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You Say Goodbye & I Say HairLow, HairLow, HairLow

I don't know why you say goodbye I say Hair-Low.

My fringe was too long, despite assurances that it looked fine, it was too long for me. I'd managed to poke myself in the eye with my fringe too many times this week. So I popped into Mr SweenyTodd's salon to make a booking for a haircut in a fortnight and I asked if it was possible that someone might, this week, cut my fringe for me?? Mr SweenyTodd himself did it right there and then at no cost (other than having to endure my chatty ramblings for a few minutes). The millimetres he trimmed made all the difference and I can see: Hair-High!!

Here is a project I am working on. I have FizzleFixed red things to the back of this black drill but I needed some red Puffy/3D paint. You know, the kind that seals edges and then dries plasticky and puffs up a little over 24 hours?? Of course, The BlackSpot of Doomlight(tm) only had one exploded bottle and the Craft Counter was closed and no-one else in the shop could (be bothered) to help me. Luckily MrsDrWho has a craft cupboard and she has about 4 different reds for me to choose from: Thanks MrsDrWho!!

Sunburned penguin

MrsDrWho and I lunched and then shopped with a vengeance today. I bought a new top to match my teal jeans. Have I said how I thought I had no jeans and then found eight green pairs in the bottom draw of the tall chest of drawers??? I bought some new sock wool. Guess which one is for me, and which one is for MrsDrWho's Birthday Socks-to-be??

Two sock or not two sock

Harki is a good pillow for Gilly.

Harki and sleepy Gilly

Gilly is almost as big as Peri.

Peri and Big Gilly

It was so sunny and warm this morning but we are in for more rain and a cold snap with snow. I know we need rain and I am grateful, if only my washing could dry and The Labradors can get outside to play please!! We will be walking in the rain tomorrow, none of us really mind that at all. It does make the treats a bit damp though!!!



I swear you are feeding that pup Miracle Grow!


Gilly is growing so quick!! Hehe. I love it when they make pillows out of each other!! So cute!!!! And of course that green sock yarn is yours!!!!


So glad you were able to get a trim! In the U.S. we call fringe "bangs" which must sound very strange to you. It's not a logical word like fringe. :)

Gilly is so big now, I hardly recognize her!


After looking at the wool Mrs Dr Who thinks you might have already given her some just like it last year.
She suggests you check your stash before knitting ( he he he - as if knitting is imminent)

Rose Red

Um, I think yours might let me think...the yarn on the left?

Glad you found your EIGHT pairs of jeans!!! heh!


Gosh, I wonder which sock yarn is for you and which for MrsDrWho ... hmmm.... tricky! ;)

How can you "find" EIGHT pairs of jeans in a draw? Yarn, I can understand but jeans?!


hmm, red stuff on black drill, and puffy paint... intriguing!

let me see, green mix socks or pink/purple/grey.. which would you like... a conundrum indeed! :>


Gil;ly is very beautiful and so are your other girls.
I am glad to be home and it was a lovely day today so nearly all the holiday washing got sorta-dry!
Glad to see you are happy and full of labralove!


My new hairdresser also trims fringes for free! It's a new one on me, but a nice trend. Nothing worse than blinking your hair into your eyes, is there?

Those puppies look very cosy and cuddly!

Hmmm, hmmm, I think the *purple* sock yarn is for you? Am I right? ;)


i had a fringe trim yesterday also. sadly it wasn't free. i did however go to get takeaway coffee afterwards on my way back to work and that was granted to me for free!

lynne s of oz

Five years ago there was a hairdresser's called Sweeny Todd in Ararat in Vic. LOL I went to a different one to get my wedding hair done.
My hair had an accident last weekend. It's been driving me nuts ever since cos now it has bits that are just too short to tie back.
Being able to see without random stabbings from one's fringe is great!


Lovely sock yarn!I understand how you feel about the fringe. I always have the problem with my hairdresser who will not cut it to my desired length, so I always end up cutting it myself.

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