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Good Grief It's Princess Number Three

So I love Two, Two is great,

Two is the number I do not...Wait

Important news comes from the Queen,

A new baby and I have seen

That she is well as well can be..

Good Grief, it's Princess Number Three!!!


With thanks to Sesame Street's King of Eight.

So today Uncle and Auntie Dutch drove me to pick up Lorelai Gilmore. On the way home in the car Gilly cleaned the window and attempted to chew the seat, the seat-belt and me!!

Poor Harki and Peri were not amused. Harki is a bit growly, but wagging her tail, and Peri seems a bit afraid. Brace yourselves now: she stood on the coffee table. Briefly.

Three Little Maids

It was all go with dogs going everywhere and I am home alone with them all. Gilly has learned where the water is, where the food is and how to get in and out the dog door. She knows about toys and has about a bazillion out of the box and runs up and down the house with them. At the moment she is chewing The Sun. Thank goodness I did large amounts of puppy proofing as she is into everything and has already run off with my bag!!! Now she is dragging her lovely green pawprint blanket about.

Gilly Playing With Her Star Toy

She has been outside to do wees by herself and with The Big Dogs. Huge celebrations ensue when she does. They have all had Puppy food and a treat. Then happiness reigns supreme for a while.

Happy Little Maids

Now Harki and Peri have gone to bed because they are 'safe' from the baby. Gilly is either asleep at my feet where she can touch me, or running up and down the house.  As a challenge to  herself she likes to hold a toy in her mouth and then climb up on the couch. This takes about five minutes by which time she is tired of that toy. Then she hops down and chooses another toy and starts all over again. I can tell we are all going to be exhausted for the next week or so.

Gilly Sleepy

I also expect to get some knitting done as I will be home. A Lot. Thank you for all the kind Puppy comments, Gilly appreciates them and so do The Big Dogs and I!!!

More tomorrow I expect.




how beautiful...sleeping so cutely


She is absolutely gorgeous. I soooo remember how exhausting it was when Daisy was a puppy. I hope poor 'big' dogs survive!!! LOL....Oh you too Cindy :D


oh now this is GORGEOUS a big happy family! she is such a cutie and so are The Big Dogs for being so mature about it all!!! All that puppy fun and exhaustion for you ahead! happy days indeed, welcome Gilly :)

Rose Red

So sweet!! Oh how exciting (and tiring) a new member of the family can be! Sounds like Gilly is being a very good puppy (mostly) so far!


wow!! a new additiona to the family!! Gilly is super cute!!! i still remember when my doggies are puppies. they can be very exhausting, especially with all their antics and toilet training!!!


Hooray for the new family member! And what a lovely name. She will surely have a ton of personality to be named Lorelai. Yayyy, puppies!


heheh she is gorgeous! three is much harder than two i reckon, but she will learn lots from the big girls. not all of it good im sure :)


Aaah ! Gorgeous - puppies - the gift that just keeps on giving!


Aww, so lovely! And so tiring! Nice to know she's taken with her new blanket!


Glad all is well with your new puppy. She is a lucky girl finding a home with you.


All so adorable, I had to laugh at the thought of Peri on the coffee table. I'm sure you will have had lots of adventures by the time I see you again. Am pleased all the Girls are enjoying their new toys.


i first read that as grow~ly not growl~y, which is most likely very appropriate at the moment. she is beautiful~


Welcome to the world of three dogs. Our family could not be better. Three children, three dogs. But my doggies are all so different as they are different breeds, interesting mix of personalities. It must be so much easier to have three sensible labs. Atleast zeus has the calm lab personality. God bless him.
What are you knitting?

Metal and knit

Welcome Lorelai Gilmore. She is lovely and even Boss wanted to sniff her on the screen. Boss sits on the coffee table when hes not impressed as well. Boss sends happy wags for you all.

Rox adorable... all of em!!


Aww ... she looks so tiny! Sorry for lack of comments recently - I don't seem to have stopped since the middle of February. To make up for it, belly rubs all 'round!


Welcome to Gilly! She's going to keep you all very busy and enjoying every moment of Autumn!

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