Joy To The Swirl-d
You Make Me Glad Come And See, Oh January. Don't Go. Don't Go!!

And So The End Is Year.*

Well, we have recovered from Christmas and my Bah Humbug-ness has dissipated. The Labradors and I were so jollied out that we slept till 12-03pm on Boxing Day and I have been just pottering about since then. We had a lovely Christmas Day at MrsDrWho's mum's house with children, I think children are for Christmas the way Pal is for Dogs. I took Nigella's Cherry Chocolate Trifle which seemed to be very nice: I can't eat it. We had turkey and ham and seasoning, cranberry sauce, roast potatoes etc and broad beans. Only four people liked broad beans so there wasn't the need to fight anyone for them!! I received lots of beautiful presents but one in particular made me cry. MrsDrWho, employing sneaky subterfuge and spy jiggery pokery, gave me a calendar of The Labradors and Vundy The German Shepherd and Tori The Crippled Labrador. Their actual pictures!! I cried because it was such a thoughtful present. I can gaze at their picture every day and then inflict every calendar month on the unsuspecting public!!

My special Calendar

Harki and Peri are very spoiled. Here is about half of their present haul. Peri stole a small shoe of treats but there is a Jake-The-Peg set still left elsewhere for later on. There are more squeaky toys too.

For The Labradors from Santa 

I made some more embroidered buttons way back when. These were for Katie, my Secret Knitting Pal 4. That is such a long time ago!! Katie, she of Live 2 Knit fame.

Katie's Buttons 

I will have to take some pictures of my lovely gifts: wool and Doctor Who and Labrador related things, even a K9 DVD. Then there were the cards with the thoughtful, kind and Christmassy words inside them: all guaranteed to cheer me up no end.

I have 4,000,3221 comments to reply to. I hope to get to them soon. I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. Typically I break them ASAP. No doubt there will be things to look forward to and exciting things will happen. I'm really hoping that Harki's arthritis will clear up, Peri won't be bald and everyone will be well and happy. Oh and that  MrsDrWho doesn't have to wear a skirt!! 

Harki and Peri say Happy New Year

So the next time I post it will be 2009. I do find the time between Christmas and The New Year confusing. I am never sure where I am temporally. To while away the time I am knitting a dishcloth or two, stitching some embroidery and catching up on some reading. Pictures next time, as well as my lovely postcard and a Stitchery from Hugo's mum!! So as Cap'n Andy, Magnolia's dad in Showboat , says: Hap-peee Noo Year!!

*The Final Curtain, as Frank sings on, is purely metaphorical!!!



What a thoughtful gift! I'm looking forward to seeing each months picture :-) Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas!


I made Nigella's Meringue Mountain for Christmas Eve dinner ~ super sweet and delicious. No broad beans were served though ~ lucky you. The embroidered buttons are lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing the calendar pics too. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. =]


What a wonderful present. I am sure you will love looking at all those pics of your cute dogs. It seems they did very well for xmas with all their presents too. I hope you have a great New Year!


that is a beautiful calendar!!! what a great gift!!!! and look at all those presents for harki and peri? they are indeed very very spoilt!!!!! seems like you had a wonderful christmas!! hope you will have a fantastic new year too!!!


What a lovely haul for the labbies and for you!

Have a lovely new year - I always feel the ramoan had it right with these 'lost days' at the end of the year!

Glad your Christmas was happY!


I don't have any resolutions either, except perhaps that I should make sure that I a) don't create too much marking for myself to do and b) do the marking in a timely fashion!

Funny that Mrs Dr Who doesn't want to wear a skirt. I am hoping to make lots of skirts from my Sew What book. It is great. You were right to covet.


Oh der. I should have read MrsDrWho's blog first!


Love the calendar, what a wonderful gift for any pet lover. Happy New Year to you all in the Apple Isle. We had a big night celebrating with neighbours and friends, now it's time to get down to the beach, might need a Nana nap this afternoon.


I hope you ate my share of the broad beans so mum doesn't nag me!
As for the calendar...I had a cunning plan which could not fail!


oh wow what a lovely pressie from MrsDrWho!! how thoughtful is she?! The calendar is so very cute!
Happy New Year!!!! May your numbers stay great all through 2009 and beyond!! I sent you a xmas ecard and I'm hoping you got it!!


Happy New Year to you, Ms 2Paw!

I love the calendar. Yes, there is something very special about a bit of extra thought and effort.

Rose Red

The calendar is so great! And those embroidered buttons - amazing - you are so very clever you know!

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