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I Kissed A Girl An-Dalek'd It

Calm On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could almost, almost, be as stressed as Lleyton seems when he yells 'Come On!!' and points his hand at his forehead (there's a swear word if you click through, just saying). Try and keep a hyperactive Labrador puppy calm and quiet after her operation. It is nigh on impossible. I did, ever so briefly, flirt with the idea of not giving her the pain relief tablets so she would feel a little poorly and sleep. I wouldn't ever do that. I have persevered. She is determined the operation never happened and there is no reason for her not to resume her normal frenetic behaviour. Gilly even went out into the night when she came home.

Peepo in the night Gilly

Then Gilly developed an itchy allergic rash and had to go back to The Hospital and Dr Tim and I did several World Championship Wrestling manoeuvres to turn her upside down so he could rub some soothing ointment on her belly. Thankfully she seems to have realised the ointment is a good thing and she drops and I can easily roll her over and rub it on. She likes that!! She also doesn't mind wearing the special collar. She veers about maniacally, whacking into everything and having a great time.

Gilly Galore

Harki and Peri are bearing up well, they are a little neglected and so I have been giving them extra treats.

Wonderful Wet Walk

The 'Entity from Skaro' is coming along quite well. I have to do a two colour rib and I amazed myself by being able to purl with the gold wool and my right hand, and knit with the black wool in my left hand, albeit into the back of the stitch, which made me feel like I was a guest on KnittyGritty!! It makes it so much easier. I am up to the shoulders and I have two days to go so I shall definitely finish.

Entity from Skaro

I finished my Notro Striped Scarf on time too. The rib made it feel so squooshy and the wool was soft and light. I am adding one of these to the queue of things I want to make for myself. I used about 3/4 of a ball of Shepherd Baby Wool Merino in 4ply and some very soft anonymous 8ply in navy blue on 4.5mm needles. I managed to knit it 132cm long.

Notro Stripe Scarf 

The Tour de France begins soon and I am participating in the TdF KAL again this year. I am wearing the Polka Dot jumper for people who want to finish things off. My TdF jumper is green and polka dotted!!!

Sadly, I didn't win any of the $106 million Lotto Jackpot, but I was extremely amused when the Real Estate agent commenting on TV said that the winners might buy a unit on the Gold Coast. He said he often sold units to unsuspecting people. Who knows, I might be one of them. I don't suspect I have been sold one, which according to him, means I probably have!! I think he meant unprepossessing???

Gilly can see the TV reflected in the front window, so now I am having to nurse her while she quivers with excitement and keeps an eye on the evil reflection.

I have a 'new' printer. Mrs SuperSkipper gave me the printer I have and she updated recently and so now I have her next to latest one. It can scan and photocopy. I just had to wait till I had used every last drop of ink in the old one. As soon as I have posted this I will turn everything off and plug it in. Thanks Mrs SuperSkipper!!!

Hello young commenters wherever you are (The KIng and I) I will get back to you after the Entity from Skaro is a bit more complete.

Yesterday was Mr Squiggle's birthday, he's 50!! I loved Mr Squiggle!! I still know all the words to his feem toon!!



The scarf is gorgeous ~ such a nice colour combination...and fancy Mr Squiggle being 50. Is he still on tv? I sometimes say "Hurry up!" in a Bill Steam Shovel voice to the children I work with but I don't know that they actually get it (although they are used to me being silly.) Please give a big pat to the pooches, including the irrepressible Gilly.


Oh dear - is he fifty? I know all the owrds too and we had a librarion we called Miss Pat - it was her name, but I always felt so Mr Squiggle when I said it!


Haha. Gilly looks so funny with the special collar. Momo had to wear one too when he had his operation. Hope the allergic reaction will go away soon.


Poor Gilly! It seems that she's worked out she gets belly rubs when the cream appears, so she's not too daft, is she?!


oh look at her, all elizabethan-like! poor baby, but good shes not stressed about it. puppies...sheesh who'd have 'em?!


Great work on the 2 color rib. I have not done that before. The scarf looks great. I did not buy a ticket for that $106m draw as I heard a mathematician on TV said that we had a 99.99999..% chance of not winning.


Right you are Dennis!

Rose Red

Oh you are very clever with your two colour rib, I can't do that with my left hand.

I love Mr Squiggle. And Miss Jane (but of course!). And grumpy Blackboard and Bill Steamshovel (I do the "hurry up" voice too...)

Poor Gilly - she looks so grown up but is still very puppy like, isn't she.

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