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She Loves You Chair, Chair, Chair.

Ta! (Half of a Ta da!!) because I finished knitting the February Baby Cardigan. At last. All I need to do now is somehow remove all the Labrador hair and find three matching buttons: Then it can be Ta da!!! Now I am deciding what to knit next for the Baby Electric. I am considering Presto Chango, but any other ideas?? Is there currently a Baby outfit knitting bandwagon????


Here's a partial picture of one of my new green arm chairs. Thank you Mr and Mrs Macau, I love my new chairs!!! In the chair is Gilly. Gilly had taken to sleeping in the green washing basket so I took the fabric out and put her blanket in instead. But this is what I found her doing. Obviously I was doing it wrong!! Lorelai Gilmore loves the chairs as they give her unfettered access to Things High Up. She is Queen of All She Surveys. Neither Harki or Peri are enamoured of the slippy chairs. They prefer their rugs and the couch.

Gilly's Chair 

Chair Me Up

Harki and Peri decided they would like to go for a walk around the Picnic area at the dam. They must have enjoyed themselves very much last weekend. The weather is still lovely: lots of crisp sunny mornings and then warm days. The evenings are drawing in, but it doesn't feel like Winter.

Good Day Sunshine 

I am not sure when Winter begins. Officially it starts on June 1st, that's Monday, but I rather think it begins on the Winter Solstice, 20-22 June. One of my favourite sayings is "As the days get longer the cold grows stronger". This is when we get our icy frosts and snow on the mountains, our way below zero nights and the cold windy days.  But while the Sun shines we are making hay!! I accidentally took a photo (like any others I take have a well thought out composition and are on purpose) of Harki shaking her head.  She is very tired by the end of the day now so I'm taking every photo I can.

Shake it up baby 

Lately I was in Snailblazer's Swap. You made ten of the same thing, posted them off enclosing another postage bag, and 32 other people did the same thing. Cass then did a whole lot of sorting and sent everyone back ten assorted handmade things This week I received my parcel. It was like Christmas!!!!!

Like Christmas, but not 

In no particular order because how could I choose?? Everything is just so lovely: a mini patchwork scarfhandmade soap, a hair-clip and brooch, a drawstring bag, a knitted wash cloth, a sock owl, a fabric basket, a loyalty card wallet, a crocheted beanie and an apron!!

I sent some wristlets made from sought for recycled denim, vintage pillow cases for lining, ten of my 166 zips, and I did buy some patchwork fabric to make the Suffolk puffs and the strips.

Denim Wristlets 

Gilly is off to The Vet in an hour or so for her last vaccinations. She is losing her baby teeth, I found some Big Girl teeth this morning and she is less nippy than usual. I hope she doesn't have a poorly mouth. I made White Chocolate and Passionfruit muffins for the Doctors and Nurses at The Animal Hospital!!The school holidays have just started so I must rest up, because I will be able to see all my friends. We've already planned some lunches, morning teas and dinners!!! Oh and Doctor Who is on ABC1 at 7-30pm this Sunday: Huzzah!!! Oh and Hello To Bella The Black Labrador and Bella's Mum: see you Tuesday for lunch!!!

Fifteen Minutes Later: I have moved from The Bloglines to The Google Reader. I have done this twice. Once late last year apparently and then last week. Anyhooo, because I had accumulated more feeds since then, it was easier to re-import my feeds than to laboriously re-subscribe to the forty new ones. Consequently I lost some peoples' posts in The Ether. So if I haven't commented recently, I'm sorry, that's why!!!



I rather liked the look of that sideways ribbed baby jacket in the Winter issue of Family Circle (oh my didn't it have some lovely recipes to boot?).

The picnic was fab, it was very exciting and I haven't been on one in forever! It was lovely to see all the girls.

I love the swap collection, truly a bit of everything! Very exciting.


oh it's lovely Cindy. Isn't it a cute little pattern? I would heartily recommend any of the seamless baby kimono style tops that are around. The one I did was lovely but there are others.

i'm with you on the winter solstice. I think that's the official start date, too. 1 June isn't right.


the baby jacket is adorable!!! and how wonderful to get all those handmade goodies in the mail, what a great idea for a swap

Rose Red

I moved to The Google Reader recently. I think I like it better than The Bloglines (although it has some benefits over TGR but anyway).

Love that swap idea - how very cool. And the Feb Baby Sweater is wonderful (of course!). Maybe the next one is the Baby Surprise Jacket?


What a beautiful cardigan ~ I love its pretty pink colour and its laciness. I think your swap goodies are really fabulous too. Lucky you!
Hurray for school holidays ~ especially ladies' lunches. I hope you have a wonderful time. (We don't start for another five weeks.)
...and please give your lovely labradors a pat from me with special love to Harki.

Claire - Craft Schmaft

The baby sweater is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the wristlet, it's a fabulous part of the best swap ever.

lynne s of oz

What a great swap!
Gilly is getting big - she is starting to grow into her legs and paws but it looks like she has a ways to go yet :-)
I love those crisp mornings where everything feels a bit brrr and the light feels like it could break into a thousand shards.


great swap parcel - such treats! It would indeed feel like Christmas opening that up.

I'm with you, about Winter solstice heralding the "true" start of Winter (although 1st of June always sees me mentally collating my heavier woollens and working them into daily wardrobe rotation!)


What a fantastic collection of goodies in that swap, and a great idea!

I agree with you about the Solstices, that's really when the weather seems to properly change season.

Very cute cardy, and pats for all your doggies, and sniff sniff licklick from Petal :)


The baby cardi is so cute. The swap sounds fun & those handmade stuff are really gorgeous. It has been very dry & cool here - not much rain & still cool. Hope the rain comes soon as I am looking forward to more cold & wet days.

crafty things

The baby cardi looks great. Yup - I can feel winter closing in.


Cute little baby cardi!

Gilly does look like trouble waiting to happen, doesn't she?!

What a great swap to have been in and you got ten wonderful items!

And hurrah for coming over to The Google Reader :)


Gilly has grown so quickly! there's a fantastic TV show called Pushing Daisies (Austar) but I think it's going to come out on DVD soon.

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