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You'd Better Watch Out, You'd Button Not Cry!!

Bark The Herald Angels Sing!

Today I went to The Tranquility Gardens for lunch  with The GardyGardeners. The food is nicely old fashioned and there is real tea too. But the high point of our yearly visit is the Walk Around The Gardens. The plants are all drought resistant, fairly low maintenance and there is a huge pond full of croaking frogs. I have photographed moss, some kangaroo paw and a lizard.

Moss, not Kate   Kangaroo paw  Lounging Lizard 

We didn't go for our walk at the dam as I felt extra tired this morning so I distracted The Labradors with food. I am distracting them with (dietary but tasty) food quite often lately.There is a new puppy a few houses up the road and it yips a lot. I am using 'food reinforcement' and rewarding Harki and Peri when they ignore the puppy and don't bark. They only bark once and run up the stairs, but I'd rather they didn't. Peri is also digging a tunnel to China near the fence. I did think she might be planning a Stalag 13 type escape, and it turns out she is: she's tunnelling in the direction of our backyard!!!

Instead of a Labrador picture today, I have a picture of MrsDrWho's cat Cleo. For some reason she had to be under the quilt-in-progress today (I was doing a little Kitten sitting this afternoon) She hid, quite unsuccessfully, and then jumped out and chased Caramello and me. She growled at the quilt till I picked it up and she could be under it. Cats and Dogs are very different, yet quite similar.


Suzi made me some special White 'Bark'. Bark is not big here, but I have seen it in lots of overseas magazines, so yesterday I made some Bark. It is so easy, but very delicious!! My Bark is white, but you can use milk and dark chocolate too.

Chocolate Bark

  • a bar of good chocolate, any colour
  • things with which to top the bark: 100s and 1000s, nuts, crushed peppermint candy canes etc

  • baking paper

Carefully and gently melt the chocolate, pile onto a tray lined with baking paper and spread out to a thickness of about 1/2cm. Then sprinkle with the chosen toppings. Press gently so the toppings adhere and then refrigerate. Snap into smaller pieces and eat!!!


Tomorrow, in the never ending story of my very uninteresting life, there will be a walk, brunch and some sewing and knitting. Maybe even a little James Bonding......



Bark is very new on the scene isn't it? The kids made some at school and it was very nice.

We keep meaning to go to Tranquility Gardens. Perhaps when I am a lady of leisure over summer we will go.


soooo many wonderful things to catch up with on your blog you have been a busy bee!! Firstly Cleo is very cute, I LOVE the look of the bark (my type of baking too? can I call that baking???) The angels are cute as!!!!! You are amazing posting everyday!!


The Tranquility Gardens sounds day I would love to go there. Cleo is very gorgeous. Having lived with both all my life I totally agree with you about cats and dogs.

Rose Red

Oh I like the sound of the Bark!! What a great idea - and so simple...


I'd not heard of chocolate bark before - I may have to give that a whirl.

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