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Oh We All Walk The Wibbly-Wallaby Walk

Wallabies are everywhere. The sudden huge downpours, storms and sunny breaks have flushed them out. Small wallabies, large wallabies, wallabies that have had the willies scared out of them and wallabies that want to stare you down.


The little lizards have foolishly come out as well. They are all trying out for the Cross Breakfast Bowl Channel Swim. Luckily neither Harki nor Peri were interested in some almost Lizard Sushi.

Harki and the little lizard

Peri and the liittle lizard

Poor Harki is still limpy. The extreme weather ups and downs are still playing havoc with her hips and knee. The tablets have helped, but she may need some more injections. She is still her usual happy self and wants to play with her toys and go for a walk. They love walking in the rain: and it shows!!

Rainy days are happy for us

I have renovated Mrs Merryand's dad's waistcoat. Of course it was impossible to match the fabric as we only have The BlackSpot of Doomlight (TM)

Before  After

I'm also doing some Christmas sewing planning. Yes, almost everything is photographed on my favourite lime green poplin.

Planning a Christmas thing

Including the Laminaria which is finished but unblocked. I ran out of woool at the very end of the casting off. I needed just two coffee tables' worth. Luckily, but not surprisingly, I had some almost matching greem. Who would have guessed?

Unblocked Laminaria

I have been tagged twice, I think, to tell 7 weird, strange and unnatural things about myself. I a going to attempt this next time, because have to show the funniest  edible gift. It is an Ungingerbread House, the one I mentioned last time. The one in the photo is my first attempt, I made it this afternoon as a demostration, for MrsDrWho's class, along with Peppermint Fondants (Yum, they are so yummy, and green) My door is in need of a bit of DIY attention and the constrution is a bit wobbly, but I didn't do any of the 'waiting till it set'  part as per the instructions I wrote. it was also impossible to buy any spearmint leaves :-(  But nevertheless, here, for your viewing and eating pleasure and complete with Christmas activity instructions is:

The Ungingerbread House

And because I have been trying to publish since 8-30pm tonight, I gave up Eli Stone for this, the Ungingerbread House recipe etc follows in a new post.  It's either this, or I have to cry. (11-28pm)




Place the 100s and 1000s biscuits pink side down and ice along their short edges. Attach 2 wafers to one biscuit and then press the other biscuit onto the wafers to make the four walls.

Wait till it is set.

Ice along the bottom edges of the walls and press onto the cardboard base.

Cut the last wafer in half, making two triangles, ice the long edge and press onto the top of the back and front walls.

Wait till it is set.

Place the Iced Vovo biscuits pink side down and ice along the short edges. Press iced sides onto the triangle wafers and make the roof.

Wait till it is set.

Cut one Liquorice Allsort in half diagonally and use icing to glue it to the roof for a chimney.

Peel off a slice of the other Liquorice Allsort and use icing to glue it on as a front door.

Cut the bottom off each Mint Leaf, so it looks like a Christmas tree, ice the sliced end and then plant the trees in the front of the house.




I love the green of the shawl!


that green shawl is so pretty!!! and thank God you had some matching green yarn to finish the cast off!!! that was so lucky :)

hope Harki will feel better soon :)


Ohhh...a wallaby? Send me one, they're small.

The dogs look happy to be out and about.


On second thought, don't send me a wallaby, I'll get my own when I come down to snatch up that green shawl! LOL


What a pretty shawl! I do hope Harki feels better soon. Those lizards look nasty.

I'm sorry your ungingerbread house didn't appear, but hopefully you can share it with us soon!

Rose Red

Lizard sushi!! Ha! and I love the ungingerbread house- that is very very cool!

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