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Brooch Back Mountain

Yes, take some buttons, findings, beads, delicious nibbles and wine and this is what four women can make in three hours!!

Brooch the subject

I think we need to work on our technique a bit!!!

Today Lorelai Gilmore went to The Vet. She trotted off happily into the surgery area without a backward glance at 8-15am. At home, no other Labradors were particularly worried. They were a bit happy about being able to do things unencumbered by a puppy.

Brave Gilly at the vet

Harki did look in the hall, but Peri was devil may care.

Devil may care Labradors

At 2-15pm I collected Gilly, a little sad and sorry and very amusing because she had one of those Anti-Stitch-Chewing collars on and she kept falling into it. I know it's wrong to laugh at her misfortune, but I couldn't help it. She came home and after a little weird wandering about and sleeping in the chair, she finally went to bed and has been there ever since. She got to eat some tea in bed. Dr Rob said she was ever so well behaved and such a good girl. Peri is looking after her. (god help us all!!!)

Home at last

I made a TARDIS tissue box cover for MrsDrWho. I saw one on the internet and was inspired. It is quite good I think. Even if I do say so myself. I did line it with circly material that looks like the inside of the TARDIS. I forgot to take a picture of that!!

TARDIS at rest 

TARDIS, lateral view

There is knitting: first of all my Notro Striped Scarf. It's not Noro but it uses the pattern, it's some Baby Shepherd 4ply and some anonymous 8ply. Despite the different wool ply they go together well and the rib makes it very luscious,cushiony and soft and it does look like stocking stitch on both sides and it doesn't roll!! I am knitting this for Mrs GardyGardener, for her birthday.

Nono Nanette

Then there is this: It can go up stairs. It can fly. It can be made from a Kaled!!!

Who can it be now

Things to keep me occupied whilst we are, perforce, trapped at home whilst The Patient recuperates. I think I am almost, but not quite, caught up with my blog reading and comment replying. Hurrah!!!

Our local newspaper is running a Winter performance/happening  promotion. If you enter you go into The Drawer. I have decided not to enter as I don't fancy being in a drawer!!!

All In All It's Just A-nother Hole In The Hall

There has been tiredness and an enormous amount of napping, along with a fair bit of dining out, hence the lack of posting. Gilly is very big now, she is off to The Hospital to be desexed on Monday,and the Nurse at the Vet asked about my pet. She was new and didn't understand so I had to explain: 'My animal companion'. Just to let me know she is a teenager, Lorelai Gilmore dug a hole in the wall in the hall. The house is lath and plaster so once you make a tiny hole, it just pours out. That's the back of the kitchen wall you can see through the opening.

Pink Fit Floyd Hole

I have shored it up with the plastic cover of a display book and masking tape and my Secret Weapon: a bottle of lemon juice perched on a box in front of the hole. It has worked well so far. It is not unusual: Tori the Crippled Labrador ate part of the stucco wall outside the laundry and Peri dug a smaller hole in the kitchen wall. Oh the joys of Labrador puppies!!! Harki didn't eat the house at all. I tell them I will send Gilly back to The Farm, but I never would, it's too late. I already love her. She is such a good girl when we go for a walk: before I open the car door near the highway I tell her to sit and wait. She barks crossly at me, but she doesn't move until I have a secure hold on her lead and I tell her it is OK to jump out.

Miss Uppity Gilly

Baby Electric has been born, she is well and so are her parents. She came into the world in the unusual way. I have visited once and I hope to visit again now her mum is at home feeling a bit more comfortable and can perhaps sit in a chair!! Baby Electric was 9lb 2oz (I saw someone write the other day 7pds. I expect they are young and post SI) and has a head of dark hair and a soft cry. I made her matching bloomers and bib and finished the February (June) Baby Cardigan. She has lots of things that fit her now, so I am going to make her some knitted things for when she is a little older.

Baby Bib and Bloomers

Harki and Peri are still jumping with great delight into the cold water creek, though the days are not too cold, we had 16*C on Monday. I think the earth is cool now, and even though the days are longer and sunlight stronger, it takes about a month from the Winter Solstice for the cooling to stop and the warming to start. Anyway, they love the cold weather and smile a lot!!!

Harki and Peri at the bush gate

It has been MrsDrWho's Birthday, hence the dining out, and here is the Bite Me hat from Knitty I knitted for her. It kind of matches her new ammonite jewellery!!

Bite Me Hat 

I had my hair cut today and I have a newish style that is kind of Suzi Quatro meets Early Jane Fonda, but in a 2009 way. I'll see if I can take a picture tomorrow. I'll also try and remember to take a picture of MrsDrWho's tissue box cover. I made it and I am pleased as punch with!!

We Are Living In A Material World And Iron a Material Girl

My mum and my aunt: they came, they saw, they wore me out, they left!!! Anticipation is usually much worse then the actual thing for me, so it all went very well. We shopped, we lunched and we chatted. It was all very nice indeed. I am tasked with several internetty jobs and I am the recipient of a very early birthday present!! Peri and Gilly have knocked my iron off the ironing board twice recently: it suffered a broken water stopper thingy and it started making boogelly brown drips on my ironing. And so, I give you The Iron Chief!!!!

Iron Chief 

It isn't green and there was a green iron for $50 , but this one has automatic Turn Off. I like that, it means I don't have to worry endlessly about turning off the iron. This was $100, reduced to $55 on super special.  It's lovely!! I have ironed with it and it has a teflon base, a nice pointy point for zippily ironing around buttons and a little dipstick that descales so you can use ordinary tap water.

The Labradors have felt a little neglected. I was so tired I couldn't sleep. I was overtired, and then this morning I didn't properly wake up till after 11am. Still, they all went for a walk yesterday. Harki and Peri went to the dam and in the frosty mitten-wearing weather played in the creek.

Harki's high jump

Peri and the frond

Gilly loves her Big Girl walks and trots along beside me so happily. I tell her she is a good girl when she is at my side and she looks up at me with her gorgeous eyes.

Birdies wouldn't melt in Gilly's mouth

I think Peri and Gilly have a Secret Cooking Stash. Yesterday Gilly had a bottle of peppermint essence (it was still tightly capped) and Peri had a 1/2 cup measure. Today Gilly had a star cutter and Peri had a packet of patty pan cases. They have been up near the big gate fossicking around and I wonder if Peri stole a bag of Christmas cooking leftovers I'd bought home from MrsDrWho's class last year???

MrsDrWho is Capability Brown and has been very creative in her garden and she has renovated and improved The Cateau. She has also been injuring herself as have I. Tonight I opened the cling wrap on the pyrex bowl I was using to microwave rice and extremely hot steam escaped and burned my hand. I have been soaking it in cold water. The Labradors have taken every opportunity to drink from the bowl of icy water and I have managed to tip it over. Twice. I have a wet face cloth in a zip lock bag in the freezer ready to go and some nice Lygnocaine infused ointment which also helps.

I have knitted. I knitted A Whole Smallish Thing in less than 24 hours. I started last night and finished this afternoon. I knitted while I commented on blog posts and watched TV. I had a minuscule amount of wool left over. Very lucky. I loved the pattern it was easy and fun. It is for MrsDrWho's birthday, so I can't make a clicky link. Yet.

Bite Me

Tomorrow I am making lemon, lemon curd cupcakes with lemon syrup, which I hope will be lemony enough for MrsDrWho's dad.  We will watch some more Babylon 5. It is the last day of the school holidays. That means I can have a rest now!!!!

Sunday 14th June is World Blood Donor Day. Thank you. Without you I would not be here, so thank you to the 79 people who took the time to donate for me and thanks to the 499,921 other Australians and people all over the world.

You Say Goodbye & I Say HairLow, HairLow, HairLow

I don't know why you say goodbye I say Hair-Low.

My fringe was too long, despite assurances that it looked fine, it was too long for me. I'd managed to poke myself in the eye with my fringe too many times this week. So I popped into Mr SweenyTodd's salon to make a booking for a haircut in a fortnight and I asked if it was possible that someone might, this week, cut my fringe for me?? Mr SweenyTodd himself did it right there and then at no cost (other than having to endure my chatty ramblings for a few minutes). The millimetres he trimmed made all the difference and I can see: Hair-High!!

Here is a project I am working on. I have FizzleFixed red things to the back of this black drill but I needed some red Puffy/3D paint. You know, the kind that seals edges and then dries plasticky and puffs up a little over 24 hours?? Of course, The BlackSpot of Doomlight(tm) only had one exploded bottle and the Craft Counter was closed and no-one else in the shop could (be bothered) to help me. Luckily MrsDrWho has a craft cupboard and she has about 4 different reds for me to choose from: Thanks MrsDrWho!!

Sunburned penguin

MrsDrWho and I lunched and then shopped with a vengeance today. I bought a new top to match my teal jeans. Have I said how I thought I had no jeans and then found eight green pairs in the bottom draw of the tall chest of drawers??? I bought some new sock wool. Guess which one is for me, and which one is for MrsDrWho's Birthday Socks-to-be??

Two sock or not two sock

Harki is a good pillow for Gilly.

Harki and sleepy Gilly

Gilly is almost as big as Peri.

Peri and Big Gilly

It was so sunny and warm this morning but we are in for more rain and a cold snap with snow. I know we need rain and I am grateful, if only my washing could dry and The Labradors can get outside to play please!! We will be walking in the rain tomorrow, none of us really mind that at all. It does make the treats a bit damp though!!!

Shoes Afraid of Virginia Woolf

For Virginia Woolf read Lorelai Gilmore, and there you have it: shoes in our house are afraid, very afraid. Harki never chewed shoes, Peri did once upon a time but now she rarely even carries them about in a retriever-ly fashion. Gilly doesn't so much chew the actual shoe, but she likes the laces and she likes to take the shoes on little trips. I don't know their destinations and consequently I only have one casual green golf-type shoe now. My old walking shoes have shorter laces and part of the inner sole missing thanks to Gilly, but they also have great long holes in the soles. I found this out when my socks got soaking wet on our last walk. You see?? The paper does get in!!! I had to buy a new pair of shoes for walking. These are cheap and cheerful because I only wear them for an hour or so every second day. There was a pair with green trim, but they were much more expensive. I have new socks too, thicker sport socks because I really need a 6 1/2 size. The 6 was too tight with socks and the size 7 pair are too big, but the socks fill them up somewhat. I still live in hope of finding the lost green shoe......

Shoes the boss

The Labradors have been stepping out on our walks and Harki and Peri both went into the creek for a dip. Labradors really do like water.  Harki's FlippyFloppy Ear seems to be clearing up nicely and Peri must go on a diet: when she stands or lies on me I am almost squashed. I think these are serendipitous photos.

Harki steppin' out

Peri steppin' out

Here is Gilly on her Big Girl's Walk. She is very cute and very well behaved. 90-95% of the time she walks very happily by my side, and the other 5-10% she veers about wildy and lunges at birdies and errant smells. We walk near the silt ponds. Sounds awful, but it is quite pleasant. The rain has stopped so everything is puddly and damp but the Sun is shining and the day is warm.

Gilly's Big Girl Walk

Walkin' my baby away from home

I have been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures. So exciting and such fun that I didn't want to leave mid episode to go to MrsDrWho's house to watch Babylon 5 yesterday. I did go, and I had to wait till this morning to watch the end. 

I have knitted a hat for The Soon-to-be Electric baby. It is the Eartha Kitt Cat Hat. It was very quick and I think very cute. It is, as with most things I have knitted lately, still buttonless. I must have a button expedition soon. It is made from some left over soft sock wool and I used the needles recommended but my row tension was way off: she says 38 rows over 10cm but I took 47 rows. I added 3 rows into the top shaping to compensate. I like the ears and they were easy to add and it was very clear where to place them. Sometimes patterns are a bit vague on ear (or other added appendage) placement.

Eartha Kitt Cat Hat

Today is The Queens' Birthday Holiday. There was a politician on the radio, who not only said the queen was ravishing, but also said that all Republicans should be at work today. He's an ardent Monarchist who really only bothers his constituents this one day of the year!! I find his argument flawed: how many people today are fervently and deeply religious? Yet we all take the Christmas and Easter holidays. I am in favour of a sensible republic, after all it's the reason I'm not named Elizabeth. I hope I live to see the day we are a republic, our Head of State shouldn't be from another country. It's a moot point though as every day is a holiday for me (glass half full) or I never get a holiday (glass half empty)!!!

I have made some small craft inroads. Feeling quite happy about that. My mum and aunt are coming to visit on Thursday and Friday: that's always a major production though I don't have to do any mad house cleaning as my mum won't come here because our house is full of Dog Germs. Which are apparently worse than any Avian or Swine Flu!!!

Vet Vet Vet

Gilly has had the last of her puppy vaccinations and will be free this weekend to terrorise the world at large. Hang on to your hats. And shoes. And knitting. She was lucky enough to see Dr Malcolm and because there were renovations she was allowed out the back in the actual surgery. Whereupon she held an 'At Home' and all the Doctors and Nurses came to visit her and pat her and coo. She has a mass of 19kg now, so she's a bit over half a Labrador. She was pronounced very healthy and a fine puppy!! She eventually got the hang of waiting room etiquette.

Definitely not


Yes Gilly

Harki has FlippyFloppy Ear and she went to the Vet on Wednesday. Harki was lucky enough to see Dr Tim. Dr Tim is looking after her and he always gives her a lovely pat and cuddle. Both her ears are boogelly so she has extra strength ear drops. She was treated to chicken nuggets from the Scottish Takeaway.

Harki at the vet

Peri has been well. No trips in the car or extra treats for her. She had to cry piteously at the gate because I decided that as she had one of her sisters with her, she didn't need to be locked inside. Surely she wouldn't howl like a banshee?? She banged on the gate as I left and my next door neighbour said she cried a little, but didn't howl.  It has been raining the last few days so we have some Labrador Cabin Fever brewing. No H1N1 as yet.

Peri creeks

This week I have been socialising and sleeping. I slept so much that one afternoon nap extended into the evening and MrsDrWho had to ring and wake me up, otherwise I would have missed Mrs Reno's wondrous dinner party. Here is Mrs Reno's hot chocolate at lunch today: a work of art we thought.

Lionel Ritchie

Nothing on at the pictures. We aren't going to see Terminator:Salvation for the same reason we decided not to watch the last two episodes of Blake's 7: too dark and too depressing. In my happy imagination the characters from Blake's 7 never really died, the shots just stunned them and they live on in their Universe. (But Marcus is Dead) On the radio this week they discussed Imaginary Friends. 65% of children have one or more and these children benefit from the friendship and are more creative and happy. I didn't ever have an Imaginary Friend. I was feeling very sad until MrsDrWho and Mrs HouseOf reminded me that when there is a book handy, you have all the Imaginary Friends you need!! I could read when I was three so I have always had a wealth of friends at my fingertips. It made me feel much happier to know that. In the bookcase in the hall I still have some of my extremely well read and loved Little Golden Books!!!

LGB 1 

LGB 2 

LGB 3 

But here is my favourite. Of course.

Corky The Labrador 

I don't know where all my other childhood books are, I expect they were lost when my mum moved house years ago: she's wont to get rid of things. I am the total opposite.

So, nothing craft-wise to show. I am working on some secret enterprises for MrsDrWho's birthday. The black cardi is stalled due to ennui. I may do some embroidery tomorrow. Stay tuned for more underwhelming news!!!