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Calico Easter Egg with Felt Applique


Once upon a time in a magazine far, far away there was a pattern for a dozen calico Easter Eggs with felt applique. I made MrsDrWho the whole dozen, and if I ask her nicely she might send me a photo of them to post here, as I don't have one. I do have the magazine. Somewhere. I knew where it was Pre-Gilly, but there was no hope of finding it quickly, so I decided to make my own egg this year. Oh, I found an egg from last year, one that had an accident with a green permanent marker.

Bunny Calico Egg

This year I made Calico Easter Eggs with a Lazy Daisy and bead applique on green and black felt. I have attempted to make a Pop up Page in the side bar with the actual pattern!!! When I printed it out it was the correct size, but a few mm here and there won't matter. You can use any embellishment or stitches you like.

You will need, for each egg:

  • a piece of calico 12 x 20cm
  • black felt  6 x 8cm
  • green felt 4 x 6cm
  • black embroidery thread
  • pink embroidery thread
  • ecru sewing thread
  • black beads and a pink one too if you like
  • 2 needles, one embroidery and one for sewing on the beads
  • scissors
  • pins
  • a sewing machine, but you can hand stitch the calico egg, it's quite small
  • wadding of some kind to fill the egg
  • a copy of the pattern. NB The calico pieces include a scant 6mm seam allowance.

I have made a collage to show the steps.

The Four Steps 

First Step: Print out the pattern and cut out the four pieces.  Pin and then cut out from the calico and felt.

Second Step: Embroider the Lazy Daisy using two strands of pink embroidery thread. Fill the centre with some tiny black and/or pink beads.  Use Blanket /Buttonhole stitch to attach the green felt to the black, using two strands of black thread, and then in the same way apply the black felt to the Calico Egg front.

Third Step: Using a scant 6mm seam, sew the two calico back pieces together at the centre back, remembering to leave a gap for turning as marked on the pattern. I used a 2mm stitch on my machine. Press the seam open. The scissors are purely for demonstrating the 'gap'.

Fourth Step: Place the Egg Front and Egg Back right sides together, pin and then sew a scant 6mm seam. (I used a contrasting colour so it showed up clearly) Carefully clip the curves and then trim. I clipped the seam on the right and then trimmed it, on the left. Turn the Egg inside out and stuff quite firmly with your chosen wadding. Whip stitch the opening closed with the ecru sewing thread.

And Voila!!! A Calico Easter Egg with Felt Applique!!!




Rose Red

Sweeet! Thanks Cindy!

Easter Eggs

To play Easter egg hunt, one needs to have colored plastic eggs. The color of the easter eggs varies with the color of the surroundings in which the game is planned. Fill a beautiful Easter basket with colored eggs and the players can use this as the centerpiece. It’s also important to decorate the place with flower bouquets and create ample room to hide those Easter eggs.


That's very crafty! The only thing I do at Easter is color some eggs. My mom would love decorated eggs like that, she decoreates the whole house. My dad used to paint on blown out eggs, he's very good at it too.

Mel Goodsell

oooh that's so adorable, I really love it. The embroidered flower makes it so pretty (that bunny is very cute too!)

lynne s of oz

I have (or maybe had) a pair of those scissors! I liked them. I haven't seen them for a while - I'd love to know where scissors run off to. Maybe they are chasing the second socks, along with the tape measures, pens and other assorted bits and pieces that seem to disappear?


yours calico eggs are fabulous CIndy thank you!!


Very useful, and much more sustainable than those plastic, throw-away ones

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