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Brooch Back Mountain

All In All It's Just A-nother Hole In The Hall

There has been tiredness and an enormous amount of napping, along with a fair bit of dining out, hence the lack of posting. Gilly is very big now, she is off to The Hospital to be desexed on Monday,and the Nurse at the Vet asked about my pet. She was new and didn't understand so I had to explain: 'My animal companion'. Just to let me know she is a teenager, Lorelai Gilmore dug a hole in the wall in the hall. The house is lath and plaster so once you make a tiny hole, it just pours out. That's the back of the kitchen wall you can see through the opening.

Pink Fit Floyd Hole

I have shored it up with the plastic cover of a display book and masking tape and my Secret Weapon: a bottle of lemon juice perched on a box in front of the hole. It has worked well so far. It is not unusual: Tori the Crippled Labrador ate part of the stucco wall outside the laundry and Peri dug a smaller hole in the kitchen wall. Oh the joys of Labrador puppies!!! Harki didn't eat the house at all. I tell them I will send Gilly back to The Farm, but I never would, it's too late. I already love her. She is such a good girl when we go for a walk: before I open the car door near the highway I tell her to sit and wait. She barks crossly at me, but she doesn't move until I have a secure hold on her lead and I tell her it is OK to jump out.

Miss Uppity Gilly

Baby Electric has been born, she is well and so are her parents. She came into the world in the unusual way. I have visited once and I hope to visit again now her mum is at home feeling a bit more comfortable and can perhaps sit in a chair!! Baby Electric was 9lb 2oz (I saw someone write the other day 7pds. I expect they are young and post SI) and has a head of dark hair and a soft cry. I made her matching bloomers and bib and finished the February (June) Baby Cardigan. She has lots of things that fit her now, so I am going to make her some knitted things for when she is a little older.

Baby Bib and Bloomers

Harki and Peri are still jumping with great delight into the cold water creek, though the days are not too cold, we had 16*C on Monday. I think the earth is cool now, and even though the days are longer and sunlight stronger, it takes about a month from the Winter Solstice for the cooling to stop and the warming to start. Anyway, they love the cold weather and smile a lot!!!

Harki and Peri at the bush gate

It has been MrsDrWho's Birthday, hence the dining out, and here is the Bite Me hat from Knitty I knitted for her. It kind of matches her new ammonite jewellery!!

Bite Me Hat 

I had my hair cut today and I have a newish style that is kind of Suzi Quatro meets Early Jane Fonda, but in a 2009 way. I'll see if I can take a picture tomorrow. I'll also try and remember to take a picture of MrsDrWho's tissue box cover. I made it and I am pleased as punch with!!



I love your title!

Just curious: do you saw "owner" or "person" or "human" or "guardian" when you refer to your relationship to Harki, Peri, and Gilly? I write articles for our shelter's newsletter, and I'm never quite sure which to use. Personally I prefer any of the last three, but a lot of people still use the first one, so I end up with something like "owner/guardian" or switch off between the two.


Sorry Cindy, but I had to laugh at the hole in your wall. Paul reckons that Daisy has cost us so far in 2 years about $10,000. What with the vet bills for her knee reconstruction & the ripping up of carpet to seal the floorboards underneath (because she liked to pee on the carpet), flyscreens, doggy door (which still has to be installed yet!! Can't rush these things) Oh yes....& how can I put a price on the furniture she chewed before we discovered such things as doggy barriers (don't forget to add the price of 2 of these to the list):D But I wouldn't sell her for all the tea in China. She has been a true companion these last 2 years & has seen me through many happy times, stressful times & lots of doldrums.


Naughty Gilly! I like your emergency DIY solution.
Oh I love the bug hat - that caught my eye as well but with the thermometer heading up I'm not thinking about hats yet!
My mother's cousin had not one but two 13lb babies - ouch!


Oh my goodness - eating the house! I thought scratches on the inside of the front door was bad. The dogs are often my "babies" but we usually go with "little mate" as a description of our relationship.

Rose Red

I like the sound of your hair cut (I loved Suzi Quatro!!) so a picture would be fabulous!!

The bib and bloomer set is just too cute for words - and as for Gilly eating the house - oh dear...hope the lemon juice etc does the trick!


Your knitting and sewing looks pretty. Love the hat! I think you are very patient with Gilly...and it sounds like you and I have the same hair style. =] A little while back, my hairdresser kept on giving me a pageboy cut. Do you remember those??

Please give the labs a gentle pat from me.


When I chat with my close friends, sometimes I refer to Momo and Coco as my son and daughter. Hahahaha. Sometimes when I'm in the backyard, I'll shout to them, "Come here to Mummy". My neighbours must think I'm crazy!!


Must see hair - naughty Gilly - Rastus chewed furniture rather than walls

I am glad you posted, I was getting a bit concerned, in case you weren't well - but I'm so glad you're back on the knitternet!¬


teething little people..seems no one is safe no matter fur babies or furless ones.

my Gilly has grown a lot!!!!

cute little baby sewing too :)


oh my that hole Cindy! what a naughty little girl she is, can't wait to see your hair cut


Oh dear. Being outsiders, my dogs tend to dig holes in the garden - without digging up plants, thankfully. There's only been one hole under the fence, into a nice neighbour's fenced backyard, so no loose dogs and quickly fixed with some big rocks.
I too am looking forward longingly to longer days - it's no fun leaving home just after sunrise to get home just on sunset - 9 hours of 'day' is not quite enough for me!


the hole in the wall...hope it is withstanding further puppy investigation. Hair sounds fantastic!


Love the Bite Me hat - a pretty design. You are really clever in covering up the hole & the lemon juice is new to me. I wish I knew that when I had my puppies & it may not cost us a new sofa.

Steph (Ms Bubblefish)

Love your 'companions'! We call ours either the 'Horseflufloozies'or 'the girls'. I once called them 'the dogs' and my mother corrected me and asked me not to insult her granddogs again!

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