh. Although I've never quite gotten over Christopher Eccleston leaving. I love him.

Beautiful coin purse, lovely green yarn and chubby doggies! tee hee


Okay, first, thanks for the neverending Banana Splits theme which is now resonating in my head! ;-)

Second, I have a theatre friend who got to see David Tennant in Hamlet recently and she posted a picture of him signing autographs on her facebook account. sigh. I shall definitely miss him but, being a Dr. Who fan from back in the Peter Davison days, transitioning from one Doctor to another is not so traumatic for me. (BTW, I met Peter Davison a few years ago - still a cutie!)


Poor babies...not more celery?? Yuck..sneak some peanut butter on tastes better then. I love lamingtons zapped in the microwave- all warm and gooey!!! Your appointments must soon be over...hope all is ok!! Another coffee before Xmas?? Cathy


wow - where is that indian restaurant - looks delicious!


I meant to say before I LOVE your bag Cindy! Hope you are well???? and what a great idea to enlarge the Noahs Ark BOM dah why didn't I think of that? I am finding it very fiddly with my constantly swollen fat fingers!!!!!

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