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She said,"You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Hair."

Donni commented that there were a lots of thoughts in my last post. I think A Lot. Too much: I over think things. Here are some thoughts.......

Thought One: I bought the bar of 'shampoo', I bought the Apple Cider vinegar, I washed and then rinsed my hair, but I am not sure I'm doing it correctly. Am I supposed to rinse my hair with the cider vinegar and leave it, or am I supposed to rinse it again?? Bells?? Anyone?? I have been thrusting my head at people and asking them if I smell of vinegar. It is fraught with danger, this no proper shampoo and conditioner game, and yesterday was only Day 1!! But according to Auntie Dutch it was Belle Hair, and very shiny!

Sham Poo

Thought Two: I thought about Linford Christie's niece who has been crowned Miss England. She said that if you want it badly enough, and work hard, you can do and be anything you want. This is patently Not True. It is a lie perpetuated by the  Fortunate Favoured Few. There is absolutely no way, no matter how hard I try, that I could dance with the Bolshoi Ballet, pilot the space shuttle or win the next Olympic Marathon. I am all for being positive and encouraging, but it is better to be honest and truthful. Too many dashed hopes otherwise.

Thought Three: Every Friday at about 6-50pm I have a good cry. It's when Can We Help? screens and they are always finding long lost friends or reuniting families(long before the commercial stations but after SBS) No matter how hard I try, I feel the tears welling up and then off I go. A good cry can be very therapeutic.

Thought Four: If the Hydro decides to charge families at financial risk using PAYG double the going rate at peak time for their power, and then doubles their charity donations to about $250,000, surely they would be better off lowering the rates they charge???

Thought Five: After watching it three or four times, how am I still so enthralled with Babylon 5? The three episodes MrsDrWho and I watched last night were just terrific. I was on the edge of my seat, even though I knew how it would end. I was meant to make Kiss biscuits, and I made the dough, but then I had a little Gorgette Heyer decline. Instead we had French patisserie delights for dessert.
I'm wearing Pink Pants

I made the requested giant Kiss Biscuits today, they are more of what you would call Glasgow Kisses!!
Glasgow kisses

Thought Six: It is amazing that I love Lorelai Gilmore so much. Your heart really does expand to encompass someone new. It is also amazing that I hardly ever call Peri Naughty Peri Naughty any more. She is demonstrably no longer the naughtiest person in the house!! It is very amazing that Harki is still pottering along happily, three months after she shouldn't be. And she is still happy too.
Lorelai Gilmore is wicked. Here she is with Peri in the backyard. She runs down to say hello to me and then she looks around and sees Peri coming down the steps. "Watch what I do now', she says and then she runs across ready to bite her ears and jump all over her!!!
Miss Wicked and Peri

Here is Gilly asleep with Harki, I expect there was snoring.

Sleepy Harki and Miss Wicked

When I came home last night, Harki and Peri were waiting for me on their blanket outside the back door. Their fur was icy cold when they came to the gate to meet me. They are good and faithful girls. I patted all the cold away.

Thought Seven: It was so cold last night that there was a perfect disk of ice on top of the Rain Gauge, yet in The Forbidden Zone the Spring bulbs are blooming. I am quite pleased with the photo, it seems to focus well on the flower. I found a setting in my camera, I have no extra skill all of a sudden!!

Bloomin' Marvellous

Thought Eight, and Eight is Enough: I am thinking about all the excitement that will ensue when I buy my new oven!!! Today the nice accountant lady filled in my Tax return for me, and Lo!! there will be enough money to pay bills, and you know you are a sad but responsible grown up when paying bills is a highlight, and to buy a new oven and hotplates!! MrsDrWho was googling and reading things ovenish out to me while we were on the phone!!! Tomorrow we are meeting for Brunch to check out our favourite cafe that has been assimilated, and then we might look at some ovens!! Be still my beating heart!!

So the corned beef is simmering away in the slow cooker with onions, cloves, vinegar and brown sugar. The goulash I made for tea is ready to be containered up and refrigerated and it is time for bed. Knitting?? Knitting??? Well, there have been a few rows but there must be some mechanical bicycle failure at the moment!!!

Ar-armstrong, I Am Invincible, I am Aldrin.....

It was forty years ago today that I sat in a classroom at school, watching TV, and saw the astronauts walking on the moon. The TV was B&W and classes were big and TVs rare so we were all, possibly the whole school, squashed into the Grade 3/4 room. Sister Margaret Mary was our teacher: she of the whistle blowing and whistling cane. It is still hard to believe that the astronauts went to the Moon and back, though I am not an Unbeliever!! Australia was heavily involved with the moon missions and we heard and saw the pictures milliseconds before the US. The scientist on the radio this afternoon confirmed the fact that the computers used then had fewer thingamajigs of intelligence and power than a modern calculator or simple mobile phone. I can see why some find it hard to believe the moon missions occurred. Being Collins must have been quite hard too, going all that way and not being allowed out of the rocket.

Cloth needs blocking

The Pop Tartigan, she of the TdF KAL, is going well. The sleeves and the back are all the right length and I can start the fronts. I had a few rest days but I did remember to make my cloth for the Cloth and Soap Swap.

Lorelai at the river walk

Lorelai Gilmore and I walk beside the river. This sounds a riparian delight, very Wind in the Willows, but it isn't.

The view today was crystal clear and the sky blue, but you don't want to even dip a toe in the water and the smell, well, it doesn't bear thinking about. The river is a constant source of debate, it is full of silt and pollution and everyone in power wants to do studies and have meetings, but no-one actually wants to fix it.

River view

Harki and Peri love waiting for the postman and when the new Delicious magazine arrived we all went out onto the verandah.Gilly goes because the Big Dogs do. Every Labrador had their nose metaphorically pressed to the glass of the verandah, wildly hoping the postman had a parcel, and they would get a pat!!! They were sadly disappointed and had to make do with pats from me.

Postman Potential Pat

Today is National Lamington Day. I can't have traditional Lamingtons , like this recipe, but I can delight in the more controversial Jelly kind!!! My recipe for Pink Jelly Lamingtons is here.

Someone else has a new pup. A lovely black Labrador who was very much wanted and will be very much loved. Rumour has it he is Gilly's boyfriend, but this is Not True!! She is far to young to have a boyfriend!!

A picture of the new Doctor Who and his companion, Amy Pond (What were they thinking??) can be sneakily previewed here!!!

I am having clicky link issues: they appear to me to be neither bold, nor Spring Frost green, so I hope they work.

The sunny morning deteriorated into a dull and rainy afternoon and I am having porridge for afternoon tea and then a nap I think.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prints

MrsDrWho and I joined the exceedingly long queue at the pictures to see HP #6 at 5-30pm on Thursday. I bought the tickets the day before, so we didn't have to be in the even more exceedingly long queue to buy tickets. On My Scale of Looking At Your Watch-edness, the film scores a big fat Zero, the best score!!! The mere inkling of the idea of the thought of looking at my watch, a true indication of my attention wandering, didn't happen at all. Now if you have never seen a HP film, this is a poor one to start with, I recommend you start with #1. But for aficionados, this was a fantastic film. Sure they tinkered with the story, added some things and took others away, but it didn't matter. I really enjoyed it and I shall dub it The Film Of Looks. Everyone was giving everyone else meaningful looks and glances. Looks and glances with many and varied meanings. I am looking forward to HP 7 and 7A which are meant to be screened in November 2010 and July 2011 respectively.

There has been some unnecessary excitement on the health front for one Labrador who shall remain nameless (her name rhymes with silly) but she is fine. There has also been some unwelcome excitement with regard to my credit/debit card which has been somehow and somewhere, according to my credit union, 'compromised'. Great. We have unanimously decided to cancel the card and now I have to wait till the new one arrives until I can have any money. That's the trouble with having all your money in the same place and only accessible by electronic means. Luckily there is plenty of food for The Labradors. Today the after effects of the two events caught up with me and I had a sore throat and needed a 4 1/2 hour nap this afternoon. Luckily even the newest Labrador is trained to nap.

Harki and Gilly a la couch
Peri and Gilly in the Land of Nod  

Speaking of sleeping, Lorelai Gilmore would not come to bed last night. She is deathly afraid of my Doctor Who Dalek clock. When you press the Dalek it speaks and lights flash. I was making the clock talk to Harki and Peri, as you do, and Lorelai Gilmore took off like a shot and put her ears down and slept in the lounge chair. She would not be coaxed back into the bedroom until I hid the clock and shut all the doors. It's not just the clock, if I talk to her in a Dalek voice she runs away too. Poor baby!!!

You would make a good Dalek

I shall not bore you with pictures of the TdF Pop Tartigan sleeves. They are longer but not quite long enough. I found another ball of wool which leads me to believe I shall have enough to do the fronts. Tomorrow is not a Going For A Walk Day so I shall be ensconced in front of the TV claiming back some DVR hours and knitting furiously.

In the olden days we took our camera film to the chemist and they made prints. My new printer lets me scan and I have scanned a print of Vundy the German Shepherd. It is the first picture I have of her and I am posting it today, because today is her birthday, she would be 20!!! Such a tiny baby, she was a lovely girl and both Harki and Peri grew up with her. Vundy was a wonderful role model and the cleverest of German Shepherds: gentle and noble and faithful.

Baby Vundy

Last week I made the ANZAC Cake, from BH&G. There are pros and cons. Opinions differ wildly!!! MrsDrWho and I both thought it was wrong, wrong in the sense of we were expecting the texture and actuality of an ANZAC biscuit, and it was just 'wrong'. People at morning tea, however, thought it was fabulous and asked for the recipe.  It is meant to be soused with a rum and sugar syrup and then have fresh coconut shredded on top, but I think that's taking it a bit far. It can be simply served with cream.


  • 125g unsalted butter, ANZAC Cake
  • 250g golden syrup
  • 6 eggs
  • 120g Self Raising flour
  • 120g rolled oats
  • 150g desiccated coconut
  • 80g icing sugar

Preheat oven to 170*C and grease and line a 23 cm springform pan. I greased the baking paper and sprinkled in some caster sugar to coat the sides and base of the cake.
Melt the butter and golden syrup. Cool slightly. Whisk in the eggs. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl, make a well in the centre and add the wet ingredients. Mix well and then spoon into the tin. Bake for 25 minutes. Mine took longer, 35-40 minutes so do check. It seemed to go from wobbly to a 'set' cake quite quickly. Cool in the tin. Slice and serve with cream.

If you want to make the syrup, combine 1/4 cup rum and 1/4 cup caster sugar and boil for 5 minutes. Pour over the cooled cake on a rack and the serve with shredded fresh coconut.

Pop, Pop, Pop(Tart) Music!

I have changed my Internet Browser to Firefox and in a convoluted way downloaded the new Flash Player and I can see videos on people's blogs again!! Huzzah!! Except now I can't make all my clicky links green and bold. I can make some words for a recipe green though: very random. I will have to work on that. I have no idea how. It's one step forward and two steps back around here.

ETA: When I look at my blog in the real internet world, it has green clicky links etc. They look blue to me here in The Typepad!!!

I have been assiduously knitting The Pop Tartigan, I don't want to crash out of the TdF KAL. I had dithered over a pattern and finally I cast on what seems to be the correct number of stitches. Then I used my Handy Dandy Ann Budd Book of Jumper Patterns and picked out the size with corresponding numbers. I am, MrsDrWho, making you a longer cardi based on the Seamless Yoke Cardigan in the picture. Thus, I have knitted the back almost to the armholes, and now I am about one third the way up both sleeves (two at once). That just leaves the fronts and then I will be up to the yoke. There isn't enough of the Licorice so the yoke will be in plain fluffy black. Maybe there will be a few of the purl ridges in Licorice?? Not sure yet. I do feel I am on my way to Finish-dom though, that at last I am going to make some progress!!!

Pop pop pop cardi

Yes, Virginia, all The Labradors can fit on the couch. It isn't comfortable, and it's not pretty, but they are determined to be there and to look as if they are enjoying themselves!!!

Sure, we all fit

Harki loves walking in all the puddles and through the bush when it is raining. Her leg is getting much limpier and she had a little bit of a cry tonight. I gave her more drugs wrapped in butter. I think Dr Tim put the mockers on her when he said that she was going along so well!!! Monika has a new puppy at her house: very cute and he looks like a Happy handful too!!!

Harki loving the rain

Peri looks forward to her walk as it is a time to step Away From The Puppy and just be with Harki. Gilly bites Peri all the time. Poor Peri. I love the way her eyes just look at me: they are full of love and the need for a treat!!!

Peri sits so beautifully

Lorelai Gilmore loves me even more when she has been burying something in the garden. She was very good at The Vet. Dr Tim asked if she could 'drop' and roll over and I said she could because we had been learning at home. He said he knew that we would have been practicing. He knows us too well!!! She did drop and roll over and then it was like a mob of kangaroos, all upside down, had invaded the surgery!!!

Gilly nose the trouble I've seen

Before I talked to my mum this week I messaged her to ask her to grab her Apple Cake recipe. Well it is the Family Recipe I suppose. It is not technically a cake, or a slice. It is apples, sandwiched between two layers of dough/pastry. We would eat it as a slice, or a cake dusted with icing sugar or a dessert with cream/ice cream/custard. I cooked up 8 medium Granny Smiths  but I think it calls for half as much again to make a thicker layer. (You could also use pie apple from a tin) We always had a rectangular slice tray size, but I used the first tin that came to hand.

Apple Cake

  • 8-12 Granny Smith (cooking apples) peeled, cored and cut into 2cm chunks
  • 60-90g butter
  • 4-6 tbspn caster or brown sugar
  • cinnamon, vanilla extract
  • 2 cups of Self Raising flourRoll ot the pastry
  • 125g melted butter
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 2 tbspn water or as much as is needed
  • a little extra melted butter and sugar

To prepare the apples, melt the butter and sugar gently in a wide based pan, then add the apples and spices to taste and cook with a lid on over a low heat till the apples are tender. This is about 10 minutes. Then take the lid off and turn up the temperature to Medium and cook till any liquid evaporates and some of the apples are mushy and some still hold their shape. Cool.

Making the dough is very simple: mix the flour and sugar in a bowl, make a well in the centre and pour in the butter, water and the egg. Mix, incorporating the flour and sugar from the edges until you make a dough. Knead for about 30 seconds or until it holds together and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Line you chosen tin and then brush with extra melted butter and then sprinkle the sugar till the base and sides are coated.We'll have a tinful of fun

Divide the dough in half, and then roll out each piece between two pieces of baking paper to fit your tin. Use the best piece to cover the base, then spoon in the apple and finally place the second layer of dough on top. This can be patched and you can turn the cake upside down when it is cooked to show the lovely underside.

Bake at 180*C for between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the size of the cake.

Cool in the tin. I didn't and mine cracked very easily because it was piping hot. It doesn't keep that long, it keeps best in the fridge in warm weather, but I like it best when the apple soaks through!!

Apple Cake

I Kissed A Girl An-Dalek'd It

Well it sort of works as a title, whether you say 'Daylek', 'Die-lek' or, as I say, 'Dalek'. Uncle Dutch's Golden Fiftieth Birthday Dalek was the first thing I finished for my TdF KAL this year. I am very pleased with it, and so was he.

Gold Dalek 

Dalek Tableau

Le TdF KAL continuement avec Le Pop Tartigan de MadameDocteurQui.

Gilly goes to The Hospital today to have her stitches removed. Her rash is almost all gone so we don't anticipate any problems.I have had to go out a few times and she has happily popped her head into her 'Game' Collar. She loves it, she careens about the backyard and house bouncing off things so happily. She has torn a chunk off the reinforced special plastic and there are innumerable white bendy marks all over it too. Gilly helped me go to the Police Station where we returned the credit card we found at the top of the drive way. She's like your dad, waiting for you to come out of a shop. I was too long!!! My dad was a good 'wait-er'. He never parped the horn or was cross.

Gilly, Waiting for Mumot

Harki is quite hoppy because the weather has been very cold: below zero nights and ten days that are sunny but with the chill of snow. She had a little run, of sorts, on our walk yesterday and then spent the rest of the day recuperating. Peri is at last asserting some dominance over Gilly. She stands over her and puts her mouth over Gilly's neck and just waits until Gilly is still.

Walkin' my babies back home

The cold weather has meant icy puddles at the dam, but this doesn't stop Peri from jumping into the creek. Harki prefers the temperature to be above zero.

Wheeee Peri 

I have accidentally updated to Internet Explorer 8. I should never have clicked on the Express Update install. It seems very nice, but it doesn't do that automatic filling in of my name and blog URL when I am commenting. I am such a terrible typist that I loathe doing it.  I have explored the System Restore and there are points to which I may Go Back, thank goodness.

I have been quite tired this week, we slept in till after 11am this morning. The bed is full of things like balls of wool, knitted socks, a Green Beanie Baby and various other things that Gilly finds on her forays away from the bed. She is a very good girl and gives them to me when I hold out my hand and say 'Taaa'. She knows where they are hidden and sometimes tries to dig them out. I am discouraging this like mad.The day is sunny but we have had such dangerous particulate levels that yesterday there was a Joggers' Warning: ie it is too dangerous to be out exercising in the air.

Potential Scarf  

This is my new ball of wool. I just have to buy another complementary or contrasting colour and I will make my own Notro Stripe Scarf.

Must hurry, as we need to be off for our 3pm appointment at The Vet!!!

Calm On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could almost, almost, be as stressed as Lleyton seems when he yells 'Come On!!' and points his hand at his forehead (there's a swear word if you click through, just saying). Try and keep a hyperactive Labrador puppy calm and quiet after her operation. It is nigh on impossible. I did, ever so briefly, flirt with the idea of not giving her the pain relief tablets so she would feel a little poorly and sleep. I wouldn't ever do that. I have persevered. She is determined the operation never happened and there is no reason for her not to resume her normal frenetic behaviour. Gilly even went out into the night when she came home.

Peepo in the night Gilly

Then Gilly developed an itchy allergic rash and had to go back to The Hospital and Dr Tim and I did several World Championship Wrestling manoeuvres to turn her upside down so he could rub some soothing ointment on her belly. Thankfully she seems to have realised the ointment is a good thing and she drops and I can easily roll her over and rub it on. She likes that!! She also doesn't mind wearing the special collar. She veers about maniacally, whacking into everything and having a great time.

Gilly Galore

Harki and Peri are bearing up well, they are a little neglected and so I have been giving them extra treats.

Wonderful Wet Walk

The 'Entity from Skaro' is coming along quite well. I have to do a two colour rib and I amazed myself by being able to purl with the gold wool and my right hand, and knit with the black wool in my left hand, albeit into the back of the stitch, which made me feel like I was a guest on KnittyGritty!! It makes it so much easier. I am up to the shoulders and I have two days to go so I shall definitely finish.

Entity from Skaro

I finished my Notro Striped Scarf on time too. The rib made it feel so squooshy and the wool was soft and light. I am adding one of these to the queue of things I want to make for myself. I used about 3/4 of a ball of Shepherd Baby Wool Merino in 4ply and some very soft anonymous 8ply in navy blue on 4.5mm needles. I managed to knit it 132cm long.

Notro Stripe Scarf 

The Tour de France begins soon and I am participating in the TdF KAL again this year. I am wearing the Polka Dot jumper for people who want to finish things off. My TdF jumper is green and polka dotted!!!

Sadly, I didn't win any of the $106 million Lotto Jackpot, but I was extremely amused when the Real Estate agent commenting on TV said that the winners might buy a unit on the Gold Coast. He said he often sold units to unsuspecting people. Who knows, I might be one of them. I don't suspect I have been sold one, which according to him, means I probably have!! I think he meant unprepossessing???

Gilly can see the TV reflected in the front window, so now I am having to nurse her while she quivers with excitement and keeps an eye on the evil reflection.

I have a 'new' printer. Mrs SuperSkipper gave me the printer I have and she updated recently and so now I have her next to latest one. It can scan and photocopy. I just had to wait till I had used every last drop of ink in the old one. As soon as I have posted this I will turn everything off and plug it in. Thanks Mrs SuperSkipper!!!

Hello young commenters wherever you are (The KIng and I) I will get back to you after the Entity from Skaro is a bit more complete.

Yesterday was Mr Squiggle's birthday, he's 50!! I loved Mr Squiggle!! I still know all the words to his feem toon!!