And a Pair in a Partridge Tree
It Cane Upon A Midnight Clear.

Angels We Have Herded On High

Today I did four things and I am feeling quite tired. #1 was taking Harki to the Vet for, as it turned out, the first of a series of four injections for her arthritis, and some tablets and some multimillion dollar joint powder. Peri was locked inside and when we came home she needed a lot of consoling and patting. #2 was our Sick People's Christmas lunch. It was delicious and we played games and I won two: the How many singular words, words that no-one lese thought of, starting with the letters of the word CHRISTMAS can you find? (23) and How many words can you make from MISTLETOE? (43) But I only took one prize in the spirit of the season. #3 was Knitting Coven Christmas, where there were more lovely gifts. I made the last half hour but we stretched it out for another hour so that was good. #4 was checking on The Kittens and feeding them as MrsDrWho will be at school tonight till goodness knows when.

Here is a video with The Labradors, and beware, apparently I hum to myself as I walk along. MrsDrWho says this is because I am more than a little demented, but I (like to) think I am singing along to the radio that I listen to as I walk. You be the judge!!!! Also note Peri's obedience and see what a good girl Harki is.

Last night it was our Sewing Group Christmas and we went to a lovely cafe and chatted and ate and exchanged lovely gifts. I have made quite a lot of angels, in fact a whole choir!!  Angel choir 

I herded them together for a photo before they were gifted away. They were inspired by the country angels from Handmade's Quick Christmas, but I have streamlined and simplified the process. I also made two heights: alto and descant!!! Here is a collage of pictures showing what I did and I will write the instructions for each step, left to right, starting at the top left.


To make seven or eight angels ( and let's face it, why wouldn't you want seven or eight??) you need:

  • 6cm x 112cm calico or cream fabric for the heads
  • 15cm x 112cm appropriately angelic fabric for the alto bodies, 20cm for the descants
  • 3cm x 160cm extra calico (or 6cm x 80cm halved!!) for the arms
  • about 1 metre of lacy trim
  • 20cm x 90cm white or cream felt
  • 8 buttons
  • wool for the hair
  • a brown fabric pen, mine is a Millennium Zig
  • matching embroidery thread/cotton
  • some 'stuffing' of your choice!!!

Choiry Angels

  1. This is what you're aiming to make, these are the short altos, but just cut the body fabric to 20cm for the tall descants.
  2. Sew the calico to the body fabric and then press the seam towards the body.
  3. Fold in half and then trace the actual sewing line for seven or eight bodies, leaving a centimetre or so between them, lining up the head/body seam line on pattern and on the fabric. The pattern is about 15cm tall, 6cm wide at the base and 4cm wide at the head/body seam line. The 'head' is 3.5cm tall. I just drew my own.
  4. Now sew on the line you drew. My machine does a special start that doesn't unravel, but do a reverse/forward a few times at the start and end of each body and then just sew across in between them. Don't stop till you get to the end.
  5. Trim each body, not too close to the seam, I left about 4mm. Turn them inside out and stuff them quite firmly. This picture looked a bit rude, so we'll skip it and go straight on to six.
  6. To make the base, bring the two side seams together and sew them securely.
  7. Then fold the side in once, then again like wrapping the end of a parcel, so it reaches the seams at the centre. Catch the fabric.
  8. Do the same to the other side and sew across to the other end and finish off. This makes a good base and with a bit of adjusting, the angel will stand up.
  9. Now cut three, or as many as you like, 5cm pieces of wool and sew them to the head for hair and draw on a suitable angelic face.
  10. Wrap about 12cm of the lace top cover the head/body seam line and sew together at the back.
  11. Add a button to the front.
  12. This much calico makes one set of arms/hands, but I just sewed across the whole piece and cut it up later on.
  13. Now make the arms and hands by pressing the 3cm wide calico in half, and then each edge into the centre again and then fold the whole thing in half and press. I hope you can see this on the photo, but you're enclosing all the raw edges.
  14. Sew the long open edges together, cut 20cm lengths,  and then fold a simple knot at the half way point for the hands. Sew the two ends to the centre back on top of the lace.
  15. Cut one or two sets of wings from the felt. The wings are about 15cm wide and 7.5cm high and then you just draw in some wingy curves. Sew around with the embroidery thread 6mm from the edges, starting at the centre top or bottom
  16. Then sew to the centre back, straight edge at the top, covering the lace and hands. If you use two thicknesses, you just sew them together, but one did work well for me. Et Voila, it is finished. I added my two little paws that I always do under the wings, and I think they all have very old fashioned names like Celeste or Ermentrude!!

If there are any glaring omissions or you have a question, please email me!! OK, so far so good with the posting every day!! That's two down, fifteen to go. Back tomorrow with a recipe I think.

Now here's The Laminaria, blocking, I will take a better picture in the light tomorrow.

Slightly wonky Laminaria shawlette 

Did you see the reindeer I made MrsDrWho a few years ago in my album at the side?? The kittens have been wrestling it. I think they are preparing to bring Santa's reindeer down and get all the presents for themselves!!!



Hi Cindy, I'm cracking up here......just watched your video of Harki & Peri & poor Daisy is running around the room posturing & confused, trying to get a grip on where the invasion of her territory is coming from. She can here the dogs panting, splashing, shaking etc & it just has her flummoxed!! LOL

Were those cute angels heralding with you?? hahaha

Your laminaria looks gorgeous. I'll have to peek over on Rav & see if you have it in your projects yet for a closer look-see. No such luck :( It still looks beautiful.


Ooops that should have been "hear" the dogs!!


Hi Cindy!
I love the video ~ happiness is a labrador in a creek.
The choristers are sweet too
...and the Laminaria is divine! The colour variegations are just gorgeous ~ I'd love to know what yarn you used.
Happy Wednesday!

Rose Red

Love the choir of angels - so very sweet!


ha! im a short alto, but im no angel. very cute, all round, and what a busy pre-christmas social butterfly you are!

Mel Goodsell

That was fun watching the video, thanks for posting it. I love the angels. You did a fabulous job to sew that many, they look great.
I just checked out the reindeer too in your album - wow, he's a cutie and I can see why the kittens are enjoying him.


No wonder you are tired. I will be tired too if I had to do all those things. In fact, I am quite tired these days as there are so much year end functions going on in school. I am so looking forward to the last day of school (next Thursday).


those angels are so cute!!! and your shawl look gorgeous!!!!!


Love the angels - and am unsurprised you are tired after such a social day

The labbies are lovely and having such fun!

I love the angels - I must try to make time for some sewing soon....

lynne s of oz

You naughty person slipping that beautiful laminaria in at the end! More pics please! It looks lovely :-)
(I am terribly behind in blog reading I see!)
It looks quite green! (the bush, I mean, not just the laminaria)

mrs dr who

Go on...tell them the process for getting the Angel choir to stand up!!!!!


I want to know the story! The angels are standing beautifully - I can almost hear their little voices. Tralalalala!


Humming?? You sure it wasnt integestion..sounds like you had the gurgles!! Perry wasnt too bad..only had to remind her once! See you Friday, Cathyx


Love the humming - and I love that Peri had to jump back in, one last time! Gorgeous girls.

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