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Ross and Rachel

Doctor Who Do You Think You Are?

There is a New Doctor: Matt Smith!!! If you go to TV Tonight, you can read about him and see a video interview. I thought he looked familiar, and he is. He's in Party Animals at the moment, a show I wasn't watching but I recognised him a few weeks ago: he's from Ruby in the Smoke, the Phillip Pullman Sally Lockhart series shown last year on the ABC with Billie Piper!! Small Doctor Who world!! 

The BBC site might have more news later on. It will be a long wait till 2010 to see him on screen, and he's the youngest Doctor by far so he could last a while!!

Meanwhile it is three weeks till we see The Christmas Special!!

On the Home front, it is all hoppy. Harki is hoppy and will have to go to The Vet again and Peri has broken a nail on the exact same foot as Harki's hoppiest. I expect there will be huge holidays for The Vets this year. Here are The Labradors munching the fresh grass in The Forbidden Zone. It is their back left legs that are boogelly, but they are both happy and cheery. Harki is wagging her tail at me right now and Peri is napping in the Sun.

No need to keep a cow in the cupboard



HAPPY NEW YEAR Cindy and labradors!!!! Sorry the girls have sore feet!! Thanks so much for the info on Dr WHo I am off to check it out right now!!!


Happy New Year! I read the Dr Who news first on your blog, thanks!

Hope the boys have happy feet soon, and that 2009 holds many joys for you all :)


We read about the new doctor this morning. He is very young!


By the way I tried to comment yesterday on another post and I couldn't! It was most frustrating!!


Hoppy New Year to you all then! Btw, the new Doctor is from my town :-)

Lynette Anderson

Hmm, says Hugo that grass looks delicious. Hugo also wanted to let Harki and Peri know that whilst he was on his holidays at the beach he has learnt to swim, it was quite by accident as he did not mean to jump into the deep water. Hope the toe nails are getting better. Woof Woof Woof


hmm yes i saw a news story about the new dr last night. he is young, and cute (ie, weird) enough to pass. but he is no david tennant who i think i am not-so-quietly in lerve with. hugs for hoppy puppies!

lynne s of oz

Happy New Year, 2paw and 4paws! Wishing you a year full of fun and naps :-)
The new Doctor - we will have to wait (forever!) and see what he is like...

Highland Quilter

So what does Mrs Dr Who think of the new boy?? Too clean cut and young if you ask me!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!
Happy Stitching, Cathyx


I think I was one of a handful of people who DOES know who he is! I loved him in Party Animals (great range and very believable) and his Mancunian accent was so good I didn't realise he was a Southerner!

I hope the girl's legs get better soon.


You just get used to one Doctor then they change him! he looks a little young to me.

crafty things

Happy New Year. I was given the DVD's of the complete second series of Dr Who for Christmas by my son. He gave them to me so we could watch them. We read about the new doctor who in the paper. When is the Christmas special being telecast?

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