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I made this with MrsDrWho's class, hence the instruction style!!!

The Ungingerbread House.

Un gingerbread house

You will need:

2 100s and 1000s biscuits

3 Tina wafers, any colours

2 Iced Vovo biscuits

2 Mint Leaves

2 Liquorice Allsorts

Icing sugar

A little water

12cm piece of card covered in Christmas paper and clearly named on the base

Place the 100s and 1000s biscuits pink side down and ice along their short edges. Attach 2 wafers to one biscuit and then press the other biscuit onto the wafers to make the four walls.

Wait till it is set.

Ice along the bottom edges of the walls and press onto the cardboard base.

Cut the last wafer in half, making two triangles, ice the long edge and press onto the top of the back and front walls.

Wait till it is set.

Place the Iced Vovo biscuits pink side down and ice along the short edges. Press iced sides onto the triangle wafers and make the roof.

Wait till it is set.

Cut one Liquorice Allsort in half diagonally and use icing to glue it to the roof for a chimney.

Peel off a slice of the other Liquorice Allsort and use icing to glue it on as a front door.

Cut the bottom off each Mint Leaf, so it looks like a Christmas tree, ice the sliced end and then plant the trees in the front of the house.

Carefully cover your tree. Attach a name label.



Cute little un-Gingerbread house! And for me, the formatting of the post seems fine - no giant white spaces.

Ginevra - TypePad Community Manager

hm - it's showing up with no white space on my Mac with Firefox, but in my NetNewsWire, I'm seeing the white space as you said. Have you already filed a help ticket with tech support to see if they can help? Let me know how we can assist in this.


Oh that is SO CUTE - I might even have time to make some this Christmas :)

I don't see any huge white spaces either (Mac with Firefox) ... good luck sorting out the problem.




oh your little ungingerbread house is ADORBALE Cindy. I will HAVE to get Bel onto those, she would LOVE IT!!!!


That house is neat!

Also have no white space on my Firefox/IBM compatible (is there any other way of saying that, I drew a blank!!)


I have room for my shopping list, my christmas card list and my list for the 50 things I would buy if I had a million dollars!

Love the ungingerbread house - very beautiful and almost certain to be a classic!


Cute! It looks very very yummy. I don't have any room for any lists.




oh wow Iced vovo house!! I know someone down here that would stalk you for this sweet little creation!
Excellent idea!!
know if I could just print my shopping list out I'd be happy!!


Cindy you do the cleverest things!!! I love it!

One Crafty Mumma

oh my goodness this little house is THE cutest thing - I love it :)

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