Sticks and Specks
Shoe's The Boss??

Arrgghhh!!! (A note to follow sew) Tea!!!!!!!

That would be the nice hot cup of tea I spilled into, on, over, through (insert preposition of your own choice here) my very expensive computerised sewing machine. It went zzzzzzztttt. I turned it off and then every day I have turned it on using the safety power point thingy. Today the lights all lit up and the lighty writing was on the display but there was still no action. Thus I have been Little House on the Prairie sewing. I sewed the Wee Fat Boy's play quilt all by hand. Every single part. Of course I had help. The help went like this (starting at the top left and going across each row, left to right)

Quilt Help 

  1. Peri: Gilly's chewing a stick on the quilt. I am not, ergo, I am good.
  2. Gilly: This is a good stick, it has altitude.
  3. Gilly: This is a very good stick and I can hold it really well.
  4. Peri: Look, the puppy is on The Quilt. What are you doing about it???
  5. Everyone: Look, we're All on the quilt, take our picture quickly.

  6. Peri: Now the puppy is whispering things in my ear. She says I'm fat!!!!!

  7. Peri: Well I might as well lie here too.

  8. Gilly: This is such a good stick. I hope it lasts a long time.

  9. Peri: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Give me some of that stick Gilly.....

So here is the Baby You Can Drive My Car Play Quilt. It has cotton batting and I used embroidery thread to quilt around the road at every stop roundabout and across the strip of patterned fabric on the back as well. All by hand. A labour of love!!! The WFB (MrsDrWho's nephew) seemed to like it and drove farm vehicles around on it quite happily.

Baby You Can Drive My Car Quilt 

Almost the back of the quilt 

We had to cancel our picnic as we had, for that One Day, a terrible storm. There were still walks in the rain, but it was far too wet and wild for a picnic. We are taking a rain check!!

Gilly went to visit MrsDrWho's sister, niece and nephew. She was so excellently behaved and her lead is only on because George the Cat From Next Door wandered over to see what all the fuss was about and he didn't look 100% friendly. She didn't wee inside, she played very nicely: chasings and fetching the ball and eating treats. And The Demon Spawn Niece pretty much finished teaching Gilly to Ask with her Paw.  Mind you, I was so tired after all the excitiement I proceeded to sleep for almost eighteen hours!!

Wee Fat Boy and Gilly

I have finished knitting something that needed finishing and sewed, also by hand, two other things. I can't show any pictures yet.

I did, however, start a February Baby Sweater. I may be heretical, but I do think the pattern is quite poorly written and using 'pithy' to describe it does not excuse leaving out pertinent details like where and when to place the button holes- even though I read ahead it seemed very vague. I am using some lovely red 8ply (machine washable because you have to be sensible) that is lovely and soft and I needed to use 5mm needles to get the correct tension. This is how I found my knitting when I woke up this morning. I think it had been 'played with' while I was asleep.


Harki is hoppy but still happily getting on with life, Peri is wrangling Gilly, who pretty much rules the roost at the moment. Harki is lying near me giving little cries because she wants me to stop doing this and to go to bed. Last night I put her sheepskin on the bed to see if that would make her happy. It did not. I was breaking all kinds of bed and sheepskin demarcation rules and I was to stop it at once.

This afternoon I watched The Princess Bride. Now I know. Tomorrow I am going to watch it again. How could I have missed it? Inconceivable!!!

The weather is very Autumnal and so I sought out my hot water bottle. It is an ex-hot water bottle and so I have a new one and it has a handle!! You hold the handle whilst you fill it up with water. It is more the comforting thought of the hot water bottle that calls to me because after about five minutes I kick it out of the bed because I am too hot.

So I hope to have whipped up a FBS by the next time I blog. Wish me luck, I may need it!!!


Rose Red

The labradors are so helpful, aren't they! It is a fabulous quilt - great idea for a car-loving child!

I thought I was doing badly when I spilt a cup of coffee all over myself and my handbag (including inside my handbag...) at the hospital on Sunday, but you've topped me with your tea. Hope Mrs Fancypants Sewing Machine comes back to life soon.


the quilt is fabulous Cindy! what a clever idea. I too hope Mrs Fancypants recovers!!!


Goodness me! You have been busy. Heretical you may be, but I feel your pain! Hence the Spunk's jumper which is about to be no more. I am not a dumby, but I could not work out the instructions for a neckline!!


I loved the princess bride. Havent seen it for decades though.

ooooooh red..I knew it wasnt for you when I saw it.

I am so loving this weather!! Perfect for knitting.


Embarrassed to say I have never watched The Princess Bride all the way through. Should I?


So glad you finally saw The Princess Bride! I loved the movie so much, I named my son after one of the characters ;)


Cindy, I commented last night before Lara and it hasn't shown up yet. A bit about the machine and another suggestion about the FLS which, like you, I don't like. Gave you another link for what I think is a much better pattern.

I've commented twice before on your site, quite a long time ago and those comments didn't show either. Is this because of some mutual antipathy between blogs? LOL. I think you said you could read it, but nothing ever showed or can commenters not see their own comments? Just find it odd as Lara's comment is there but mine isn't and I commented earlier in the evening.

Have a look at Ysolda's Liesl jacket. http// A much better written pattern than FLS, nowhere near as many stitches on yolk, lots of variations suggested, lots of explanations and some clear charts if needed. I've made two, both for myself. I made the yokes plain, I don't need patterning to draw attention there and did feather and fan on one, and a peacock tail pattern on the other. Just worked out the increases and did the yolks in stocking stitch.


OK, I can see this one and I followed same procedure. Very odd.


im with you on the pattern thing, i hate it when they assume you know everything, or can read minds. FBS is so lovely tho, maybe its worth it. ah, the princess bride.... so funny!


Oh, I hope your sewing machine comes back to life!
I guess knitting does look very much like a fun toy. You will have to put it in one of your gorgeous project bags ;-)


aah - inconceivable - my very favourite film of all time (well - neck and neck with Ladyhawke)

This time tomorrow I shall be unemployed - I am so looking forward to it - perhaps I can make a dash to Launceston and visit you ad the puppies?

crafty things

Love the Princess Bride. The quilt looks terrific.


Oh boy, I hope the sewing machine can be fixed! Gilly sure is a delight. I'm glad Harki is enjoying her life as well. I just have to look at my Sam to know.
Sam just wants to kill the one and only sheep skin in our house. :o)

lynne s of oz

Inconceivable indeed! ROUSes. 'ello. my name is Inigo Montoya... Mawwiage! He is the Brute Squad!
DH says that the motors inside the sewing machine are quite high voltage and are very susceptible to damage by conductive liquids (ie water, tea, etc). The computer board probably wasn't damaged = mr happy smily face on the console but no go. Dunno if it would be cheaper to fix or buy a new one.
Your dogs are as helpful as cats, I see. Good luck with the FBS.


That quilt is so pretty!!! You did a terrific job!!! As for your sewing machine, I hope it can be fixed :(


Who can resist such cute helpers :)

I hope your sewing machine decides it just needs to dry out a bit more before working again.


Can you send them over to help me with my quilt, please?


I am overjoyed that at last you will know all about the R-O-U-Ses!!! I have loved that movie since childhood (well, late childhood if I'm being honest)
Your canine helpers are much better behaved than mine - if ever I go out with a rug and knitting, they proceed to wrestle all over the rug, the knitting, and as much of me as they can manage!
And I like the hot water bottle for its pre-warming qualities - after that it goes to the bottom of the bed :>


Sorry to hear about the sewing machine. How's this for odd - I watch The Princess Bride on the same day you did, without know it! Brace yourself as we enter, The Twilight Zone!!!!

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