Silence Is Golden (Labradors)
Calico Easter Egg with Felt Applique

Without Chew, There's Something Very Special About Chew!!!

This post is brought to you by the Cordless Mouse and The Remote Control who co-operated and donated some of their batteries to the Camera. That would be because we have had our first Puppy Chew Casualty: the battery recharger. She has grown bigger and when she stood in the clothes basket, which she is wont to do whether I like it or not, she was able to reach the top of the sideboard and she dragged the cord down and chewed it. Luckily I am pretty careful about unplugging and I have 'live' cords of any description carefully put MORE out of reach now than they were before. Of course no other recharger cord fits. I should have taken it out of her pocket money, but Fate is on Gilly's side and two unexpected cheques arrived in the letterbox and so we have a windfall of $52, which should expunge her debt!!

Chew chew I just want chew

It is well nigh on impossible to wrangle three Labradors into the same place, at the same time, all relatively still and within the frame of the camera's lens. This is the best I have managed thus far!!! Peri's eyes are watering because someone keeps biting her on the top of her nose.

Pretty Maids all in a row

Two quick book reviews:

  • Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner. I waited impatiently for this book to arrive from the Library, but though I enjoyed reading it, there weren't really any projects that jumped out and said 'Make Me'. It was very user friendly, but perhaps suited more to a beginner sewer, though the projects ranged from easy to quite challenging. I liked reading it, the way I like to read cook books. I was reading Nigella's How To Eat in bed last night.
  • Brenda James'  Henry Neville and the Shakespeare Code. I am interested in conspiracy theories and Shakespeare so this book promised to fill both my desires. OMGCB!! Lies, damned lies and statistics: I could not believe her code breaking and subsequent reveals of hidden messages. Truly, it was all Monkeys+Typewriters= Hamlet to me. In the end my interest petered out and I didn't even finish the book.

There has been knitting and maths. I have completed the rib (and now three more inches) for the right front of the Chappa'ai Cardigan and calculated the short rows as well. Is is lucky I checked because I was pretty sure I needed to knit two sleeves. That would have been an interesting cardigan: a back and four sleeves!!

Chappa'ai right front

I bought some wool made from rock from Ecoyarns: Therapi in Eucalyptus, composed of 30% Jadeite, 50% wool and 20% silk. I am thinking a little neck warmer is called for. Ecoyarns have excellent service, and emailed me when they didn't have what I wanted and I was able to change my order!!! Notice the colour is almost the same as my cardigan!! Oh and The Bendigo Woollen Mill is bringing out 10 new colours in Aran 10ply and I have it on good Ravelry Authority that there is a Leaf Green!! Be still my beating heart!!!


On Wednesday I went to Wee Jock's Mum's house for dinner and I made some Chocolate Semi-freddo. It sounds quite daunting and complicated, but it is decidedly easy and according to MrsReno and MrsDrWho who were there as well, it is delicious. I will make another batch and take some pictures. I'm also planning to make some Tomato Relish from a recipe TinkingBell sent me. Of course yesterday that didn't happen because we all slept till almost 11 o'clock and today we have been for a walk and pottered about. Tomorrow might be the day!!!

There is quite a lot of thinking going on at our house. Quite a lot about Harki: I find myself watching her as if I am trying to burn her image into my mind before it is too late. Which is silly, because she is already there. It is all a waiting game now, and I am not impatient for the game to be over. I'm also thinking about the film Easy Virtue which has opened everywhere but here. What I would like to do is ring up the cinema and have the phone answered by a particularly Noel Coward employee, who would answer when I asked, "When does Easy Virtue start?".... "After a few too many drinks!!" I don't think that's going to happen.


Rose Red

Oh I wish you could ring the cinema and have that exchange! It would be delicious! And delightful! And just a little bit decadent! (ok, that's it for the D words).

Yay for green yarn - excellent!


gorgeous photo of the girls! I wonder who on earth could be eating Peri's nose???? I too felt EXACTLY about the Anna Maria Horner, I felt as lovely as it looked I thought it was for the beginner sewer and nothing took my fancy either xx


Oh I adore Noel Coward and loved his autobiography - how lovely to ring them and have him answer (of course it would be a little difficult because he has been dead a long time!)

I can understand about Harki - I was the same with Rastus - and Gilliy is such a puppy - I still have slightly puppy chewed shoes....


It is such an awful part of living, that those we love & who bring us the most joy, don't necessarily outlive us, isn't it Cindy?

I focus every day on every bit of joy I can wring out of my life & those around me [including Dear Daisy :)] & never take the simple pleasures for granted.

I know Harki is one of YOUR lifes best joys Cindy. I think of you both every day during this very difficult transition in life.

lynne s of oz

Therapi is a quite nice yarn to knit (you would like the therapi wrap I knitted a while ago) and it sounds like you need nice things now. Wishing you lots of happy, not hoppy, time with Harki.


That's a calendar pic if I ever saw one.
The lazer eyes can be toned down too if you like.


if it makes you feel any better Easy virtue has failed to open here in the north as well. Instead we can choose between Confessions of a Shopaholic and Duplicity.
Slumdog Millionaire has finally arrived this week.


new aran colours? Oh praise the yarn goddess. About bloody time. Thanks for the heads up!

You are too funny Ms 2Paw re the cinema...!


Gilly looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!
I love The Bard too. Did you watch the Shakespeare Remade series? I absolutely adored their remake of The Taming Of The Shrew.
Happy Monday, Cindy. =] Please give the labradors lots of pats from me.


Oh, those little puppy teeth are sooo sharp! What a lovely pic of all three. Peri is so patient even with getting her nose nipped. When we got Silas, Saffy had to put up with him nipping her tummy and toes. I think he still wanted to nurse! He still has a thing for toes, but fortunately licks rather than nipping ;)


oh dear. first puppy chew casualty. i hope there wont be many more to come!!!


Therapi looks gorgeous & soft. I will have to check it out & also the new colors from Bendigo. I hope I can resist the urge to shop!


Oh, just as well the cord was unplugged! Puppy has grown already. They all look happy.

I can't wait to see the new Bendigo Aran colours. How exciting!!

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