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Nether Say Nether(field) Again

I think from now on when I'm feeling unwell I will have another euphemism at hand: as well as 'A Georgette Heyer Decline" I can also "Go to Netherfield House'. Thankfully we are all back at Longbourn now. I didn't feel on the road to recovery till Tuesday, and my ears are still making funny noises!! Thank you for all the well wishes and lovely replies a la Austen. The Typepad wouldn't let Ailsa post her comment, but then sometimes it won't let me post on my own blog, so I have no idea what's going on there.

Ailsa said:

It is with a heavy heart that I read of your infirmity.

I wonder whether the intervention from microbes on the physician's waiting room chairs (or perhaps his tie or errant stethoscope) are in fact a ruse, a cruel and subversive way of ensuring one's return visits to the said physician and his tie next week with a new ailment?

Take heed, dear 2paw and rest a while. Society will wait, breath held, for your return. For it is never as effervescent, as gay or bright as when you are amongst us.

The other Miss Bennet
Nethergarment Park

There have been some lovely surprises, one for Harki and Peri, though Harki commandeered the surprises all for herself, and we just let her, thank you!!! You can see the Sun and the green Moon and then I even managed a little action shot. Harki has squeaked her toy for days. Peri even had a squeak and a play with the Moon, which was apparently hers!!Yes, the Moon's her balloon!!


Sunshine Harki's toys 

In truth, Peri has been busy in the hole she has been digging. When I gave The Labradors a bone yesterday, Peri tried to take her inside. I pointed outside and firmly said 'No' and she looked at me as if I had wounded her to her very core, and then took her bat and bone and went home to her little hole in the ground. She's peeping out at me.

Peri's 'hole' 

Then there were some wonderful surprises for me!! I have to say that I didn't go to the letterbox for a week!! Thank you: This year I am planning to knit both a vest with a Dalek on the front and a cardigan with paw prints, so I think the green wool may be the start of one of these!! Thank you: the scarflette is so soft and warm it's hard to believe it isn't made by fairy folk and I have been trying it on in spite of the warm temperatures!!!


I have some very exciting news that I am, bursting to tell, but I am keeping it close till Saturday.  I expect it will be easy to guess what is going to happen soon!!! MrsDrWho (who has been having some chair issues lately) and Mr and Mrs Dutch and I are off somewhere on Saturday morning and I will have some pictures to share soon after that and then the Very Exciting Day will be next Saturday, 7th of March, D Day so to speak!!! So to be going on with, I am just scraping in before the month ends with my very own Labrador Calendar page for February.

My Own Labrador Calender, Feb

My Dearest Snizzy

I find myself unwell this week, which, I suppose, is to be imputed to my catching cold at the doctor's on Wednesday. My kind Labradors will not hear of me returning to normal life till I am better. They insist also upon my seeing Dr Jones-therefore do not be alarmed if you should hear of her having been to me (or not)-and, excepting a sore throat, stuffy nose, the 'snizzes' and headache, there is not much the matter with me. -Yours, &c.

Miss 2paw Bennett,

Netherfield House,

Pride and Prejudice.

PS When I was fetching P&P from the bookcase I also spied Cranford. Who knew I had so many books??

Bra-Bra-Bra-Bra-Bar-Bra Ann

Yes, that's what I have been doing this week, buying new nether garments. A process I do detest, although this week it was far more pleasant. So pleasant that I think I will go back for more upper nether garments this week!!! I think everyone should count themselves lucky I have taken no pictures for this segment.

The bush fires have been uppermost in everyone's minds this week: our land is indeed beautiful and terrible, but the people are wonderful. I have been knitting some squares for rugs. I didn't have any spare clothes to donate but they have more recently asked for money donations and blood. I can't donate blood either.It would be lovely is other people could, I know what a wonderful thing it is, I am constantly thankful for the donors who have kept me alive over the last eight years. KraftKuka has an excellent list in her sidebar if you are looking for ways to help, I could not improve upon it.

I knitted another dishcloth this week that has been gifted away. That is all the knitting apart from the aforementioned squares.

Hearts are Blue

Harki and Peri are recovered, their coughs are completely gone. Harki is going along quite well with her leg. She is a bit hoppy, but still happy. She loves to take her tablets as there is a treat before, during and after. She has a bit of trouble scratching with her leg now, so I give her a lovely scratch often during the day.

Tail Wag, interrupted

Peri has taken to squeaking the Squeaky Toys. She doesn't usually do this, but I have also noticed she is experimenting with make up, so perhaps she is going for a whole 80s feel???

Peri Ant

I am having a 'discussion' with Telstra. Someone had been ringing me endlessly on my mobile, it was a bit scary and I felt harassed. I didn't know until I googled the number: 0862 102310, that it was a Telstra agent. Initially when I rang to complain Telstra denied it. I rang the number from my landline to confirm it and then rang back. They eventually assured me the calls would stop, after all I had twice before over the last few years requested the same thing and I am on the Do Not Call register. So, can you guess what happened just after 1pm on Saturday?? Yes, the PSA Telco rang again. I am now engaged in email correspondence with said company. They want me to ring all the time, which costs me money, and it is their problem. Then they want me to write to a PO box, whereupon they could lose my letter. I am insisting on email as my form of communication and I am determined to receive the cost of my phone calls back and an apology. I was encouraged in my cause when I talked to my mum on the phone tonight. She has been receiving the same calls, endlessly, on her landline despite being on the DNC register.  I feel very 'Yes I can' about this and I am also increasing the font size with every email I send. I can't even thank them kindly anymore.

This week I have been to the doctor and I am glad my blood pressure is back to what is normal for me, so the 2 new drugs are working. There are side effects I have to put up with, but I am not having the awful headaches anymore.

MrsDrWho and my other friends are all back at work. I am not, but this year I have had other things on my mind to distract me. I haven't felt so sad. When I read about the first week I don't even flinch. I feel all Maurice Chevalier: Oh yes, I remember it well!!

On the TV front I have been watching: Life, NCIS, Lie To Me, Cranford, The Mentalist, Clone Wars, new Scrubs, 30Rock and Ruddy Hell: It's Harry and Paul.  That's about 5 hours of TV not counting ads, plus maybe Spicks and Specks and Time Team. I am keeping all of 24 to watch in one fell swoop. I watched The Way We Were last night and had a little weep at the end.I am not watching the  USA version of Life On Mars anymore, I have watched two episodes but I am not enamoured. I like the British one best, even though whenever I buy a stamp I check to see it's not one with the queen!!

Here's a very easy recipe to really whip up quickly. It's almost one of those 4 ingredient ones, almost, but not quite.

Corny Corn Cakes

  • 1 tin of creamed corn (440g?)
  • 1 tin of corn kernels, drained (same size)Corny Corn Cakes
  • 1 cup of Self Raising Flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • a little butter/oil for frying

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well until combined. At this point MrsDrWho would like to point out that almost everything can be enhanced with the addition of some bacon and cheese.

Heat pan to medium and add butter/oil and fry corn cakes until bubbles appear on the top then turn them over and cook a few minutes more. They are delicious hot or cold. 

Portrait of a (Ma)Lady

*Warning , this post contains a dangerous amount of Picasa 3's Collage Tool usage!!

I'm no Florence Nightingale: by the ninth day of Kennel Cough, Harki still had a hacking cough and I was getting cross. Not with her, but with the boogelly disease. I went to the Apothecary and they gave me a herbal remedy. It had an awful smell and taste, because let's face it, I'm not going to give it to them without checking it myself first, but just half an hour after shooting a dose down The Labradors' throats with a syringe they were noticeably better. We all slept very well that night and over the next few days their recovery seemed to speed up. They still have some tablets left to take, but I think they are almost well again. Thank you again for all your lovely comments and cheerful words, they are very much appreciated: Look at the happy Labradors!!!!

Labradors and their medicine

There has been some rowdy playing and we went for our first walk in 12 days on Saturday. It even rained so the gods were smiling on us.  There was an lot of sniffing and exploring and we even met Dr Rob the Vet jogging (him, not us). Peri was such a good girl as she didn't jump up on him and she came when I called straight away. Wonders will never cease!!!

At last, a walk

We ordered some organic fruit and vegetables online. I saw this link on one of The Apples of My Isle links, not sure where, but thank you!! The strawberries were the most delicious I have ever tasted. I'm definitely going to buy some regularly and they deliver to my front door so I don't have to carry bags and boxes up and down stairs myself. It's a seasonal surprise box and you get whatever is in season.

Organically Yummy

I have been doing a little knitting: and Owl facecloth for Mrs Madcage, with rose petal soap.

Owling Success Dishcloth 

MrsDrWho and I spent Friday having a 'the last proper day of the school holidays' fabric crawl. We also indulged in a little brunch and some bubbly later on.

Last Holiday Hurrah

At one shop they gave me some of the card inserts that the fabric is wrapped onto and I plan to ask for some more and store my quite large fabric stash very neatly. I bought enough fabric to make a new skirt.

Potential skirt and cardboard thingies 

No-one know better the horror of bushfires than Apple Islanders. The memory of the '67 bushfires has stayed with me all my life, even though I was only small. I can't comprehend the force of today's fires on the mainland, nor the minds of those arsonists who deliberately lit them. I will be thinking of all those who have been affected by the fires.

A bit later on: I just realised that our bushfires were on February 7th 1967, that was yesterday, now. The very same day in 2009. It is a Black Day for bushfires.

Sunshine, Lolli-coughs and Rainbows

'Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together!' Oh Lesley Gore, if only you knew.

There have been coughs galore here. Early last week, or the week before, The Labradors caught The Kennel Cough. They are vaccinated within an inch of their lives but there is a really virulent strain in the North here, and it is airborne,so there's little defence against the floating germs. They had an awful whooping kind of cough and so we planned a military style trip to the Vet. We drove straight there in the torrid heat, and were whisked straight inside as the waiting room was clear of dogs and we waited in a special room apart. One look was enough to confirm my diagnosis and so they have to take 2 antibiotic tablets every day for a fortnight. Lucky Peri could have an anti-inflammatory injection, but Poor Harki couldn't as there were contraindications with her other drugs so she's been a bit more poorly.

Harki has a bad cough  Peri has a cough too

Added to this has been the hottest temperatures in 100 years: 39*C or about 103*C and that was at the airport, in our house it was even hotter. In the car the barometer had a little melt down and went off the scale. We had four days and nights of intolerable heat

Hot Barometer

We have lain, wanly, in front of Mr Cooly and stood in the paddle pool and played with the hose, I scattered ice in their drinks and I wore wet clothes and had cold showers every day. At last it is cool and it is raining today. We can all sleep soundly tonight. Last night I was still awake at 3am so I defrosted the freezer!!!

Harki is hopping along quite well and feeling cheery, she likes to play with her ball and is eating very well. It must be all the lovely positive and kind pats and hugs from everyone!! Happy thanks to you all, you warmed our hearts!! Poor Peri is upset because very time Harki coughs, Peri thinks Harki is growling at her. She has hidden under my chair, under the desk here, and wants to lie on me all the time. Harki is a little confused!!! We can't go for walks until after Thursday and I have been at home with them because they are infectious for at least ten days after their first cough. They were also infectious about 10 days before they coughed, we just didn't know.

At first there was no knitting at all. There wasn't anything at all. I couldn't even concentrate to read my new Shakespeare book from The Library: The truth will out : unmasking the real Shakespeare. Instead I deleted the ads from a bazillion episodes from whole seasons of CSI, CSI:NY, Without a Trace and Eli Stone and then caught up on the stories. Some were from this time last year!! Now both my DVD HDDs have over 150 hours free as real Ratings TV starts again today. You can bet there will be five shows I like all on at once.

Meanwhile, I measured MrsDrWho's foot for her Christmas sock, hmmmm 32cm, that seemed perfectly fine to my heat addled brain and so I knitted away.

A Foot of Sock

Her foot is not a foot in length. I unravelled the sock and now it is a much more acceptable length. I have started on the second sock.

Sock on a Foot

The stripes sort of melted towards the toe in the first picture. Nothing changed about the stitch count, needles or anything else, it is just the weird and wonderful world of striping wool. I blame the weather.

MrsDrWhoand I have tried to go to the pictures. There were fourteen films showing yet we didn't feel the urge to see even one. It would have been cool at the cinema as well. I'm hoping to get past the heel of the sock tonight and tomorrow I might do some more embroidery. That was shelved because of the weather too. I hope to be posting more regularly now, and if the weather continues to be cool. I might even have some more handmade things to show!! Hope it's just the right temperature wherever you are!!