Steek Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace.
Without Chew, There's Something Very Special About Chew!!!

Silence Is Golden (Labradors)

Ahh, the Sounds of Silence. After lots of rough and rowdy rebel play Peri and Gilly are fast asleep, and Harki is asleep on the couch, snoring on her sheepskin rug. Gilly and Peri run non-stop for hours on end. Now I worry that Peri has been bored up till now, but I console myself with the thought that Gilly is a novelty. Lorelai Gilmore runs to fetch the ball and bring it back!! Gilly loves a Squeaky Toy. You can see the paving is all clean and tidy and the paddle pool is at the back left in the shade.

Gilly Playing Squeaky Ball Bring Back 

Miss Grubby Nose 

Gilly buries her bone just like a real dog, and her nose is all grubby. Of course she wants to put her nose all over me.

Harki and Peri must hear something in the distance, because they were both too interested to look at the camera!!!

Harki goes west   

Peri goes west 

I wanted to start my Chappa'ai (Stargate ) Cardigan, I only have the fronts to knit, but I had no idea where the pattern was. I am making the pattern up as I go along and luckily I had written most of it in my Knitting Journal from last year,and the needle sizes on The Ravelry. I counted the rows just to make sure the back matched my notes, and it did!!! I am thinking of doing some short rows in the fronts: scares the willies out of me, but I have nothing to lose.

66 percent of a Chappa'ai 

But now I have frittered the day away: sleeping after the hot night, walking The Labradors, playing with The Baby, finishing off some sewing bits and bobs and finally drawing a picture of my new Steeking Paws Cardigan:

Possible Steeking Paws 

I am a poor artist, but basically this is a jumper with a yoke and waist shaping, that will be steeked to make a cardigan**. The main colour is Mineral Green with Grass Green for the paws and another paler green the name of which I am too lazy to get up and check. I am not quite sure how it will all go, maybe it will be top down??? That would be better for the trying on and shaping part and I have made a jumper like that before. I am also not sure how large the paw prints should be: not too big, or too low(!!!!) Any comments? The Steeking Paws Prototype: Discuss. 

I was just talking earlier to MrsDrWho on the phone and we realised it is only two weeks or so till Easter. I am going to help make felt Bunny Heads so we needed to find 90 minutes in her timetable. It's all set to go now. Tomorrow I have to post my Cloth and Soap Swap and then I must think about Easter.

But first, I am going to break out the 3.75mm and cast on for the fronts. I might knit them simultaneously. And it's raining. Huzzah!!!!

**NB I am NOT this shape, this is an non-artist's impression only!!!


Rose Red

Look at grubby Gilly! So cute!

Loved the Steeked Paw Jacket. Can't offer any advice except to agree that you definitely need to place the paws in the correct spot - too low and it would just be NOT RIGHT!! heh!


2paw, what a great idea! Love your design and cannot wait to see it complete.

The new little 2paw is beautiful.

Tummy rubs ...


Your Baby is just so adorable! I can't seem to get enough stories about her. I guess, Peri must loose some weight now, with all the running around? :o)
Your paw cardi looks great!


I just love cute puppy wrinkles!!!


grubby gilly is soo cute!!! i so wanna cuddle her!!!

and cindy, omg, you're designing your own cardigan?? you are so clever!!!


Oh Gilly's furrowed brow is adorable!!!

That steeking project - WOW!! Go Cindy.


That's a great drawing & the design is lovely. You should see my drawing - it's nothing like yours. Knitting top down is a good idea & you can try as you go.


OOOOer - lovely cardigan and star gate - I haven't yet neerved myself up to steeking - Gilly is Gillyflower gorgeous!


your dogs are just gorgeous!!love the cardigan too.


Fetch already! What a smart girl! The paving, garden area looks very pretty.


Oh, she's a clever girl. I love her little scrunced up face in that photo.

[Also, received your parcel yesterday - I'm speechless! Email to follow...]


A deluded drunken artist?


You're a much better artist than I am - top-notch sketch. Good luck with matching (and finishing) the Stargate cardi.

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