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See, I have been some time and there is a picture of half of my haircut at least.

On Wednesday night MrsDrWho and I rendezvoused (can you add an Australian word building ending to a French word??) outside The Albert Hall. It took almost an hour for the well behaved and sensibly lined up crowd to all file in. The organisers were not very organised. Thank goodness there were tickets for us at the door, I had worried about that. I had also googled and saw tickets on The Ebay selling for $255 a pair. You can imagine my horror when we were escorted to the very front row, the Very Front Row, just to the left of centre. It was fine, there were no Dame Edna moments and Dylan Moran was hilarious, thought provoking, funny, amusing and our faces hurt from laughing.

Here then in order from top left and going clockwise are pictures of the stage, the chocolate he was eating that he threw into the audience which the man next to us caught, the DVD, ticket and some 'actual' chocolate, me and the crowd leaving and finally my and MrsDrWho's feet in the front row!!!

Dylan Moran

You can just see the left side of my haircut and my top is green, not yellow.

It was all go on Wednesday: two walks, a chance meeting with a teacher I hadn't seen for more than fifteen years so I had to stop and say hello, Morning Tea with The GardyGardeners, a visit to my GP for my bi-monthly check up and a 'flu vaccination, a surprise visit from an older brother I have never met (it's a long story and one I shan't share as I haven't asked permission, but he has a green car!!) then Dylan Moran. Consequently on Thursday I slept for a total of 17/24 hours. Good thing The Labradors are trained to nap. Some of them nap with synchronicity:

Gilly See Harki, Gilly Do 

And some of them go to parties. As usual, the next door neighbours had a party on Good Friday and Peri always attends. She's there before they start at noon and pretty much stays there till it ends which can be 10pm or later.

Peri is a 12 Hour Party Person 

The neighbours very kindly hang a sign on the fence to ask their guests not to feed the dogs. I was thanking them for doing that, and right under our noses Gilly was pulling the sign through the fence and chewing it up!!!

Because I am hopelessly forgetful, I didn't take one photo for posterity when Katie 'Wired for Fibre' came to visit on Saturday. We were Secret Swap Pals in SP4 and we have been Internet friends and kept in touch ever since. I was so excited to meet her, she is so lovely and friendly and I am so glad to have met her. MrsDrWho spared her the dribbly dog hair horror of my car and picked her up and she came to meet The Labradors. They loved her!! Then we went to the Watergarden at the Casino and knitted and chatted with Suzi and Sandra and Cathy till the late afternoon. So here there should be lots of photos of Katie's feet and the beautiful blue cashmere Clapotis she was knitting and her Gathered Yoke sleeve. You will have to imagine them. It is her birthday too, so Happy Birthday Katie!! It is so lovely to be able to hear the voice of someone you know Internetally and to actually meet them is a joy!!! Thank you for coming to visit Katie!!! She was off to the south of the island to day so I hope someone there took some pictures!!

This afternoon I made a hen and an egg and a chick. I found the pattern here. Mine is yet to be enstuffened. I am also making a softie car. I left my knitting outside MrsDrWho's house along with The Labradors' and my Easter surprises. The Easter Bunny brought Fish Fingers to out house for Harki, Peri and Gilly and they had some with red salmon for their breakfast. Now they are all asleep. I have to watch the last half hour of Poirot: Appointment with Death with John Hannah and Tim Curry and then to bed, for tomorrow I see Monsters Vs Aliens (in 3D) with MrsDrWho and the Demon Spawn!!!

Which came first
Oops, she still needs some eyelashes and embroidery top stitching as well!!


Rose Red

How funny was it to see Tim Curry in Poirot?! A far cry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

Sounds like you've had a great time gadding about and meeting internetty friends and long lost siblings - lovely!


I was a bit disappointed with the Poiret one last night - sigh - there wasn't enough chance for him to be persnickety!

What a lovely (but tiring) week you have had - I do envy you Dylan Moran!


What a day!!

I was thinking of you at the Watergarden, but Saturday was my down day between a big birthday for Alex on Friday and a big Easter Sunday on Sunday. Today is another down day!


my goodness, how much you can pack in?! that's wonderful! Katie is a dear friend of mine, we live local to one another - I'm glad you got to meet her in person, she is very lovely ;) (and a dog person, so dog hair and drool would not faze her one bit!)

and that hen is delightful.


I love that dog nap photo!! They're so cute!! ^_^


I'm so glad you got to go to Dylan Moran I would of loved to have gone! My daughter and her boyfriend went and they loved him. very very cute chick with her baby and egg, does that mean she has another baby on the way in that egg????????


I too envy you the dylan moran event. I couldn't stay awake during spite of john hannah and tim curry.
Happy Easter!
those synchronised sleeping dogs are cuteness in canine form.


You met Katie! How lucky!

And Dylan. Ah Dylan. Did you feel like celebs being lead to the front?

Gilly is a naughty girl!


your puppy is growing! so cute, and i love the sewing you are doing, its adorable. hope you had a lovely chocolatey easter xx


I would have slept for 24 hours if I had a day like that! It must be so exciting meeting Katie, an blogging friend. All my blogging friends are so nice & I will like a chance to meet up with them.


You have been busy! How exciting to meet a new/old brother (of course he has a green car), and an internet friend. I'm glad you had a lovely time. :-)


Wow front row near centre - how marvellous!


I went to the Dylan Moran concert, and loved it. But WE were led to almost the back of the hall, and could barely make out it was a guy on the stage, but we heard him okay. I'd always pronounced his name with the emphasis on the a, and was curious to hear his name announced with the emphasis on the o. Isn't a good laugh a great tonic.

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