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The Wild Lunch

Actually, there was surprisingly little wildness at our Picnic Lunch today. There was a little extra wrangling to get The Labradors in the car but then we were away and proceeding very decorously. We had planned a picnic for just after the New Year but things had happened, and then it rained torrentially, but today was the day!! We met Darkside of Knitting, Lark81(Rav)and Mamaaquarius(Rav)at the dam. Harki and Peri were allowed to run about free while we chatted and unpacked lunch: homemade savoury muffins, chicken wings, dip, cheese, crackers and little lemon tartlets. The Labradors had special presents of cheese biscuits and other treats. Gilly had to be tied up on two leads' worth of length because she is not trustworthy yet. I know Harki is good, but Peri was such a extra good girl too. There was no leaping or running away though she did roll in you-don't-want-to-know-what.

Picnic Pups

Other people arrived after about an hour so The Labradors had to be tied up and thus began the endless tipping over of the water dish!! Everyone went for walks on their leads with the guests and were such good girls. We were at our picnic for about two and a half hours and then we all said a fond farewell and The Labradors and I came home for a very big nap. What a lovely day!!!

The Wild Lunch Labs 

Way away back there was a special Imaginary  Internet Friend visit: It was Rose Red!!  It is exceedingly wonderful to meet someone and have your expectations met, and surpassed. It was very exciting and we had some morning tea and knitting with Darkside of Knitting and Mamaaquarius and then a quick trip to Knits, Needles and Woo. TinkingBell sent me some very lovely Paw fabric and Rose Red gave me some cute green buttons which I think I shall wear on my vest. A perfectly lovely day!!!


Lovely gifts 

What else?? I made a Cupcake bag for a friend. I didn't have a pattern so I 'created' it. The top is cupcake fabric and has tiny dotty gold sprinkles and I lined it with the same fabric. The stripy bottom part is quilted with paper case lines . My favourite part is the 'cherry' zip pull.

  Cupcake bag            

There is no February Baby Cardi news because I haven't finished it yet and I must tidy up all the fiddly parts before I next post. One last picture though, of the wonderful re-usable signs a local market has been using to advertise on Saturdays. These were tied on the poles of the traffic lights around town.

Enviro Sign 

Oh I have a Labrador story. Yesterday I had a headache and so I stayed in bed. Gilly thought that lying with a face cloth over my eyes meant I was up for an endless game of Ahhh Boo!! Suddenly Peri leaped on me and insisted I wake up. I could hear Gilly crying a little but I couldn't see her. I looked under the bed, even knowing she wouldn't fit there anymore, and she wasn't in the fabric cane chests with the lid shut. I went into the hall and she wasn't there. That would be because she had climbed up and jumped out the bedroom window onto the verandah and she wanted to come back in!! What a clever girl Peri is : a Lassie moment someone said to me. Now Gilly has to keep checking the window. Just in case!!



I'm loving those green buttons.


Wow, my friend Sue made those buttons! How cool is that?!?!

dr k

i have heard all about the lovely time that was had with imaginary internet friends and am GREEN with envy :) that gilly, she is so cute, and lucky to have such smart sisters!!


So pleased you liked the paws - I saw it and I knew it had to be yours - what a wonderful sister Peri is - looking after little Gillyflower that way - and it sounds like a lovely picnic food, friends and dogs - the best sort!

Rose Red

Glad the picnic came off without a hitch. I've decided that rain would be so much better if it only happened while we are asleep. Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn't seem to agree!!

It was so lovely to meet you!!

Mel Goodsell

That's a really cute photo of the doggies together. The fabric is pretty cute too!


Hey Cindy, hope the headache has gone away now :) Glad to hear the picnic went well!!! Momo and Coco would surely run amok!!!


RoseRed is particularly good at surpassing expectations, isn't she? I'm so glad you guys got to meet up. How utterly lovely.

That cupcake bag! What a treat! It made me smile.


Good morning Cindy, just a quick hello from the South!
Those three labs of yours on the sofa is such a wonderful photo. Have to show it to my brother!
The picnic sounded like fun!
The cup cake bag looks very cute!!
Now off the computer and into the studio for me!!



Looks like you have been having fun. You are so creative in your sewing - making a cup cake bag. I will never figure it out.

crafty things

Gorgeous buttons and great looking cupcake bag.


Cindy I cracked up laughing over your escape artist story of Gilly! You do realize that she'll probably have the memory of an elephant....& when you least expect it....her little tail will disappear out that window again. Hope she knows how to 'come here Gilly Gilly' LOL If she's anything like Daisy, unless that command has a liver treat on the end of it, you can forget it!!
Have fun guarding that window!! :D


Great pics showing the labrador lean..Saffy does that..almost never sits straight! Also love that pic from previous post of the tired labs all sleeping together!


your cupcake bag is fabulous Cindy!! clever you!! I love your mittens too! Can't wait for Dr Who this weekend!!!! and I have just watched the whole of series one of Torchwood in 2 sittings!!! I love it but why does it have to be so gorey compared to Dr Who, don't like those bits

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