She said,"You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Hair."
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Socks.

It's A Sinus Of The Times.......

Yes, I blog like a bus: first there are none and then they all come at once!! I have been a bit poorly with tooth, face, ear and throat ache: sinus I think. Nothing too bad, but I have spent a few days in bed just sleeping. Consequently, I have read other peoples' blogs but couldn't raise the energy to comment, and I haven't replied to my comments yet. I am so unreliable!!!
So I have not rinsed the Apple Cider Vinegar out of my hair when I wash it, but everything hirsute seems to be going well. There should be a better girly word than hirsute, like hairical. My hair is good hair, it basically does what I want, it's thick and wavy and I don't ever 'do' anything to it, except for some straightening on special occasions!!
Harki went to see Doctor Malcolm today. She has been crying a little bit over the weekend and she was definitely crying today so off we went. Apparently, she is A Miracle Dog. Doctor Malcolm said he only really expected her to live for two months!!! Because she is A Miracle Dog, she could live for another six months. Or six days. So she has to go on a diet!! All my letting her have whatever she wants because she is going to die soon has to stop. She is....48kg. So she has to have boiled cabbage and celery and some dry dog food and No Treats.  She does have multi-million dollar new tablets, I think they are about $5 each and she has 1 1/2 a day. She's worth every cent and more.

Harki and a sun beam

Peri is very happy, she has been escaping from the Evil Clutches of Young Lorelai Gilmore.You might think these are pictures of Lorelai Gilmore, but if you look to the right of centre, you can see Peri opening the gate with her paw and nose, and then going through!! Free!!

Peri Houdini 

Lorelai Gilmore has learned to ask with her Paw and her Other Paw and just today she learned Gentle, which means taking a treat without nipping. The power went off and on four times and then stayed off last night. We went to bed and lit the green star candle and I listened to my radio with batteries. Gilly was very upset, she didn't like the on and off again power at all and the total darkness even less. She has to be cuddled and soothed. The rest of us were devil may care-ish!!

I have been knitting the Pop Tartigan again. I am up to the first decrease on the yoke, only 270 stitches now and 6.5cm till the next decrease. Babylon 5 has Grey 17. I shall call this Black 17.

Black 17

I need a little change purse, I want to buy a kit to make one with a snap closure frame, but while I dithered, I made this. It is very cute and clever. 

Coin Purse 

The Lovely Yarnivorous chose me to receive a kind of Pass It On present.  I am sooo lucky, she sent me such wonderful thoughtful fabulous things!! Thank you Lynne!!!!

Yarnivorous Fantabulous

There is a very cute sheepy card, some gorgeously lime green ribbon with farm animals and four wonderfully emerald green dragonfly buttons. Then there is the absolutely wonderfully soft and scrumptious cashmere for me to knit up. It even smells delicious!! And to top it all off, there is a green cupcake drawstring bag, lined with green and with tiny Labradors machine embroidered around the top. PLUS she sent me a huge piece of the actual cupcake fabric. For me to lovingly iron and then definitely use. That's my 'thing' at the moment: to use the lovely fabric and yarn that I have, rather than keeping it for a special day or purpose. Harki reminded me today that Every Day is worthy of being special.

Remembering that I am a somewhat unreliable blogger, but also that I work best under pressure to meet and surpass deadlines, I think the idea is that I Pass On to some other people. So at some time over the next year three people will receive a Serendipitous parcel of things I have 'created'. I am not quite sure how the choosing should work: lucky dip of the names of all the people who are interested or the first three people?? Because I am so wishy washy I won't say Go (that's the way you start a pudding race!!) until my next post. 

The last episode of this season of Spooks is screening tonight, so I need to make some tea, and settle down to enjoy MediaWatch before it starts!!! (As if I would be answering my comments: I've just used up all my words after talking to MrsDrWho on the telephone for 98 minutes and blogging!!!)



Go Harki!!! I'm so glad she's a miracle dog, and hopefully she won't mind the new diet too much.

I hope you are feeling better, and enjoying that great package from Lynne!

Rose Red

What a great package - just perfect for you.

Harki and Peri are both SuperDogs! Harki cheats death daily and Peri has the ability to disappear at will (or at least out the gate when you are focusing on Someone Else!)


Your blog just went all boogelly - first it gave me a notepad page, then it wouldn't give me any apce - but now its being nice again!

Harki is definitely worth the million dollars pills - all miracle dogs are! The others are merely dogs with superpowers!
We have a little black guinea pig living here - which also has miraculous superpowers - it has made my children be quiet and lovely! Yay for superanimals!


I was wondering where you were!
Peri is adorable. I'm so glad she's performing miracles. Love to all the dogs and to you. x


i tried to comment on your last lot of thoughts, but typepad said no. for someone trying to cut down there were a lot of thoughts there still! all good ones tho. i am glad to see harki doing so well, but you know what they say about labradors and food! good luck with that :)


Seeeeeeee - lots of thoughts - I think it works well to just get it all out of your hair...snigger, it is hairstarikl how much fits in.

That Harki the Wonder Dog - she rocks! Hanging in there - why would she want to leave you? I am thinking boiled cabbage wouldn't be much of an incentive to eat - I would surely loose weight (maybe that's the trick). (Just don't get confused and put your cider vinegar on it, or use cabbage in your hair).

If you don't have any other takers then pick me for the passing on good stuff thingey. I think I would find someone just right for that.


Hope you are feeling better now. I love your little coin purse. Everytime I see one of your handsewn, I wish I could sew. Take care.


Harki is a miracle dog (so happy to hear) Peri is an escape artist I wonder what Gilly's special talent will be????? I do love your cute coin purse. I would love to make a frame purse too but I always shy away from them. Wasn't Spooks a cliff hanger and I am so upset it was the final, at least I have East of Everything to love!


the chihuahua's all say licklick and Harki your amazing, Peri don't run away there are good things at home and Gilly if you take it 'gentle' they tend to give you more! I was wondering if you can get healthcare cards for dogs, Harki has a very low income, as in none or in the minus' so should surely qulify?? Take her into Centerlink and ask!!


hehe so true about buses!!
Your dogs are so gorgeous!


well I'm glad the cider vinegar is working! Hooray!

And Miracle Dog is amazing. Just tremendous. But cabbage and celery does sound like a high price to pay for being a miracle!

Last spooks was just so breathtaking!

lynne s of oz

Hoping Harki continues to do pretty well, even on her diet. I haven't been 48 kg since I was umm maybe 13?

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