And So The End Is Year.*
Doctor Who Do You Think You Are?

You Make Me Glad Come And See, Oh January. Don't Go. Don't Go!!

I love this song- January, by Pilot- I know all the words and that's pretty much a prerequisite for me liking a song. That's why I like Frank and Doris and Dean etc : I can hear all the words in their songs. It was rumoured that this was one of the first of those new fangled video clips, but it could just be an urban myth. This year I am making my clicky link Spring Frost colour, just for a change, instead of Cactus.  On New Year's Eve night I went to Mr and Mrs Reno's house from 8 till 10pm. There were nibbles, and you can tell the degree of wildness by the fact that while I did indulge in a glass of bubbly, I then had two cups of tea. We watched the early fireworks from afar and then had our own mini version. I can add text to my pictures now. You may be endlessly visually 'treated' to extra text for a while!!


This morning I made another raspberry topped cheesecake and a lemon meringue pie, and I did my annual New Year's Day task, which is to fill in every date for each day of the year in my Buffy Diary. I must have a Buffy Diary or, I somewhat inexplicably believe, I will die. I have seven left to use in the dresser. I have contingency plans. Here is the first page of my Labrador Calendar.

January's Calendar Page

I made a few of the Apron in an Hour and this one was for Mrs Qld. I love the children print. I have some left.

Mrs Qld's Apron

I also made a quilted, well I'm not sure what to call it, it's a trivet or a runner for the table. I hand quilted around each square and also outlined the flowers.

Christmas Quilting

I have a lovely present from MrsDrWho's sister: raspberries!! Some fresh and some freshly frozen, I have eaten some and they are delicious.

Berry Nice

I have also received a wonderful pattern prize from Hugo and his human, Lynette. This will be my first stitching project for the year. And I also received a very green postcard from Elizabeth McClung. She sends postcards to people, just because she wants to. Mine is very green, don't you think?? IGreen Postcard  Prized Pattern 

When I came home from admiring MrsDrWho's lack of fence and presence of new TV (upon which we viewed Torchwood) Harki and Peri were waiting. Harki is a bit better today because the weather is serene. But between when I came in the gate and when I reached the back door Peri somehow hurt her foot. She was sitting up the back and her little mouth was quivering. I bathed her little claw and paw in salty water and liberally applied treats orally. She seems fine now. Poor baby. Harki had treats too.

 I would like to make an effort and reply to my comments: road to hell etc etc, but my mum and aunt are coming to visit on Saturday so I am a little distracted. I hope everyone had a suitable Happy New Year's Eve and first day of 2009??? The Labradors will be off on their first walk of the year today. They will be very happy!!!



love the text on the pictures, what a great idea. and i quite like that song too. hope you and the puppies have recovered from day one and that day two is just as nice.


Gosh you have been busy. i havent even had a chance to get out for a long walk with the dogs due to the constant rain, which means I should be knitting more than I have. Maybe I need a year calendar of crafts to finish. My dogs love this time of the year, so many people at home to love them and kids to spoil them.
Happy New Year


you have been very busy sewing and quilting!! love that gorgeous apron!! it is so pretty!!! Happy New Year to you Cindy :)


Your apron turned out great! Such cute fabrics! Thanks for trying my tutorial (and doing it so well)!


What a busy bunny you have been for the new year! Happy new year to you all, and have fun with the buffy diaries - for years mine were Terry Pratchett, but I have moved on to the Delicious diaries - I always have good intentions of cooking everything in them - but tend to make the same old stuff and admire the pictures!


Happy New Year!!!!
I love the apron
...and I'm envious of those raspberries!
I remember eating them in Scotland when I was a child ~ and they were delicious but we never get them fresh here in WA ~ it's too hot.
I hope you have a great time with your visitors.
Please give the labs a pat from me.


Happy New Year!!! Love the apron. Raspberries yummm!!!


hey that's a truckload of raspberries! Lucky you!

How are you doing the text thing?


Happy New Year to you and the lovely labs! I am very envious of your Buffy diary(ies) - I have newly discovered Ms Summers & Co and am hooked!

Rose Red

I love the text on the pictures - I'm going to say it again - you are so very clever!

And the Buffy diaries - I'm so envious!!! So VERY envious!

Happy new year to you - hope it is full of many green and good things for you and lots of treats for Harki and Peri


Happy New Year Cindy!!
I LOVE your new apron. I hope you had fun with your visitors. xx


Happy New Year dear Cindy, Harki and Peri. xxx

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