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We Are Living In A Material World And Iron a Material Girl

My mum and my aunt: they came, they saw, they wore me out, they left!!! Anticipation is usually much worse then the actual thing for me, so it all went very well. We shopped, we lunched and we chatted. It was all very nice indeed. I am tasked with several internetty jobs and I am the recipient of a very early birthday present!! Peri and Gilly have knocked my iron off the ironing board twice recently: it suffered a broken water stopper thingy and it started making boogelly brown drips on my ironing. And so, I give you The Iron Chief!!!!

Iron Chief 

It isn't green and there was a green iron for $50 , but this one has automatic Turn Off. I like that, it means I don't have to worry endlessly about turning off the iron. This was $100, reduced to $55 on super special.  It's lovely!! I have ironed with it and it has a teflon base, a nice pointy point for zippily ironing around buttons and a little dipstick that descales so you can use ordinary tap water.

The Labradors have felt a little neglected. I was so tired I couldn't sleep. I was overtired, and then this morning I didn't properly wake up till after 11am. Still, they all went for a walk yesterday. Harki and Peri went to the dam and in the frosty mitten-wearing weather played in the creek.

Harki's high jump

Peri and the frond

Gilly loves her Big Girl walks and trots along beside me so happily. I tell her she is a good girl when she is at my side and she looks up at me with her gorgeous eyes.

Birdies wouldn't melt in Gilly's mouth

I think Peri and Gilly have a Secret Cooking Stash. Yesterday Gilly had a bottle of peppermint essence (it was still tightly capped) and Peri had a 1/2 cup measure. Today Gilly had a star cutter and Peri had a packet of patty pan cases. They have been up near the big gate fossicking around and I wonder if Peri stole a bag of Christmas cooking leftovers I'd bought home from MrsDrWho's class last year???

MrsDrWho is Capability Brown and has been very creative in her garden and she has renovated and improved The Cateau. She has also been injuring herself as have I. Tonight I opened the cling wrap on the pyrex bowl I was using to microwave rice and extremely hot steam escaped and burned my hand. I have been soaking it in cold water. The Labradors have taken every opportunity to drink from the bowl of icy water and I have managed to tip it over. Twice. I have a wet face cloth in a zip lock bag in the freezer ready to go and some nice Lygnocaine infused ointment which also helps.

I have knitted. I knitted A Whole Smallish Thing in less than 24 hours. I started last night and finished this afternoon. I knitted while I commented on blog posts and watched TV. I had a minuscule amount of wool left over. Very lucky. I loved the pattern it was easy and fun. It is for MrsDrWho's birthday, so I can't make a clicky link. Yet.

Bite Me

Tomorrow I am making lemon, lemon curd cupcakes with lemon syrup, which I hope will be lemony enough for MrsDrWho's dad.  We will watch some more Babylon 5. It is the last day of the school holidays. That means I can have a rest now!!!!

Sunday 14th June is World Blood Donor Day. Thank you. Without you I would not be here, so thank you to the 79 people who took the time to donate for me and thanks to the 499,921 other Australians and people all over the world.



It was my pleasure! I don't now if you used any of mine - but I'm sure it went to good use for somebody!
Yum - lemony lemon curd cupcakes sounds like my idea of heaven - I am forever burning myself on things out of the microwave, and then I say rude words and the children ask me what they mean. Sigh, I am a bad mother some days!

Pate to gorgeous labradorables!


ouch! I hope your hand is feeling better Cindy, lemon curd cupcakes sounds so nice, my girls made some cc this morning and they are SUPER sweet, are you all ready for the Tour De FRance and knitting? will there be a knitalong this year?

Rose Red

Lemon curd cupcakes sound YUM! Hope you'll show us some pictures.

I like the sound of your iron chef (especially being on sale!) - my iron is a bit naughty - if I don't empty the water out after I use it, it leaks - and I think wet iron cord is not very good...


Your new iron looks very similar to the new one I just bought myself. I was so sick and tired of having to iron so hard to get the creases out that I decided I really needed a new one and now I spend half the time I used to do the ironing in, more time for knitting now!


The iron looks great & I like the auto-off feature. Must remember that when I shop for my next one. Yum - lemon curd - my favorite!

Michelle's so cold and the play in the creek? Momo would surely run away as he doesnt like getting wet :)


Great Blog Cindy! Thanks so much for coming to Brown Owls last night. I had a hoot! Hope you did too. Look forward to seeing you next time.


Sorry to hear about the accidents, but a new iron is a very good thing - I adore mine. It might not make ironing actually enjoyable but it takes a lot of the hard work out of it.

Am drooling over all the lemonyness. I heart lemonyness.

lynne s of oz

Yay for blood donors! Sometimes they don't want mine - coeliac and stuff but other times they do. I think the guidelines change/interpretations change. Haven't given blood in the US. Not game!
I had to buy an iron for quilting. I am Not An Ironer. I was rather glad to see that a very good quilter recommends buying cheap irons - when she drops and ruins the USD150 iron, she cries but if she destroys a $15 one, she just goes and gets another from the cupboard. LOL
The only problem with auto off is mine turns off after being flat for 30 seconds. When I am pressing stuff I often forget to right it before moving to another spot. Lots of beeping ensues! (but turning off after X minutes of not moving is great :-)
Hope the scald is healing up. I burn myself with steam All The Time. Most peeving - you would think I would learn!


Ohhhhh lemon, lemon curd cupcakes...what time should I drop by?


Your dogs are just so cute. At the end of my walk the other day I stopped to chat to a neighbour. Zeus decided I had given enough attention to someone else so he sat infront of me and stared, as only a dog can. As I kept talking he dropped his paw onto my foot. Subtle, but he got a big pat. But that was not enough so he dropped his paw onto my waist. Bless him, what would we do without our dogs.
Yours are pretty hardy to go into chilly water.


Oooh, a mystery knitted thingy! Very erm.. mysterious ...
And thank you to the people who donated blood that may have been used when my mum had her life-saving spinal operation and her two emergency c-sections; neither I nor my brother would be here without it.


My cat Ziggy used to knock things over on purpose, his other trick was to try to get his tail on something when we would have dinner/TV nights. In the end it was easier to give him people food on his own plate first in the lounge room, curry was his favorite!


Hi Cindy. I'm glad your visit from your mother and aunt went well (my mum tires me out too) and sorry about the burn ~ I hope it's healed by now.
No one wants my blood because I visited Britain in the eighties and might have, ahem, Mad Cow disease. I'd donate if I could though.
...and I love the action shots of the labs!


So glad the visit went smoothly - the mental stress can really take it's toll, though, can't it, not to mention the physical stress!

Ouch with your burn - nasty. Hubby has a vertical burn, in a straight line across his lip and chin at the moment, a steam burn from a dim sim cooked in the microwave. Hope your hand is feeling better now!!

I reckon the Labs will be coming home with freshly baked peppermint cupcakes any day now! They have hidden talents!!


Nice iron it should be good with a brand name like that. I need a new iron, but seeing as I only iron 2 things ever when I wash I don't think I will be rushing out anytime soon for a new iron. Would be nice though. I am a folder, not an ironer.

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