All In All It's Just A-nother Hole In The Hall
Calm On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooch Back Mountain

Yes, take some buttons, findings, beads, delicious nibbles and wine and this is what four women can make in three hours!!

Brooch the subject

I think we need to work on our technique a bit!!!

Today Lorelai Gilmore went to The Vet. She trotted off happily into the surgery area without a backward glance at 8-15am. At home, no other Labradors were particularly worried. They were a bit happy about being able to do things unencumbered by a puppy.

Brave Gilly at the vet

Harki did look in the hall, but Peri was devil may care.

Devil may care Labradors

At 2-15pm I collected Gilly, a little sad and sorry and very amusing because she had one of those Anti-Stitch-Chewing collars on and she kept falling into it. I know it's wrong to laugh at her misfortune, but I couldn't help it. She came home and after a little weird wandering about and sleeping in the chair, she finally went to bed and has been there ever since. She got to eat some tea in bed. Dr Rob said she was ever so well behaved and such a good girl. Peri is looking after her. (god help us all!!!)

Home at last

I made a TARDIS tissue box cover for MrsDrWho. I saw one on the internet and was inspired. It is quite good I think. Even if I do say so myself. I did line it with circly material that looks like the inside of the TARDIS. I forgot to take a picture of that!!

TARDIS at rest 

TARDIS, lateral view

There is knitting: first of all my Notro Striped Scarf. It's not Noro but it uses the pattern, it's some Baby Shepherd 4ply and some anonymous 8ply. Despite the different wool ply they go together well and the rib makes it very luscious,cushiony and soft and it does look like stocking stitch on both sides and it doesn't roll!! I am knitting this for Mrs GardyGardener, for her birthday.

Nono Nanette

Then there is this: It can go up stairs. It can fly. It can be made from a Kaled!!!

Who can it be now

Things to keep me occupied whilst we are, perforce, trapped at home whilst The Patient recuperates. I think I am almost, but not quite, caught up with my blog reading and comment replying. Hurrah!!!

Our local newspaper is running a Winter performance/happening  promotion. If you enter you go into The Drawer. I have decided not to enter as I don't fancy being in a drawer!!!


Rose Red

The Tardis tissue box is SO CLEVER!! If I were a Dr Who fan I'd so be making one of those!!

I do wonder about the state of things sometimes when newspapers make spelling errors. Sigh.


i adore this post title.


lots of well wishes to gilly, poor baby. it is horrible and funny at the same time to see them groggy like that. and i looooove the tissue box, so clever!


Speedy recovery to little Gilly. Love her little "nose stripe".


Love love the TARDIS! Pats to Gilly - and to Harki and Peri for being so good

Love the scarf too - you have been very industrious!


Pats and hugs for Gilly, hope she's feeling better soon! Petal needs to have her operation in the coming months too, when she's big enough.

I LOVE that Tardis tissue box cover - just what I need at the moment, with this blasted head cold. Maybe special Dr Who tissues would cure me faster?

The stripey scarf looks brilliant, love those colours :)


The scarf looks great and so do the brooch's - LOL at how little was made in the hours spent together - I never get anything done on nights like those!

Pats to Gilly - I am sure she will be up and about in no time (maybe next time she goes to the vet she will be a little less excited!)


Oh, I love the TARDIS tissue box - you are a regular genius aren't you?!


You really have a way with words as I really like your titles. Clever of you to make those brooches & tissue box cover. What will you think of next?

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