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On a Sticky Wicket Chicken Drumsticks

From This Day Forward, For Better or Purse.

The little coin purses are on their way. I expect I have made some terrible mistake along the way, so please bear with me if I have!!! Actually, I could have pretty much stood on the verandah and thrown the envelopes into the wind and they would have made their way around the globe, no worries at all. We are having storm fronts crossing the state again. I don't know how long they will take to wend their ways. I often think letters are individually rowed across the Strait: our post can be very slow. Did I mention that Lorelai Gilmore was almost whacked by The BareNakedLady who blew over in the wind???

This is what greets me most days when I come home lately. This is mild, there's usually a lot more mud!!! I won't open the gate until someone sits down and is calm. I spend quite a while waiting at the gate......

Stargate Labradors

There have been outings: to the gorgeous Greek restaurant up the river, whereupon no-one remembered to take photos of the delicious platters. And to the Me Wah, where we did!!!

I like Chinese food 

It was the Devil's Spawn birthday and I made her a Handbag-That-Is-A-House for Susan the Doll. I am not sure if it is the right size, but The DS and Susan can play Land of the Giants if it is not.

HTIAS for Susan 

Open House 

There has also appeared a Dads' Army Hat for Baby Electric. I am about to start a Dads' Army Cardigan with a border of red bunnies on a green background that segues into the blue sky, and at MrsDrWho's urging, there may be a few clouds in the shoulder area at the back. I love the bunnies: Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run run.....

Dads' Army Hat 

MrsDrWho and I are watching the last season of Stargate:Atlantis and so I needed some easy knitting: ergo the Rendez-Shoe sock was born, it's for MrsDrWho. But wait!!!!! Even more exciting than that is the news that Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson in the Stargate franchise, is in the Southern Capital making a film (which will probably go straight to DVD which can only be in our favour really!!!). How excited are we?? There were elbows and shrieks and girly giggles. It did cross our minds, fleetingly, that we should drive south and be weird nerdy anorak wearing fans, but we are too old and lost the will quite quickly, but you never know.......

One Rendez-shoe sock 

Now I have blathered on too much and so I will post anon with my review of Coles' Feed Your Family for Under $10 Meal #2: Sticky Chicken Drumsticks!!!


Rose Red

You have been busy! Look at that Bag That is a House (or House That is a Bag!) - how cool!!

I quite like the sound of the sticky chicken drumsticks. Maybe with bigger pieces though. And the baking is a great idea.


Oh. After the Dad's Army hat & cardie was hoping for Rabbit Pie recipe. Ah well, I look forward to the chicken anyway. :)


....in sickness for as long as we each may live....sorry Cindy I couldn't help myself LOL Living with me & my chronic illness's, your purse will probably live longer then me!! LOL I'll be watching around our corner for when she comes....toot toot....our postwoman of course! Can't wait to get something in the mail aside from bills.

Even filthy dirty & muddy your 'girls' (they are all girls aren't they??? I forget hahaha...maybe I need to write myself a note...hahahaha....sorry!!) are still gorgeous.

The knitting & sewing isn't half bad as well!!

Laurie (Moo!)

Are those teensy, puffy bunny tails on that hat? OMG!

I love the wavy back hair on your pup.


Mine arrived today. I was so excited. It's beautifully made! I love the needle and thread pattern. And Australia Post was so quick to get it here as well.
What a treasure!


I received my purse yesterday & love it. Thanks so much! You have been busy with so many projects. I like the bag - it's so cute & you are really creative.


Oh I love the cute little bunny hat and their fluffy tails! I got my little coin purse today as well - I love it, thank you!


OMG...the springtime muddiness. I'm sure I'll have more than my share of fall muddiness coming my way in Nov.
Love the bunny hat! Super cute. I've yet to try colorwork.


My purse arrived - gorgeous dolphins! I think it needs to be the Keeper of Small Things in my knitting bag. It deserves a position of honour and responsibility commensurate with its fabulousness, and what better than to keep stitchmarkers and tape measures and needle holders safe and findable?
Thank you SO MUCH for my cute prezzy.

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