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Shoes Afraid of Virginia Woolf

For Virginia Woolf read Lorelai Gilmore, and there you have it: shoes in our house are afraid, very afraid. Harki never chewed shoes, Peri did once upon a time but now she rarely even carries them about in a retriever-ly fashion. Gilly doesn't so much chew the actual shoe, but she likes the laces and she likes to take the shoes on little trips. I don't know their destinations and consequently I only have one casual green golf-type shoe now. My old walking shoes have shorter laces and part of the inner sole missing thanks to Gilly, but they also have great long holes in the soles. I found this out when my socks got soaking wet on our last walk. You see?? The paper does get in!!! I had to buy a new pair of shoes for walking. These are cheap and cheerful because I only wear them for an hour or so every second day. There was a pair with green trim, but they were much more expensive. I have new socks too, thicker sport socks because I really need a 6 1/2 size. The 6 was too tight with socks and the size 7 pair are too big, but the socks fill them up somewhat. I still live in hope of finding the lost green shoe......

Shoes the boss

The Labradors have been stepping out on our walks and Harki and Peri both went into the creek for a dip. Labradors really do like water.  Harki's FlippyFloppy Ear seems to be clearing up nicely and Peri must go on a diet: when she stands or lies on me I am almost squashed. I think these are serendipitous photos.

Harki steppin' out

Peri steppin' out

Here is Gilly on her Big Girl's Walk. She is very cute and very well behaved. 90-95% of the time she walks very happily by my side, and the other 5-10% she veers about wildy and lunges at birdies and errant smells. We walk near the silt ponds. Sounds awful, but it is quite pleasant. The rain has stopped so everything is puddly and damp but the Sun is shining and the day is warm.

Gilly's Big Girl Walk

Walkin' my baby away from home

I have been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures. So exciting and such fun that I didn't want to leave mid episode to go to MrsDrWho's house to watch Babylon 5 yesterday. I did go, and I had to wait till this morning to watch the end. 

I have knitted a hat for The Soon-to-be Electric baby. It is the Eartha Kitt Cat Hat. It was very quick and I think very cute. It is, as with most things I have knitted lately, still buttonless. I must have a button expedition soon. It is made from some left over soft sock wool and I used the needles recommended but my row tension was way off: she says 38 rows over 10cm but I took 47 rows. I added 3 rows into the top shaping to compensate. I like the ears and they were easy to add and it was very clear where to place them. Sometimes patterns are a bit vague on ear (or other added appendage) placement.

Eartha Kitt Cat Hat

Today is The Queens' Birthday Holiday. There was a politician on the radio, who not only said the queen was ravishing, but also said that all Republicans should be at work today. He's an ardent Monarchist who really only bothers his constituents this one day of the year!! I find his argument flawed: how many people today are fervently and deeply religious? Yet we all take the Christmas and Easter holidays. I am in favour of a sensible republic, after all it's the reason I'm not named Elizabeth. I hope I live to see the day we are a republic, our Head of State shouldn't be from another country. It's a moot point though as every day is a holiday for me (glass half full) or I never get a holiday (glass half empty)!!!

I have made some small craft inroads. Feeling quite happy about that. My mum and aunt are coming to visit on Thursday and Friday: that's always a major production though I don't have to do any mad house cleaning as my mum won't come here because our house is full of Dog Germs. Which are apparently worse than any Avian or Swine Flu!!!


Rose Red

Oh dear, I hope the missing shoe turns up (although hurrah for a reason to buy new shoes!)

The cat hat is all that! So cute! Love it in the stripey yarn and the ears are so cute!

Highland Quilter

Gilly is beautiful...such a lovely face!! Cathyx


Both my doggies used to chew shoes when they were puppies. It drove me nuts as you know how much I LOVE my shoes??!! Now all my good and favourite shoes are put in cupboards. Only slippers and daily shoes are put on the shoe rack. Hehehe.


any excuse to buy new shoes huh?

That is a really stupid argument from Mr Hodgman. Silly man.


Luckily Joe was never a
shoe chewer as a puppy, and he always has lots of chew toys and bones so he never feels the urge! Both my cats love laces though! (Love the kitty hat!) Gilly looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth :-)
You have a public holiday for the Queens Birthday??!! We flippin' don't and she's our monarch! What's the point of her if she doesn't even give us a holiday?! *Humph!*


Are "dog germs" related in any way to the "girl germs" my youngest son was always afraid of catching?

Lovely photos.


We're more than ready to push you out from under our wing, when you're ready little colonial children :pat, pat: Just as long as we can keep all your out-of-work actors/bar staff over here and you take all our nurses I think we'll be fine! :D

Send my condolences to your shoes.

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