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And You Can Collar My World With Sunshine Every Day!!

We're still kind of on a break but I have collected myself now. You may, gentle Reader, remember in my last post but one that there was a general hoppiness of Labradors' back legs at our house.  Harki's other three legs had rallied well to their arthritis treatment, but her left back leg was definitely more hoppy. We went to see Dr Marion and she felt Harki's knee, but Harki was a bit nervous and it was hard to wriggle the joint so she stayed at the hospital to be sedated and have her knee wriggled when she was relaxed. It was, therefore, more than unexpected when Dr Tim rang to say they had moved on a step further and taken X-rays and that there was something dark in the picture to be worried about. He cut open her little leg and took a sample of the bone for pathology, but when I went in to pick her up later that evening he said he wasn't hopeful. He desperately wanted everything to be fine, but he told me that sadly he felt sure it wasn't.

Harki with her special collar

So we went home and then on Saturday I popped out for an hour and I returned to find Harki's wound  wide open: she had removed her own stitches. We went back to Hospital and she sat in the surgery and I patted her while Dr Tim gave her some local and then stitched her up again: what a very good girl she is. We had to start the ten days all over again. He told me that the results were back and they were not good. It is extremely rare for Labradors, but Harki has a horrid cancer in her bone. She's 10 this year and so too old for amputation and even though we caught it very early, it is too awful for her to endure other radical treatment for an uncertain result.

Harki's stitches Mark I 

I didn't want to make her wear the anti-stitch eating collar at all, so I just stayed home from Saturday till Thursday when I absolutely had to go out. Harki is such a good girl that she wore the collar with great panache. Peri tried it on and had it off again in two seconds flat!! I think she's wishing it would disappear in this picture.

Peekaboo Peri and Harki wearing her collar

I think we've skipped the first six stages of Grief, after a good cry with Dr Tim and then MrsDrWho, and we have moved straight to Acceptance. We have a little time, maybe till the Winter comes, and so we are just being happy every day to have time together. There are treats and pats and little walks every day for Harki and Peri and we are just being Glad. Playing The Glad Game and being happy that we have had nine glorious years of Harki colouring our world with sunshine every day.

I have closed my comments again, because at the slightest hint of sympathy I am likely to be unable to be happy. (Happy emails are very welcome though!!!) And we want to be happy, not in denial, but just happy to enjoy the time we have together. We are looking forward to welcoming a new puppy into our lives very soon, so that Peri won't have to be lonely and by herself.

Paddle Pool Cool Labradors

So I'll be around, and I have to start getting out and about in the real world too. Harki had her stitches out yesterday and wagged her tail at Dr Tim and he gave her a big cuddle and a treat, so she can safely be left with Peri, home alone, and I can go out and participate in Life again. On the homefront it has  been hot and so there has been lots of fun in the paddle pool and playing with the hose.

Doctor Who Do You Think You Are?

There is a New Doctor: Matt Smith!!! If you go to TV Tonight, you can read about him and see a video interview. I thought he looked familiar, and he is. He's in Party Animals at the moment, a show I wasn't watching but I recognised him a few weeks ago: he's from Ruby in the Smoke, the Phillip Pullman Sally Lockhart series shown last year on the ABC with Billie Piper!! Small Doctor Who world!! 

The BBC site might have more news later on. It will be a long wait till 2010 to see him on screen, and he's the youngest Doctor by far so he could last a while!!

Meanwhile it is three weeks till we see The Christmas Special!!

On the Home front, it is all hoppy. Harki is hoppy and will have to go to The Vet again and Peri has broken a nail on the exact same foot as Harki's hoppiest. I expect there will be huge holidays for The Vets this year. Here are The Labradors munching the fresh grass in The Forbidden Zone. It is their back left legs that are boogelly, but they are both happy and cheery. Harki is wagging her tail at me right now and Peri is napping in the Sun.

No need to keep a cow in the cupboard

You Make Me Glad Come And See, Oh January. Don't Go. Don't Go!!

I love this song- January, by Pilot- I know all the words and that's pretty much a prerequisite for me liking a song. That's why I like Frank and Doris and Dean etc : I can hear all the words in their songs. It was rumoured that this was one of the first of those new fangled video clips, but it could just be an urban myth. This year I am making my clicky link Spring Frost colour, just for a change, instead of Cactus.  On New Year's Eve night I went to Mr and Mrs Reno's house from 8 till 10pm. There were nibbles, and you can tell the degree of wildness by the fact that while I did indulge in a glass of bubbly, I then had two cups of tea. We watched the early fireworks from afar and then had our own mini version. I can add text to my pictures now. You may be endlessly visually 'treated' to extra text for a while!!


This morning I made another raspberry topped cheesecake and a lemon meringue pie, and I did my annual New Year's Day task, which is to fill in every date for each day of the year in my Buffy Diary. I must have a Buffy Diary or, I somewhat inexplicably believe, I will die. I have seven left to use in the dresser. I have contingency plans. Here is the first page of my Labrador Calendar.

January's Calendar Page

I made a few of the Apron in an Hour and this one was for Mrs Qld. I love the children print. I have some left.

Mrs Qld's Apron

I also made a quilted, well I'm not sure what to call it, it's a trivet or a runner for the table. I hand quilted around each square and also outlined the flowers.

Christmas Quilting

I have a lovely present from MrsDrWho's sister: raspberries!! Some fresh and some freshly frozen, I have eaten some and they are delicious.

Berry Nice

I have also received a wonderful pattern prize from Hugo and his human, Lynette. This will be my first stitching project for the year. And I also received a very green postcard from Elizabeth McClung. She sends postcards to people, just because she wants to. Mine is very green, don't you think?? IGreen Postcard  Prized Pattern 

When I came home from admiring MrsDrWho's lack of fence and presence of new TV (upon which we viewed Torchwood) Harki and Peri were waiting. Harki is a bit better today because the weather is serene. But between when I came in the gate and when I reached the back door Peri somehow hurt her foot. She was sitting up the back and her little mouth was quivering. I bathed her little claw and paw in salty water and liberally applied treats orally. She seems fine now. Poor baby. Harki had treats too.

 I would like to make an effort and reply to my comments: road to hell etc etc, but my mum and aunt are coming to visit on Saturday so I am a little distracted. I hope everyone had a suitable Happy New Year's Eve and first day of 2009??? The Labradors will be off on their first walk of the year today. They will be very happy!!!