Angels We Have Herded On High
Decoration The Halls With Boughs Of Holly

It Cane Upon A Midnight Clear.

MrsDrWho has challenged me to tell you how to adjust the angels so they stand up, and Amandaj  wants to know too.  Don't wish too much for what you want, because you might get it:  what you have to do is take your forefinger and thrust it into the sewn base of the angel and poke about a bit really. This seems to distribute the filling and the angel stands up!! So there they were, the other five sensible grown up ladies, all poking the bases of their angels to make them stand up properly!! Good thing we were in a corner!!

Harki in front Peri in back

Harki feels a lot better today. We went for a walk, had morning tea and then when I came home from the BSODL(TM) she had a big play with her Squeaky Shrek Head. Peri joined in and they ran around in circles and growled at each other in a very playful way. When I came I home showed them a pretzel through the gate and a pretzel is manna from heaven for a Labrador!! Poor Harki, if she only knew I was showing the world her funny photo!!

Lickety Split Harki, and Peri sensible

My car is, let us say, quite old and boogelly, but this morning I found that in the last day or so someone has gouged a big scratch all the way along the side and then dug a little hole at the end.

CSI photo reconstruction labs

Today, The Labradors helped me make some very easy Christmas Uncooking. They were so good as I used a low table so I could take pictures in the light and they didn't try to steal anything or sniff it. They are such good girls!! Tomorrow we are having another day at home and I will have a really easy decoration that has just one seam. Truly, it's a Five Minute Decoration!!!

I just made it, to post this today: 11:59:54pm!!! I uninstalled Adobe and then reinstalled it, and then I downloaded a free e-book from The Book Depository, an Agatha Raisin book, and it was a whole book, 272 pages. I have The Broadband, but The Apple Isle's Broadband is Dial Up on vitamins. Now I can add Categories and go to bed.


I have seen these out and about but I'm not exactly sure where: the Internet or a magazine.         

You will need:

  • candy canes
  • melted chocolate: dark milk and/or white.
  • embellishments: flaked chocolate, 100s and 1000s, nuts etc I chopped Clinkers up finely!!
  • plastic cup

Dip the long end of the cane into the chocolate, let the excess drip off, and then dip into the embellishments. Hang them on the rim of the cup, with the chocolate inside so you can catch any drips. Balance them or it falls over!! Then put them into the fridge until they are set.

Wrap in a cellophane bag and gift away.

Candy Canes



I am so pleased you did not include photographic evidence of grown women stuffing their angels, that would have been too much...can just imagine the comments!! What a ......for doing that to your car!! Love the candy canes!!! Another good class project..if i had one!! Cathyx


grown women poking their angels to make them stand? hehehe. a photo of that will be hilarious :)

and i love that photo of Harki licking!!! so cute!!!!

Rose Red

I do not understand why some people think it's a good or fun thing to scratch someone else's car (or any other pointless vandalism). Sigh.

must look at funny pics of the labradors to make me not be cross!


Doing rude things to angels? Priceless! Bugger about the car - at least we know Father Christmas won't be coming the perpetrator.


The candy canes look festive but.....well.....blerk.
No doubt someone will eat them.

As for angel stuffing-it was amusing. Strangely some of us were better at it than others....maybe some people are more genteel that others....wimps!


I have been making dolls and we often have to become very closely acquainted in order to get the right shape. I am always apologetic.

As for vandals - a pox on their houses. Hope it wasn't one of the little miscreants I have to deal with daily.

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