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I Kissed A Girl An-Dalek'd It

Well it sort of works as a title, whether you say 'Daylek', 'Die-lek' or, as I say, 'Dalek'. Uncle Dutch's Golden Fiftieth Birthday Dalek was the first thing I finished for my TdF KAL this year. I am very pleased with it, and so was he.

Gold Dalek 

Dalek Tableau

Le TdF KAL continuement avec Le Pop Tartigan de MadameDocteurQui.

Gilly goes to The Hospital today to have her stitches removed. Her rash is almost all gone so we don't anticipate any problems.I have had to go out a few times and she has happily popped her head into her 'Game' Collar. She loves it, she careens about the backyard and house bouncing off things so happily. She has torn a chunk off the reinforced special plastic and there are innumerable white bendy marks all over it too. Gilly helped me go to the Police Station where we returned the credit card we found at the top of the drive way. She's like your dad, waiting for you to come out of a shop. I was too long!!! My dad was a good 'wait-er'. He never parped the horn or was cross.

Gilly, Waiting for Mumot

Harki is quite hoppy because the weather has been very cold: below zero nights and ten days that are sunny but with the chill of snow. She had a little run, of sorts, on our walk yesterday and then spent the rest of the day recuperating. Peri is at last asserting some dominance over Gilly. She stands over her and puts her mouth over Gilly's neck and just waits until Gilly is still.

Walkin' my babies back home

The cold weather has meant icy puddles at the dam, but this doesn't stop Peri from jumping into the creek. Harki prefers the temperature to be above zero.

Wheeee Peri 

I have accidentally updated to Internet Explorer 8. I should never have clicked on the Express Update install. It seems very nice, but it doesn't do that automatic filling in of my name and blog URL when I am commenting. I am such a terrible typist that I loathe doing it.  I have explored the System Restore and there are points to which I may Go Back, thank goodness.

I have been quite tired this week, we slept in till after 11am this morning. The bed is full of things like balls of wool, knitted socks, a Green Beanie Baby and various other things that Gilly finds on her forays away from the bed. She is a very good girl and gives them to me when I hold out my hand and say 'Taaa'. She knows where they are hidden and sometimes tries to dig them out. I am discouraging this like mad.The day is sunny but we have had such dangerous particulate levels that yesterday there was a Joggers' Warning: ie it is too dangerous to be out exercising in the air.

Potential Scarf  

This is my new ball of wool. I just have to buy another complementary or contrasting colour and I will make my own Notro Stripe Scarf.

Must hurry, as we need to be off for our 3pm appointment at The Vet!!!



What a fun present, the yellow dalek.


Such a gorgeous extermiknit!

Labrodorables gorgeous as well
take care in the cold!


I do LOVE the dalek - just gorgeous. Had a little giggle at Tinkingbell's extermiknit comment too :)


your title had me giggling. You are so clever and funny.

And you made a dalek! Shh, don't tell Sean. He's always asking me to make one and I hvae so far said no. They are cute but I'm not in a hurry to make one.

The idea of Gilly bringing you knitterly things is so cute.


Your title made me laugh le dalek? Fantastique!
I also think Gilly is getting cuter all the time!
I can empathise with your Internet Explorer 8 woes. I accidentally updated to it (after being told not to by work, silly me) and am finding that everything works slower. I'm also having big problems posting on my blog ~ I can't drag images or text around which really irritates me... and I suspect this is also being caused by IE8. I might have to try and undo it too.
Please pat the gorgeous girls for me.


That Gilly is a charakter! I'm glad you are all enjoying your walks, even if it's cold.
I'm another one who clicked on the Internet Explorer 8 upgrade, no accident, just stupidity. :o) I like your new yarn ball!


Ooooh the cooler weather sounds wonderful!!
Perfect for snuggling in bed with balls of wool and lovely doggers :)

Rose Red

Love your title - you are so clever!

Excellent gold dalek, what a great present! hope Gilly went ok with the vet and stitches, sounds like she is recovering very well!


OMG OMG Cindy I am speechless I LOVE the Dalek it is soo cool and also the Tardis tissue box is amazing!


Love the pictures of Gilly in the driver seat!! She's so cute!!! Anyway, I loate Internet Explorer. That's why I'm a Firefox user for years now :)


You did a great job of the Dalek - it looks fantastic. I have been sleeping in this week too as it's the school holidays & the time for me to catch up on my sleep.


I used Vienna as one of the yarns for my son's Nine Inch Nails Illusion Scarf (, it was really nice to use. I love the colourways in your one!


Oh, I love the Dalek; it almost looks cute! Good news about the rash.

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