Ar-armstrong, I Am Invincible, I am Aldrin.....
It's A Sinus Of The Times.......

She said,"You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Hair."

Donni commented that there were a lots of thoughts in my last post. I think A Lot. Too much: I over think things. Here are some thoughts.......

Thought One: I bought the bar of 'shampoo', I bought the Apple Cider vinegar, I washed and then rinsed my hair, but I am not sure I'm doing it correctly. Am I supposed to rinse my hair with the cider vinegar and leave it, or am I supposed to rinse it again?? Bells?? Anyone?? I have been thrusting my head at people and asking them if I smell of vinegar. It is fraught with danger, this no proper shampoo and conditioner game, and yesterday was only Day 1!! But according to Auntie Dutch it was Belle Hair, and very shiny!

Sham Poo

Thought Two: I thought about Linford Christie's niece who has been crowned Miss England. She said that if you want it badly enough, and work hard, you can do and be anything you want. This is patently Not True. It is a lie perpetuated by the  Fortunate Favoured Few. There is absolutely no way, no matter how hard I try, that I could dance with the Bolshoi Ballet, pilot the space shuttle or win the next Olympic Marathon. I am all for being positive and encouraging, but it is better to be honest and truthful. Too many dashed hopes otherwise.

Thought Three: Every Friday at about 6-50pm I have a good cry. It's when Can We Help? screens and they are always finding long lost friends or reuniting families(long before the commercial stations but after SBS) No matter how hard I try, I feel the tears welling up and then off I go. A good cry can be very therapeutic.

Thought Four: If the Hydro decides to charge families at financial risk using PAYG double the going rate at peak time for their power, and then doubles their charity donations to about $250,000, surely they would be better off lowering the rates they charge???

Thought Five: After watching it three or four times, how am I still so enthralled with Babylon 5? The three episodes MrsDrWho and I watched last night were just terrific. I was on the edge of my seat, even though I knew how it would end. I was meant to make Kiss biscuits, and I made the dough, but then I had a little Gorgette Heyer decline. Instead we had French patisserie delights for dessert.
I'm wearing Pink Pants

I made the requested giant Kiss Biscuits today, they are more of what you would call Glasgow Kisses!!
Glasgow kisses

Thought Six: It is amazing that I love Lorelai Gilmore so much. Your heart really does expand to encompass someone new. It is also amazing that I hardly ever call Peri Naughty Peri Naughty any more. She is demonstrably no longer the naughtiest person in the house!! It is very amazing that Harki is still pottering along happily, three months after she shouldn't be. And she is still happy too.
Lorelai Gilmore is wicked. Here she is with Peri in the backyard. She runs down to say hello to me and then she looks around and sees Peri coming down the steps. "Watch what I do now', she says and then she runs across ready to bite her ears and jump all over her!!!
Miss Wicked and Peri

Here is Gilly asleep with Harki, I expect there was snoring.

Sleepy Harki and Miss Wicked

When I came home last night, Harki and Peri were waiting for me on their blanket outside the back door. Their fur was icy cold when they came to the gate to meet me. They are good and faithful girls. I patted all the cold away.

Thought Seven: It was so cold last night that there was a perfect disk of ice on top of the Rain Gauge, yet in The Forbidden Zone the Spring bulbs are blooming. I am quite pleased with the photo, it seems to focus well on the flower. I found a setting in my camera, I have no extra skill all of a sudden!!

Bloomin' Marvellous

Thought Eight, and Eight is Enough: I am thinking about all the excitement that will ensue when I buy my new oven!!! Today the nice accountant lady filled in my Tax return for me, and Lo!! there will be enough money to pay bills, and you know you are a sad but responsible grown up when paying bills is a highlight, and to buy a new oven and hotplates!! MrsDrWho was googling and reading things ovenish out to me while we were on the phone!!! Tomorrow we are meeting for Brunch to check out our favourite cafe that has been assimilated, and then we might look at some ovens!! Be still my beating heart!!

So the corned beef is simmering away in the slow cooker with onions, cloves, vinegar and brown sugar. The goulash I made for tea is ready to be containered up and refrigerated and it is time for bed. Knitting?? Knitting??? Well, there have been a few rows but there must be some mechanical bicycle failure at the moment!!!


Rose Red

There is always so much to comment on from your posts (all those Thoughts!!). New oven - how exciting. I do love a new oven.

On Crying: yes, a good cry is very therapeutic. I am glad I don't watch Can We Help though, as sometimes too much crying is not a good thing. Depending on where you are in your life, I think.

On shampoo: I think shampoo is a good thing. I shall continue to use it!! My hair would not survive the soap and vinegar thing, but glad yours is!

lynne s of oz

I rinse my hair after applying the apple cider vinegar. Should I? I don't know but it works ok for me.
Yes, B5 is good, isn't it? More nuances show up every time I watch it.
I agree on the idea you can be anything if you want to be and work at it hard enough. A very plain girl become Miss England? Unlikely!


I like shampoo - especially ones which smell gorgeous - and because my hair is long I need conditioner - but I admire those who don't...
Currently my thoguhts revolve around knitting, children and blogging - who'd a thunk it?


I am drooling over the goodies from the Patisserie - yummo! I envy those who can have a good cry - I just sit there with an enormous lump in my throat lol. Shampoo - I'm with RoseRed. But I'm glad it's working well for you.


no no no! No rinsing of the vinegar! It's in the instructions! It's such a small, diluted amount of vinegar - in 1litre of water!

What happens is the vinegar evaporates as your hair dries. You really need to leave it in!

It also takes a week or two for your hair to adjust so be patient!

I cry on Can We Help too!


It is the mantra of Gen Y that you can have anything if you want it bad enough. As a parent of a two Gen Y members, I have read that it's All My Fault they feel this way.

Anthony Robbins says if you want an M Class Mercedes you should test drive one and it will come to you. Well I tried that a few years ago and it didn't, but I think that positive thinking for monetary purposes misses the point.

I wonder if that's why Mrs Dr Who calls herself Mrs Dr Who? Does she read Anthony Robbins?


Nodding my head in agreement at Thought 2, it is too true. For all the people who want to be rocket scientists how many of them actually have what it takes?
Enthusiasm and desire can get you a long way but without that it call it talent or aptitude you won't ever make it.


Where's my brain? Wanted to also say those Kiss Biscuits look amazing now I have a craving. Maybe I'll have to make some this week.


THought 2....I have that thought frequently


Thought 2 resonates with me too.
Love the picture of the pretty flower and I laughed out loud over "but then I had a little Georgette Heyer decline."
Happy oven shopping!


I love a good cry too & agree that it's therapeutic. It's great to be able to spend time with friends, watch movies & eat french pastris - I love it!


Snap! I got my Beauty and the Bees shampoo bars last week too - I just rinse with the dilute cider vinegar, and then get on with the rest of my shower, so yeah, my hair gets rinsed further, no problems. I'm happy with how my hair is feeling, too, although I'm not at the 'only needing to wash twice a week' stage yet - but that takes some time, I gather :)

Babylon 5 is an amazing show - it has the integrity of the writer also being the producer, and that makes it SO good. Fantastic characters, great stories each week, plus all the overreaching story arcs too! We saw it when it first came out in the States, in the mid-90s, and have been hooked ever since. Now our kids are fans too!

I TOTALLY AGREE with you about the whole 'if you try hard enough you will succeed' thing. It's rubbish. All that's reported is the success stories, so all you read about are the people who DID make it. You never hear about the people who tried their hardest, took risks, were intelligent and skilled at what they did, overcame obstacles, didn't give up - and DIDN'T make it.

Aaaah Georgette Heyer ... I must borrow some books of hers again. Takes me back to summers of my teenage years :)


So glad to hear that Peri is no longer naughty!! Momo is still naughty as usual :)

Ah, I cant wait for my tax return as well although the amount isn't but much it's better than nothing...hehe. But firstly, I'll need to lodge it ASAP :)


Gilly & Harki look soooo sweet all cuddled up together :D
You keep on getting all those thoughts & blogging about them Cindy....reading your blog always brightens my day!!


those kiss bikkies look so good just like the ones from the bakery! I am looking at shampoo alternatives at the moment but haven't done anything about it. I FINALLY got to see Harry Potter and I loved it!! yay for me, Isobel and I went and it was during the day on a school day and only a third full but still soooo hot in there. I posted about your apple cake but mine is quite different to stayed in the dish but was yum


My, that is a lot of thought. The one I can comment best on is our knowledge of naughty. Duncan may have the market cornered here in the US :D

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