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She Loves You Chair, Chair, Chair.

Ta! (Half of a Ta da!!) because I finished knitting the February Baby Cardigan. At last. All I need to do now is somehow remove all the Labrador hair and find three matching buttons: Then it can be Ta da!!! Now I am deciding what to knit next for the Baby Electric. I am considering Presto Chango, but any other ideas?? Is there currently a Baby outfit knitting bandwagon????


Here's a partial picture of one of my new green arm chairs. Thank you Mr and Mrs Macau, I love my new chairs!!! In the chair is Gilly. Gilly had taken to sleeping in the green washing basket so I took the fabric out and put her blanket in instead. But this is what I found her doing. Obviously I was doing it wrong!! Lorelai Gilmore loves the chairs as they give her unfettered access to Things High Up. She is Queen of All She Surveys. Neither Harki or Peri are enamoured of the slippy chairs. They prefer their rugs and the couch.

Gilly's Chair 

Chair Me Up

Harki and Peri decided they would like to go for a walk around the Picnic area at the dam. They must have enjoyed themselves very much last weekend. The weather is still lovely: lots of crisp sunny mornings and then warm days. The evenings are drawing in, but it doesn't feel like Winter.

Good Day Sunshine 

I am not sure when Winter begins. Officially it starts on June 1st, that's Monday, but I rather think it begins on the Winter Solstice, 20-22 June. One of my favourite sayings is "As the days get longer the cold grows stronger". This is when we get our icy frosts and snow on the mountains, our way below zero nights and the cold windy days.  But while the Sun shines we are making hay!! I accidentally took a photo (like any others I take have a well thought out composition and are on purpose) of Harki shaking her head.  She is very tired by the end of the day now so I'm taking every photo I can.

Shake it up baby 

Lately I was in Snailblazer's Swap. You made ten of the same thing, posted them off enclosing another postage bag, and 32 other people did the same thing. Cass then did a whole lot of sorting and sent everyone back ten assorted handmade things This week I received my parcel. It was like Christmas!!!!!

Like Christmas, but not 

In no particular order because how could I choose?? Everything is just so lovely: a mini patchwork scarfhandmade soap, a hair-clip and brooch, a drawstring bag, a knitted wash cloth, a sock owl, a fabric basket, a loyalty card wallet, a crocheted beanie and an apron!!

I sent some wristlets made from sought for recycled denim, vintage pillow cases for lining, ten of my 166 zips, and I did buy some patchwork fabric to make the Suffolk puffs and the strips.

Denim Wristlets 

Gilly is off to The Vet in an hour or so for her last vaccinations. She is losing her baby teeth, I found some Big Girl teeth this morning and she is less nippy than usual. I hope she doesn't have a poorly mouth. I made White Chocolate and Passionfruit muffins for the Doctors and Nurses at The Animal Hospital!!The school holidays have just started so I must rest up, because I will be able to see all my friends. We've already planned some lunches, morning teas and dinners!!! Oh and Doctor Who is on ABC1 at 7-30pm this Sunday: Huzzah!!! Oh and Hello To Bella The Black Labrador and Bella's Mum: see you Tuesday for lunch!!!

Fifteen Minutes Later: I have moved from The Bloglines to The Google Reader. I have done this twice. Once late last year apparently and then last week. Anyhooo, because I had accumulated more feeds since then, it was easier to re-import my feeds than to laboriously re-subscribe to the forty new ones. Consequently I lost some peoples' posts in The Ether. So if I haven't commented recently, I'm sorry, that's why!!!

The Wild Lunch

Actually, there was surprisingly little wildness at our Picnic Lunch today. There was a little extra wrangling to get The Labradors in the car but then we were away and proceeding very decorously. We had planned a picnic for just after the New Year but things had happened, and then it rained torrentially, but today was the day!! We met Darkside of Knitting, Lark81(Rav)and Mamaaquarius(Rav)at the dam. Harki and Peri were allowed to run about free while we chatted and unpacked lunch: homemade savoury muffins, chicken wings, dip, cheese, crackers and little lemon tartlets. The Labradors had special presents of cheese biscuits and other treats. Gilly had to be tied up on two leads' worth of length because she is not trustworthy yet. I know Harki is good, but Peri was such a extra good girl too. There was no leaping or running away though she did roll in you-don't-want-to-know-what.

Picnic Pups

Other people arrived after about an hour so The Labradors had to be tied up and thus began the endless tipping over of the water dish!! Everyone went for walks on their leads with the guests and were such good girls. We were at our picnic for about two and a half hours and then we all said a fond farewell and The Labradors and I came home for a very big nap. What a lovely day!!!

The Wild Lunch Labs 

Way away back there was a special Imaginary  Internet Friend visit: It was Rose Red!!  It is exceedingly wonderful to meet someone and have your expectations met, and surpassed. It was very exciting and we had some morning tea and knitting with Darkside of Knitting and Mamaaquarius and then a quick trip to Knits, Needles and Woo. TinkingBell sent me some very lovely Paw fabric and Rose Red gave me some cute green buttons which I think I shall wear on my vest. A perfectly lovely day!!!


Lovely gifts 

What else?? I made a Cupcake bag for a friend. I didn't have a pattern so I 'created' it. The top is cupcake fabric and has tiny dotty gold sprinkles and I lined it with the same fabric. The stripy bottom part is quilted with paper case lines . My favourite part is the 'cherry' zip pull.

  Cupcake bag            

There is no February Baby Cardi news because I haven't finished it yet and I must tidy up all the fiddly parts before I next post. One last picture though, of the wonderful re-usable signs a local market has been using to advertise on Saturdays. These were tied on the poles of the traffic lights around town.

Enviro Sign 

Oh I have a Labrador story. Yesterday I had a headache and so I stayed in bed. Gilly thought that lying with a face cloth over my eyes meant I was up for an endless game of Ahhh Boo!! Suddenly Peri leaped on me and insisted I wake up. I could hear Gilly crying a little but I couldn't see her. I looked under the bed, even knowing she wouldn't fit there anymore, and she wasn't in the fabric cane chests with the lid shut. I went into the hall and she wasn't there. That would be because she had climbed up and jumped out the bedroom window onto the verandah and she wanted to come back in!! What a clever girl Peri is : a Lassie moment someone said to me. Now Gilly has to keep checking the window. Just in case!!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitties

I like my Walter Mitties. They were short and sweet to make: an evening each. These are my Dog Walking mittens and they are just plain BSODL(tm) 8ply. They are not pretty, the top shaping is just 2 rows of K2togs and then it is all gathered in. They are utilitarian rather than fashionable.They are different sizes. The left is 6 rows longer than the right. I think if I make the shorter one longer I can get away without a button: I did wonder how you would undo the buttons if both your hands were still encased?? I Test Wore them today even though it wasn't cold enough and they went gangbusters!!

Walter Mitties 

The top version is longer and seems to stay together quite well. The bottom one? Not so much....

Open shut them give a little clap 

I haven't been so gangbusters myself.  One of the drugs I've started taking again gave me boogelly side effects. Last time I didn't have any. This time I had swollen gums, mouth ulcers, nausea, painful and swollen joints, muscles and soft tissue and to top it all off, fatigue!! How ironic is that?? My other numbers were excellent but I still needed to sleep for seventeen hours on several occasions. Luckily it's not a vital drug and so I had a little rest from it and I am taking it again in the evening and only one or two tablets instead of four. My specialist is very nice and he lets me decide for myself. I was going so well, and then I got all apathetic and couldn't enthuse myself enough to blog. I HAVE answered all my comments. (I hope) Thank you for your lovely kind words!!

Here are The Labradors, all settled in for the evening and having a lovely sleep. It is a couch full of Love. I am very lucky that MrsDrWho's family entrusted some new green comfy armchairs to me and so I have somewhere to sit when The Labradors take over. Auntie and Uncle Dutch and Uncle Electric brought the chairs and Uncle Electric took Mrs FancyPants the sewing machine away with him to play with and see if it might work. I hold out no hope: not that I don't have the utmost confidence in him, but I fear the Power of A Cup of Tea might defeat even his skills.

My Three Girls 

Peri, Gilly and Harki look after me very well, even if sometimes the lounge room looks like The Godfather III. Well, the horses were only $1-50 each!!

Horses for courses 

Consequently not much has been happening. MrsDrWho and I saw Star Trek. Twice. The first time at 4pm on the first day with only four other people in the cinema. Fantastic. The second time on the next Monday night where the whole row behind us not only talked all the time, but had every crinkly and crushy paper encased food known to man. And they crinkled and crushed their way through the entire film. We were glad we had seen it in peace the first time. I loved it, it was fabulous and wonderful and amusing and everything a film should be. In fact I would go so far as to say the best Trek film. I am so brave, but hey, you have to move with the times: I give you Doctor Who as evidence.

I met my Imaginary Internet Friend but I am not going to write about it until she does, it only seems fair.

Finally, MrsDrWho and I reverted to about age sixteen and there were more elbows than in a whole season of Friends and more squeals than a piglet party when we watched Captain Tightpants in Castle. Oh my, it was good, kind of Moonlighting meets Remington Steele meets, oh according to the information, meets The Rockford Files. We even refrained from watching it on Sunday night and I went to MrsDrWho's for tea on Monday and we watched it. Twice.

So, I am laying paving stones on the road to Hell and will be back to post again soon!!

I'm Just Wild About (Dr) Harry

I can't contain myself, I have to be slightly cross about a few things:

  • I usually buy Supercoat Lite and Mature dry food as part of Harki and Peri's diet. It is from Purina and Dr Harry is the 'face ' of the food. Recently the food was disappearing from the shelves but it returned last week with a big 'NEW' sticker on the front of the pack. Oh and instead of being 4kg, it is 3.5kg for exactly the same price in really tiny letters. That's what's 'NEW'. I was really cross because I felt they were tricking the consumer, they were being deceptive and sneaky. A beer company, Cascade, did the same thing with their small bottles of beer and all hell broke loose. You can't trifle with beer drinkers. I emailed them to say I felt cross and I suggested they should have had an information campaign that went something like this- Times are hard, and though we've been absorbing the rising cost of the quality ingredients we use to make our dog food, we must now pass some of the cost to you. But we know your dog deserves the best. Your dog is worth it. They emailed back, having read but not understood, and repeated my words back to me as if it was all their idea. The cost difference is only about $1.92 per 4kg bag but that's not the point. I am having a little boycott all by myself and when I see Dr Harry on Better Homes and Gardens it just rubs salt into the wound.
  • Mrs FancyPants, AKA my sewing machine that I spilled a cup of tea into, is officially dead. She's dead Dave.  I rang my insurance company to see if I was covered. I am not. The reason you ask?? Because I am a loyal customer. I have had my insurance with them for so many years and the Accidental Damage(??) Insurance wasn't available way back when, and they never thought to ask if I would like to have some. The kicker was when the consultant on the phone wanted to tell me how much I would have received if I did have the insurance. Salt into another wound!!!
  • Microsoft: Upon investigation it seems my inability to view YouTube videos on my blog and elsehwere suspiciously started at the same time the lastest Microsoft patch failed to install. And has continuued failing to install every day ever since.

OK, I needed to get that off my chest. And I shouldn't be feeling cross because last week we had the most excellent seminar about surviving illness. It was lead by a wonderful psychologist and she really made us all think and I came out feeling topped up with lots of positives and lunch!! My new drugs, well old drugs started afresh, are making me feel a little boogelly in the stomach, weirdly tired and I have mouth ulcers. I can't resist touching them with my tongue just to check if they are still there and ouchy. They are. (Yes, I am the same person who put her hand under the ironing board to see if the steam from the iron went through, and this wasn't when I was small! It does by the way)

It is difficult to photograph red, but I have done it nevertheless. The FBC is finished but I am not too happy. The sleeves look a bit skew-wiff. I am not sure why, well I think I know: I couldn't bear the pattern not to be symmetrical so I cast on 9 stitches at one side of the sleeve and 5 at the other. In such a small item it made a big difference. I shall be unravelling the sleeves and re-knitting them: asymmetrically.

FBC almost

I've managed to snap a few pictures of all The Labradors together. Gilly is getting so big. She's a doglet now, no longer cute and round but sort of all arms, legs and nose. We are all working on 'No, don't bite' at the moment. She doesn't hurt, but she's Nippy Norah. Harki was never nippy but Peri was like a shark or a snapping crocodile and she'd give you tiny nips with her very front teeth.

All My Current Children

In this collage you can see Gilly. Today when I went outside I found she had knocked/pushed/dug underneath like a Sapper so that two rocks had fallen down from the edge. She is very determined. In the middle picture on the first row she is having a bit of a bark. I stand at the ready to catch her in case she leaps off, but she hasn't yet.

Gilly Gumnut

Tomorrow is taken up with medical stuff again but on Thursday I am meeting someone I only know internetally, in Real Life!!!! How lucky am I??? Then in the afternoon I am going to see the new Star Trek film with MrsDrWho and on Friday my sister is visiting. She and her husband are Agfest-ing and they are coming North.

I have been doing some other craft that I couldn't post about, but my Sci-Fi Swap partner has received her parcel so I can. She desired some bags, so first is The Dalek Pouch. I used some old denim and I embroidered a Dalek on the front. I used the pattern from the Meet Me At Mike's book.

Dalek Pouch 

And then The SciFi Drawstring Bag. I laminated some appropriate pictures and enclosed them in some fabric and made six loops. It buttons on, and off, for washing purposes!! I am most pleased with it. My partner likes orange and turquoise/teal colours.

SciFi Bag 

And finally The Star Trek Logo Bag (you have to squint a bit)

Star Trek Logo Bag 

Well I am feast or famine lately with my blogging. I've been quite unable to motivate myself to do very much. I think Gilly wears me out and I have two walks to do with The Labradors as well. They are fast asleep, so I shall wake them up and we'll  go up to The Forbidden Zone before we all go to bed to sleep, perchance to dream!!