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Iced Iced: Baby (De de de de de de der)

I went to a baby shower. (I'm singing the I went to a garden party song in my mind) You had to wear a necklace of pegs and if someone said 'Baby' you could steal their pegs. I managed to convince them that calling Gilly 'Baby' didn't really count, so I won that game!! I had to put a tiny disposable nappy on a doll whilst blindfolded. This is the first time I have ever put a nappy on anything. Ever. We blind taste tested baby food (Yuck) and Auntie Dutch made everyone a gorgeous brooch to take home.

Bir D

Mrs Electric is blooming!!

Blooming Lovely

We also puffy painted some baby singlets. Here is mine.


Here is the cute Bunny-ette. Click and you can go and find the pattern Rebecca wrote. I made i-cord ears because I am too lazy to knit 6 stitches in the round for any amount of rows.


Right, that's the baby part over. Autumn has arrived like Bruce Willis: with a vengeance. Huzzah!! I feel much happier and healthier when the weather is cold.

I went to MrsDrWho's class today for 90 minutes while the children made Iced Biscuit Faberge Eggs. Here is a small sample. Aren't they fabulous?? They had to make their design and then ice the Milk Arrowroot biscuit and use all the wonderful decorations to create their own Faberge Egg. There is now a wall of eggs in the bag area!!

Fabiscuit Eggs 

MrsDrWho heard that Dylan Moran would be here, in the Northern Capital, and thought we should go along to his performance. I pooh-poohed her idea. Maybe he would be too inappropriate I said. Well, this afternoon I was listening to the ABC, as I am wont to do, and the Drive Programme had a competition to win tickets to the sold out performance. You had to write the reply Bernard Black (from Black Books, the character Moran plays) would give to this question being asked by a customer: 'Could you please gift wrap this book for my mother?'

Here's what I wrote.

Scene: Bernard is sitting at his desk, usually dishevelled, wearing a black suit, white shirt and no tie. Or shoes. He is drinking red wine, and is in the process of opening another bottle whilst reading.
A customer comes to the desk. Tentatively.
Customer:' Excuse me, could you gift wrap this book for my mother?'
Bernard looks around, as if he is hearing voices. Is convinced he isn't, and returns to his book.
Customer:'Excuse me, could you please gift wrap this book for my mother?!'
Bernard looks up and accidentally catches the customer's eye and is forced to acknowledge her.
Bernard:'Manny? Manny! Come here. Quickly!!'
Manny runs from the back room where he has been polishing the wine glasses.
Bernard: 'Manny, this woman wants me to gift wrap her book.'
Manny shakes his head vigorously from side to side, hoping the customer notices, then hands Bernard another glass of wine.
Customer: "Please??'
Bernard:' We don't sell books anymore. Give that here. We're shut. Get out. Buy your mother a mewling cat you insane sycophant!!'
Manny follows the woman out: 'If you do buy a cat, I'd be happy to wrap it for you........'
Bernard races up to the door, pushes the woman out and slams the door shut. He turns the sign to Closed.Then with a flourish...
Bernard:'Right Manny, gift wrap this book for my mother!!!'

I did confess to MrsDrWho that I had had a reversal of thinking and she very kindly was amused!! So I think we are off on Wednesday night.

It is time for bed, again. I shall have to watch Spooks another time. Tonight I have already spooked Gilly by half closing the hidden-in-the-walls sliding doors between the dining and lounge rooms. It was a bit magic when strange 'walls' suddenly appeared. Harki and Peri are au fait with the doors and looked very superior and smug. Tomorrow I am having my hair cut. I may be some time.



Great scene! I loved Black Books (the woman in that is in The Archers and Green Wing) and Dylan Moran is so dry - humour-wise, not alcohol, obviously!

Sorry for the lack of comments recently, I'm still playing catch-up - stand by for a comment-blitz and a follow-up email (warn MrsDrWho as well!)


Oh I can see that on Black Books easily! Nice one Cindy!

Those eggs! Oh how lovely!

And we must have gone to the same baby shower! My sister's shower had EXACTLY those games!


I love the Black Books scene! You are clever. (Black Books used to make me laugh out loud ~ especially the Beardy episode.) Congratulations!
I also think the faux Faberge eggs are gorgeous! I can't believe the children didn't eat them ~ my students, who are little and impulsive, wouldn't have been able to help themselves.
Happy Easter. =]


Very Benrard - and very Manny!

Love the eggs and I can see you are already messing with baby Gilly's mind - well done!

Happy Easter to you all!


love the biscuit eggies!! so do the girls. sitting here looking at them.

the bunny baby hat is very cute too!!


I love the bunny! And that little brooch is darling. Give the pupsters a scritch for me!

Rose Red

Love the arrowroot faberges - what clever kids! And the bunny - fab, and the brooch is adorable. Oh my, so much to comment on in this post!! Lots of fun.


Well, playing catch-up has made me drool for pork chops, go outside to pat my dogs, look for toy-knitting books, and giggle at your exact mimicry of Black Books!!
Happy Easter Sunday - I hope you are treating yourself to some non-choc yums.


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