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Shoe's The Boss??

The shoes are no longer the boss, I could (Tony) Danza* the night away in my shoes, well almost. Last year we had The Terrible New Shoes Blister Incident. It was when Peri was still hiding my shoes and I had to wear new shoes on our walk. All the time as I was putting them on and walking I could hear my behind thinks telling me what a bad idea it was. My in front thinks did not listen and I had terrible blisters on the back of my heels that took weeks to heal. This morning it was hailing and raining. My old walking shoes let the water in so I bravely put on my 'new' shoes and wore them. With socks. I still have them on over seven hours later so I think we are over the hump. I was trying to take a picture of my new walking shoes. Here's why it took a while!!!

Hey I got my new shoes on

It has been raining for three days and it is so wonderful. I even had to put a long sleeved top on and I am thinking about turning on the heater too, mainly for Harki, but I am sure we will all like it.  We have had so much rain that on our wet walk this morning there were puddles everywhere and the little creek was half full. This was an immediate invitation for Peri to dive in, and so she did!!

Walkin' in the rain

Gill has been learning new things and she can now reliably Ask with her Paw. I tried to take a video of her Asking, but Peri and then Harki joined in and it rapidly degenerated into a Treat Frenzy, but you can see Gilly doing some excellent Asking!!!

MrsDrWho and I caught up, though not brunchily as it was ANZAC Day yesterday, and we did some craft bits and bobs. The kittens helped, but not too much. We finished the tasks quite successfully but, once again, no pictures until the Swap partner receives them. I have knitted more of the February Baby Cardigan (I just can't say 'sweater', it's not in me, and it's not a jumper, it's a cardi) I was going to unravel the FBC, but more experienced Baby Opinion at Torchwool convinced me that babies grow and need jumpers/cardigans even in Spring. I have set the sleeve stitches aside and I am half way through to the hem now.

FBC progress

I also snapped up some 'vintage' Wrangler jeans for a swap I am in. I have some gorgeous fabric and thread, and I am going to be doing some thing ever so crafty and pretty: I'm just not sure what it will be yet!!!

Ha ha ha ha My Pretties 

I spent last night and this morning claiming back time from the DVD recorder: I only had 32 hours left and now I have 72!!! I think there are 256 hours available so there is still a lot of partial deleting yet to be accomplished.

Two things I am more than a little addicted to at the moment: the first is Booko, which is a fabulous online site that searches for books and DVDs and compares prices for you, finding the cheapest!! It is in Australian Dollars and considers postage in its pronouncements. The second is Zazz: One day, one thing, one chance, where they sell one thing and only one each day. I have stayed up till midnight to see the change over. It's Australian too, and thanks to Mr Top o'the Mornin' from MrsDrWho's school for passing this on!!!

So, as the rain pours down I'm off to watch some TV with a cup of tea, my knitting and The Labradors. There will be mashed potato in some way shape or for for tea. The Kennebecs are fantastic at the moment, I made lemon and garlic mash the other day. Yum!!! It's just the right weather for mashed potato. And I have Comments to reply too, I will get back to you, I'm just slow!!!

*And now all I can hum is Elton John's Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza!!

An hour later: Help!! For some reason the other day, the internet decided to stop me viewing YouTube videos. I can watch them on YouTube but not on anyone's blog, even my own. I'm not even sure the video I uploaded here is working??  I just get a big blank square space with a little tiny box in the top left hand corner enclosing an even tinier blue square, green circle and blue triangle. I have reinstalled Flash Player, checked my Java and deleted Temporary Internet Files. Quite a few people seeem to be having this problem, has anyone found a solution?? Thank you, yours sincerely, 2paw The Luddite!!!

Arrgghhh!!! (A note to follow sew) Tea!!!!!!!

That would be the nice hot cup of tea I spilled into, on, over, through (insert preposition of your own choice here) my very expensive computerised sewing machine. It went zzzzzzztttt. I turned it off and then every day I have turned it on using the safety power point thingy. Today the lights all lit up and the lighty writing was on the display but there was still no action. Thus I have been Little House on the Prairie sewing. I sewed the Wee Fat Boy's play quilt all by hand. Every single part. Of course I had help. The help went like this (starting at the top left and going across each row, left to right)

Quilt Help 

  1. Peri: Gilly's chewing a stick on the quilt. I am not, ergo, I am good.
  2. Gilly: This is a good stick, it has altitude.
  3. Gilly: This is a very good stick and I can hold it really well.
  4. Peri: Look, the puppy is on The Quilt. What are you doing about it???
  5. Everyone: Look, we're All on the quilt, take our picture quickly.

  6. Peri: Now the puppy is whispering things in my ear. She says I'm fat!!!!!

  7. Peri: Well I might as well lie here too.

  8. Gilly: This is such a good stick. I hope it lasts a long time.

  9. Peri: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Give me some of that stick Gilly.....

So here is the Baby You Can Drive My Car Play Quilt. It has cotton batting and I used embroidery thread to quilt around the road at every stop roundabout and across the strip of patterned fabric on the back as well. All by hand. A labour of love!!! The WFB (MrsDrWho's nephew) seemed to like it and drove farm vehicles around on it quite happily.

Baby You Can Drive My Car Quilt 

Almost the back of the quilt 

We had to cancel our picnic as we had, for that One Day, a terrible storm. There were still walks in the rain, but it was far too wet and wild for a picnic. We are taking a rain check!!

Gilly went to visit MrsDrWho's sister, niece and nephew. She was so excellently behaved and her lead is only on because George the Cat From Next Door wandered over to see what all the fuss was about and he didn't look 100% friendly. She didn't wee inside, she played very nicely: chasings and fetching the ball and eating treats. And The Demon Spawn Niece pretty much finished teaching Gilly to Ask with her Paw.  Mind you, I was so tired after all the excitiement I proceeded to sleep for almost eighteen hours!!

Wee Fat Boy and Gilly

I have finished knitting something that needed finishing and sewed, also by hand, two other things. I can't show any pictures yet.

I did, however, start a February Baby Sweater. I may be heretical, but I do think the pattern is quite poorly written and using 'pithy' to describe it does not excuse leaving out pertinent details like where and when to place the button holes- even though I read ahead it seemed very vague. I am using some lovely red 8ply (machine washable because you have to be sensible) that is lovely and soft and I needed to use 5mm needles to get the correct tension. This is how I found my knitting when I woke up this morning. I think it had been 'played with' while I was asleep.


Harki is hoppy but still happily getting on with life, Peri is wrangling Gilly, who pretty much rules the roost at the moment. Harki is lying near me giving little cries because she wants me to stop doing this and to go to bed. Last night I put her sheepskin on the bed to see if that would make her happy. It did not. I was breaking all kinds of bed and sheepskin demarcation rules and I was to stop it at once.

This afternoon I watched The Princess Bride. Now I know. Tomorrow I am going to watch it again. How could I have missed it? Inconceivable!!!

The weather is very Autumnal and so I sought out my hot water bottle. It is an ex-hot water bottle and so I have a new one and it has a handle!! You hold the handle whilst you fill it up with water. It is more the comforting thought of the hot water bottle that calls to me because after about five minutes I kick it out of the bed because I am too hot.

So I hope to have whipped up a FBS by the next time I blog. Wish me luck, I may need it!!!

Sticks and Specks

Really I should have called this post: Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman in While You Were Sleeping, because while we were sleeping, Gilly had a Sticky Adventure. It's not actually as bad as it sounds, it's a stick of tree not adhesive substance. Gilly had a pear and a stick twice her size when I came home. I had given her the pear but she had found the big stick all by herself right up past the garage. We went for a nap and were woken by a lot of banging on the back door. There was Gilly with the stick trying to manoeuvre it through the dog door. To give her her due she did work out how to get it through sideways and I thought that was that and went back to the nap. That was not that. She assembled her accessories: several dog leads, a biscuit box she had spirited away, some toys, a palm frond or two and my green poplin from the box in the hall. She then proceeded to sit upon the poplin and gnaw the stick. If you look carefully you can spy Peri in the corner of two pictures. She was in awe of Gilly's audacity, but not for joining in with her endeavours. The stick has been in and out several times now and is heralded by a galloping sound interspersed with several loud bangs on the back door. Never a dull moment.

Gilly Can Stick

When all is quiet then I know that something wicked, but sweet and cuddly, my way comes.

Harki and Peri had a lovely walk in the crisp early morning. I love Autumn mornings when there is almost a frost on the car and a definite shiver in the air.

Crisp Morning Walk

Monsters Vs Aliens was a very good film. The new 3D glasses are like sunglasses and the 3D effect is excellent. The film has lots of in jokes for grown ups. I liked it A Lot. I would have worn my glasses everywhere but I donated them to MrsDrWho to use with her 3D books at school.

The Chicken was enstuffened and the slightly wonky car sewn and likewise finished off. I put Wee Demon Spawn's initials on the number plate!!! It came together really easily though I didn't put any flowers on it. The pattern is in either Softies, or More Softies.

Two Easter Toys 

There has been No Knitting. I am in a knitting funk at the moment. I hope I will become more knitting enthused soon. I did start a scarf with my wool made from rock but I left the pattern at MrsDrWho's house and I haven't retrieved it. The most energetic thing I did today, apart from carrying the shopping bags down the stairs, was soaking my feet in some warm water with lavender soap bubbles. Which Gilly was sure was a tasty drink.

I have to do some serious clothes soaking tomorrow. Yesterday I had three tops on in the space of fifteen minutes. Gilly managed to put her grubby paws or face on them all and I had to sponge my skirt too. Good thing the weather is still warmish and sunny so my clothes will dry quickly.

Here are two Good Girls who don't (often) put grubby marks on my tops!!!

How cute are we 

Tomorrow I hope to make a little quilt for the Wee Demon Spawn, from fabric printed with lots of roads etc on which he can drive his cars. This afternoon I did some serious Comment Replying: a weight off my mind!!!

The Eggs-Files

See, I have been some time and there is a picture of half of my haircut at least.

On Wednesday night MrsDrWho and I rendezvoused (can you add an Australian word building ending to a French word??) outside The Albert Hall. It took almost an hour for the well behaved and sensibly lined up crowd to all file in. The organisers were not very organised. Thank goodness there were tickets for us at the door, I had worried about that. I had also googled and saw tickets on The Ebay selling for $255 a pair. You can imagine my horror when we were escorted to the very front row, the Very Front Row, just to the left of centre. It was fine, there were no Dame Edna moments and Dylan Moran was hilarious, thought provoking, funny, amusing and our faces hurt from laughing.

Here then in order from top left and going clockwise are pictures of the stage, the chocolate he was eating that he threw into the audience which the man next to us caught, the DVD, ticket and some 'actual' chocolate, me and the crowd leaving and finally my and MrsDrWho's feet in the front row!!!

Dylan Moran

You can just see the left side of my haircut and my top is green, not yellow.

It was all go on Wednesday: two walks, a chance meeting with a teacher I hadn't seen for more than fifteen years so I had to stop and say hello, Morning Tea with The GardyGardeners, a visit to my GP for my bi-monthly check up and a 'flu vaccination, a surprise visit from an older brother I have never met (it's a long story and one I shan't share as I haven't asked permission, but he has a green car!!) then Dylan Moran. Consequently on Thursday I slept for a total of 17/24 hours. Good thing The Labradors are trained to nap. Some of them nap with synchronicity:

Gilly See Harki, Gilly Do 

And some of them go to parties. As usual, the next door neighbours had a party on Good Friday and Peri always attends. She's there before they start at noon and pretty much stays there till it ends which can be 10pm or later.

Peri is a 12 Hour Party Person 

The neighbours very kindly hang a sign on the fence to ask their guests not to feed the dogs. I was thanking them for doing that, and right under our noses Gilly was pulling the sign through the fence and chewing it up!!!

Because I am hopelessly forgetful, I didn't take one photo for posterity when Katie 'Wired for Fibre' came to visit on Saturday. We were Secret Swap Pals in SP4 and we have been Internet friends and kept in touch ever since. I was so excited to meet her, she is so lovely and friendly and I am so glad to have met her. MrsDrWho spared her the dribbly dog hair horror of my car and picked her up and she came to meet The Labradors. They loved her!! Then we went to the Watergarden at the Casino and knitted and chatted with Suzi and Sandra and Cathy till the late afternoon. So here there should be lots of photos of Katie's feet and the beautiful blue cashmere Clapotis she was knitting and her Gathered Yoke sleeve. You will have to imagine them. It is her birthday too, so Happy Birthday Katie!! It is so lovely to be able to hear the voice of someone you know Internetally and to actually meet them is a joy!!! Thank you for coming to visit Katie!!! She was off to the south of the island to day so I hope someone there took some pictures!!

This afternoon I made a hen and an egg and a chick. I found the pattern here. Mine is yet to be enstuffened. I am also making a softie car. I left my knitting outside MrsDrWho's house along with The Labradors' and my Easter surprises. The Easter Bunny brought Fish Fingers to out house for Harki, Peri and Gilly and they had some with red salmon for their breakfast. Now they are all asleep. I have to watch the last half hour of Poirot: Appointment with Death with John Hannah and Tim Curry and then to bed, for tomorrow I see Monsters Vs Aliens (in 3D) with MrsDrWho and the Demon Spawn!!!

Which came first
Oops, she still needs some eyelashes and embroidery top stitching as well!!

Iced Iced: Baby (De de de de de de der)

I went to a baby shower. (I'm singing the I went to a garden party song in my mind) You had to wear a necklace of pegs and if someone said 'Baby' you could steal their pegs. I managed to convince them that calling Gilly 'Baby' didn't really count, so I won that game!! I had to put a tiny disposable nappy on a doll whilst blindfolded. This is the first time I have ever put a nappy on anything. Ever. We blind taste tested baby food (Yuck) and Auntie Dutch made everyone a gorgeous brooch to take home.

Bir D

Mrs Electric is blooming!!

Blooming Lovely

We also puffy painted some baby singlets. Here is mine.


Here is the cute Bunny-ette. Click and you can go and find the pattern Rebecca wrote. I made i-cord ears because I am too lazy to knit 6 stitches in the round for any amount of rows.


Right, that's the baby part over. Autumn has arrived like Bruce Willis: with a vengeance. Huzzah!! I feel much happier and healthier when the weather is cold.

I went to MrsDrWho's class today for 90 minutes while the children made Iced Biscuit Faberge Eggs. Here is a small sample. Aren't they fabulous?? They had to make their design and then ice the Milk Arrowroot biscuit and use all the wonderful decorations to create their own Faberge Egg. There is now a wall of eggs in the bag area!!

Fabiscuit Eggs 

MrsDrWho heard that Dylan Moran would be here, in the Northern Capital, and thought we should go along to his performance. I pooh-poohed her idea. Maybe he would be too inappropriate I said. Well, this afternoon I was listening to the ABC, as I am wont to do, and the Drive Programme had a competition to win tickets to the sold out performance. You had to write the reply Bernard Black (from Black Books, the character Moran plays) would give to this question being asked by a customer: 'Could you please gift wrap this book for my mother?'

Here's what I wrote.

Scene: Bernard is sitting at his desk, usually dishevelled, wearing a black suit, white shirt and no tie. Or shoes. He is drinking red wine, and is in the process of opening another bottle whilst reading.
A customer comes to the desk. Tentatively.
Customer:' Excuse me, could you gift wrap this book for my mother?'
Bernard looks around, as if he is hearing voices. Is convinced he isn't, and returns to his book.
Customer:'Excuse me, could you please gift wrap this book for my mother?!'
Bernard looks up and accidentally catches the customer's eye and is forced to acknowledge her.
Bernard:'Manny? Manny! Come here. Quickly!!'
Manny runs from the back room where he has been polishing the wine glasses.
Bernard: 'Manny, this woman wants me to gift wrap her book.'
Manny shakes his head vigorously from side to side, hoping the customer notices, then hands Bernard another glass of wine.
Customer: "Please??'
Bernard:' We don't sell books anymore. Give that here. We're shut. Get out. Buy your mother a mewling cat you insane sycophant!!'
Manny follows the woman out: 'If you do buy a cat, I'd be happy to wrap it for you........'
Bernard races up to the door, pushes the woman out and slams the door shut. He turns the sign to Closed.Then with a flourish...
Bernard:'Right Manny, gift wrap this book for my mother!!!'

I did confess to MrsDrWho that I had had a reversal of thinking and she very kindly was amused!! So I think we are off on Wednesday night.

It is time for bed, again. I shall have to watch Spooks another time. Tonight I have already spooked Gilly by half closing the hidden-in-the-walls sliding doors between the dining and lounge rooms. It was a bit magic when strange 'walls' suddenly appeared. Harki and Peri are au fait with the doors and looked very superior and smug. Tomorrow I am having my hair cut. I may be some time.

Little Chop, Little Chop of Horrors!!

  Harki Feels Better

We are all very happy at our house because Harki is feeling well, well as well as can be expected, and her horrid abscess thingy is all gone. She is her joyful self again and has been for walks and she can carry two toys in her mouth at once. Peri is busy rounding up Gilly, who is growing like Topsy. Gilly has been for her very first walk, actually she's been for two now. She might be The World's Best Wee-er Inside While Her Mum Is On The Phone, but she is also The World's Best Walker On A Lead As A Puppy. She trots along like she was born to it, and wags her tail and greets everyone. Dr Tim said we could start going for walks as long as we went on paths not frequented by myriad other dogs. When we leave, Peri hurls herself at the gate and cries piteously as Gilly walks away and she waits faithfully by the gate until we come back. This week Gilly has also learned 'Ready Steady Go!!!!!'  which is what we say when we throw a toy. She runs as soon as I start saying it and then runs back to me, which I think is just a happy coincidence, but it is almost 'Come'.

Gilly's First Walk 

This week, when Bells came back from a long working day, there appeared on the tea table a wondrous meal whipped up by Sean. I usually buy the Donna Hay magazine but I had missed it this week so I immediately rushed out to buy it, and the ingredients to make this: Thyme Pork Chop with Parsnip and Potato Mash and Green Beans. The only horror would be missing out on this.

Mmmm Food

Wow!! It was absolutely delicious and I have enough to make it three more times, once for MrsDrWho I think. It must be Autumn because the Parsnip and Potato mash was perfect, almost as perfect as the mashed potato at MrsDrWho's house last night where I had accidental tea. We have the best potatoes in the world. And a Pork Chop must be the quintessential Autumn meat. Unfortunately there was no fresh Thyme to be had so I had to make do with dried. I could have had enough Sage to sink a ship if I wanted.

Gemma from Loz and Dinny emailed me to say a new shop was opening in town: The Ruby Pear. And because I like to support local shops, I popped along, like a Guerilla Shopper. I was Rachel's(sic) first customer!! I bought a lovely little Babushka Hair tie and a delightful card and badges. I am not sure when it will be open again, but I can recommend a visit. I have also bought some pink bubbly for Mrs Electric's baby shower this afternoon. We are not supposed to take a gift as we will be painting baby singlets (Heaven help the poor baby, what with me having fewer painting skills than a cat) but I've bought Each Peach Pear Plum because it is my very favourite book. We also have to take something for a Time Capsule so I've bought some stamps in presentation packs. I'm going to write a letter to go with them and I think I might put in something I have sewn/knitted as well. Oh and I bought a new craft book. Surprise!!!

Talkin' about things 

I am making some more Chocolate semi-freddo in about 5 minutes and then I have to write the last part of my book reports and post them, make a Sci-Fi swap zippy bag and knit a little Bunny-ette. Then there should be just enough time for a shower, a cup of tea and some wrapping (or rappin': "I'm goin' to a baby show-er, Presents will be higher than a tow-er, Mrs 'Lectric she is gonna be a moth-er, She will be betta than any oth-er') Or not. And here a picture of Peri who is suffering from Middle Child Syndrome and I don't want her to miss out on any attention. Coo and fawn over her please. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she beautiful??

Stairway to Peri

Ding Dong Dell, Harki's In The Swell.

Poor Harki's Face 

Poor Harki has had an abscess in her face and the swelling is still there today. On Friday Dr Tim thought she had been bitten by a wasp when her left cheek swelled up. She had an antihistamine injection but by Saturday her whole face....well to put it impolitely, she was a Half Boof head and very sick. She couldn't open her mouth without giving a yelp and she was hot and drooly and didn't want to eat, and her left eye was squooshed shut too. Dr Tim gave her a giant antibiotic injection and elephant size antibiotic tablets. Finally on Monday afternoon the abscess seems to have burst and she felt immediately better. It was all very worrying. 

Gilly, who worms her way Lindsay Lohan-style into every picture, went with Harki to see Dr Tim on Tuesday. He found a small wound from a stick or maybe a bone inside Harki's mouth which must have been the cause of her infection. Gilly was a star and had so many pats in the waiting room and even went to visit in the back of the surgery. She had a big ruffle up and cuddle from Dr Tim. She showed The Vets how she could sit, and have her ears, eyes and teeth checked. She had two injections and a tablet and was so good. Dr Tim is eyeing her off as a future blood donor. I said Peri was too enthusiastic to be one, but he laughed and pronounced her silly!! Peri is so good now that I think I will have to change her name from Peri Naughty, to Peri Responsible!!!

Peri and Gilly Nap Buddies 

Peri is Gilly's favourite Nap Buddy and they nap hard and fast. Gilly has put on 2kg in a fortnight to have a mass of 10.4kg. I was horrified until Dr Tim said that 1kg a week was to be expected and she was in excellent shape. Now she is allowed to go for a little walk every day. Watch out Big Wide World.

So there has been precious little knitting since I posted last week, I have been too worried about Harki to concentrate on knitting a pattern I am making up as I go. I went to MrsDrWho's class for 90 minutes and the children all started their Easter Bunny Head decoration. I'll post some pictures next week. I have been snatching a few minutes to make my Calico Easter Eggs. I am a bit excited that I could make a 'Page' and then have the pattern pop up. I have no idea how to make a PDF (which I always want to call a PFD, but that's a Personal Flotation Device. PDF?? Personal Document beFuddlement???) Sharon was all cool and computer nerdily talking about scanning and transforming a pattern into a PDF. I, on the other had, am totally befuddled.

I bought a new $40 Battery Recharger so Gilly gets $10 change for her pocket money. This new one can recharge the batteries in 15 minutes. A boon. I have two new Doctor Who books that are part of a ten book series. There are three more Tenth Doctor Books waiting for me at the Bookshop too.  I am taking advantage of the sunny break in the rainy day weather we are having to hang out the towels to dry, and it's almost time to start thinking about what to have for tea. Tomorrow Gilly can go for her very first  walk and I hope to write the five reports on books I promised to assess. No rest for the wicked.

Calico Easter Egg with Felt Applique


Once upon a time in a magazine far, far away there was a pattern for a dozen calico Easter Eggs with felt applique. I made MrsDrWho the whole dozen, and if I ask her nicely she might send me a photo of them to post here, as I don't have one. I do have the magazine. Somewhere. I knew where it was Pre-Gilly, but there was no hope of finding it quickly, so I decided to make my own egg this year. Oh, I found an egg from last year, one that had an accident with a green permanent marker.

Bunny Calico Egg

This year I made Calico Easter Eggs with a Lazy Daisy and bead applique on green and black felt. I have attempted to make a Pop up Page in the side bar with the actual pattern!!! When I printed it out it was the correct size, but a few mm here and there won't matter. You can use any embellishment or stitches you like.

You will need, for each egg:

  • a piece of calico 12 x 20cm
  • black felt  6 x 8cm
  • green felt 4 x 6cm
  • black embroidery thread
  • pink embroidery thread
  • ecru sewing thread
  • black beads and a pink one too if you like
  • 2 needles, one embroidery and one for sewing on the beads
  • scissors
  • pins
  • a sewing machine, but you can hand stitch the calico egg, it's quite small
  • wadding of some kind to fill the egg
  • a copy of the pattern. NB The calico pieces include a scant 6mm seam allowance.

I have made a collage to show the steps.

The Four Steps 

First Step: Print out the pattern and cut out the four pieces.  Pin and then cut out from the calico and felt.

Second Step: Embroider the Lazy Daisy using two strands of pink embroidery thread. Fill the centre with some tiny black and/or pink beads.  Use Blanket /Buttonhole stitch to attach the green felt to the black, using two strands of black thread, and then in the same way apply the black felt to the Calico Egg front.

Third Step: Using a scant 6mm seam, sew the two calico back pieces together at the centre back, remembering to leave a gap for turning as marked on the pattern. I used a 2mm stitch on my machine. Press the seam open. The scissors are purely for demonstrating the 'gap'.

Fourth Step: Place the Egg Front and Egg Back right sides together, pin and then sew a scant 6mm seam. (I used a contrasting colour so it showed up clearly) Carefully clip the curves and then trim. I clipped the seam on the right and then trimmed it, on the left. Turn the Egg inside out and stuff quite firmly with your chosen wadding. Whip stitch the opening closed with the ecru sewing thread.

And Voila!!! A Calico Easter Egg with Felt Applique!!!