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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Socks.

A few weeks ago one of my friends* left me a surprise on the back gate. It was a knitting bag replete with old needles, pattern books and an unfinished pair of socks. There was a lady called a Margery who lived up the road and around the corner and in fitter years Vundy the German Shepherd and I would walk past and we were on waving and smiling terms. Sadly, she died, but when her family asked if anyone would like her knitting bag, my friend thought of me. So I am finishing her last pair of socks. They are The Outdoor Man's Socks and I am almost past the gusset on the second of the pair. It is quite contemplative knitting these socks.

Man Outstanding sock and a half

I have been beastly careless lately. This week I have mostly sat on the couch and watched 26 episodes of Medium. I have two more to watch to be completely up to date. If you asked me to tell you about all the plots, I couldn't, but I enjoyed the experience. I did a little hat knitting but I haven't finished the top, and it's too dark for a proper photo now.

On Friday Harki's tooth lump reappeared. $113 later we had the antibiotics and by Sunday her face was most symmetrically pleasing again. I have to hide the capsules in peanut butter as she carefully spits them out otherwise. She went to be weighed yesterday and Dr Malcolm was so pleased and we don't have to have an appointment for a while: she lost 800g in one week. We do have to go along every Monday at 2-30pm and she has to have her mass recorded on the computer. This is as much a discipline for me as it is for her. She has been so much happier and more playful, she's even been playing in the paddle pool.

Happy Pool Harki 

Peri is extra happy because Harki is happy. She is always full of the joys of Life, with a waggy tail and a big smile.

Peri goes wheeeee 

Gilly has been helping with things around the house: that would be digging in the mud and bringing huge branches in through the dog door. If at first she doesn't succeed, she tries and tries again until she does. 

Me, muddy...I don't think so 

This afternoon I met the lovely Mrs Bishopstone in person, and her mum and dad too. I am always so pleased to meet Imaginary Friends and find that they are as kind and familiar in person as they are in the ether. We both drink Earl Grey tea!!!

Tomorrow I am off to get my hair cut and some of those K-Tel record holder flippy foil things too. I think there is a good chance for a photo this time too. Last time I failed miserably. Tomorrow, all being well (ie ME being well) I will have some exciting news, well I think it is exciting, about something I bought yesterday and it's not a oven!!!

*On Wednesday 26th of August at 9pm-ish there will be a show on WIN/Channel 9 called The Gift. My friends will be on the show about Organ Donation talking about their beautiful boy, and how after his death they were able to help other people. They urge you to Think, Talk and Tell your family if this is what you have decided to do. Thank you,  Aaron.



What a wonderful gift you received, and a nice way to honor your friend by finishing her socks.

I'm glad Harki is feeling better! Maybe she can stop Gilly from dragging those branches?


What a lovely sock knitting gift! So glad Harki is a happy and slimmer girl and Peri looks so happy too.
Cross that I can't donate plasma on Monday because I've been sick, so my appointment is put back for a week. You have been busy!


That's a nice gift & it must bring back memories when you are knitting the sock. Thanks for the info on the program as I will love to watch it. Anyway, my family knows as I frequently reminds them that I want my organs donated.


Beautiful portraits of all of the girls ~ their personalities come shining through.
I'm glad Harki's feeling happier. Nice socks too!

Rose Red

How thoughtful of your friend to leave the knitting bag for you, and for you to finish the socks.

I have been doing a lot of loungesitting this week and knitting, and not so much housework. I just did the dishes though, so I feel relatively virtuous!


What a significant and touching experience, Cindy, knitting those socks. And what a gorgeous photo of the grubby-nosed Lab!! hehee xo


that's lovely you are finishing the socks.


how wonderful you are finishing the socks that's a wonderful thing to be doing. I too have been beastly careless I have watched 16 episodes of Life On Mars in the last few days. I so enjoyed watching it again!

lynne s of oz

What a wonderful thing your friends did after their own loss. Makes me all teary!
Lots of lab pics in this and the next post - most excellent :-) Gilly is getting big (but is still slim and girlish ;-)
A new sewing machine! How exciting! I hope to be reunited with my old machine in October. It came with all sorts of bits and bobs I didn't recognise but now I know what they are.

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