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She Ain't Heavy, She's My Brother.

The sewing machine so cleverly regenerated by Uncle Dutch finally gave up the ghost and so now we are the proud owners of a new machine!!!!

She ain't heavy

In my mind I had a few things I really wanted my new machine to be able to do: automatic reinforced beginnings and endings so there were no ends to tie off, needle up/down, and a good buttonhole attachment. I also wanted it to be less mechanical and more electronic. High expectations indeed. The lady at one shop was really only interested in selling me a very expensive machine with lots of embroidery stitches. My old machine had a bazillion and I hardly ever used them. I like to embroider by hand. The nice lady at SewWorld knew exactly what I would like and I would have bought it immediately, but I made myself try some sewing and I asked some questions while she showed me how it all worked. I am very happy with my new machine!!!!!

So I have been doing a little sewing on my old, and then on my new, machine. I have made 20 little coin purses. They aren't lined and they aren't perfect: I have been getting to know my new machine!! Two are contrary and have their little tabs on the opposite side!! I used some of the 166 zips I was given so I feel virtuous. The fabric is from my stash, my much ironed and lovingly folded stash!!!

20 little coin purses

I am giving them away, one each to the first 20 people who leave a comment saying they would like one. Each little coin purse has a number, so if you'd like one especially, you can say #1 for example, in the comment, otherwise It will be lucky dip!! I will email you to ask for your posting details and send them off next week!!!

No-one is too far away from here, they fit into an ordinary envelope. Well, maybe a galaxy far, far away is too far away!!!

Thus Far We Have:




Highland Quilter-#7



TinkingBell, Michelle and Jan-Lucky Dip.

Monika, Shan and Sasha- 'Other'!!!!

Harki is feeling very loved, what with all the lovely comments she received. Peri is having a little conniption because Harki growls when Gilly is nipping her ears and she thinks Harki is growling at her and then needs to lie on me and be patted. Harki never growls at Peri, so she is a little confused!! 

Harki and Peri on the bridge 

Lorelai Gilmore is loving all the rain and mud, she loves to walk in it and she loves to dig a muddy hole, jump in the paddle pool and then jump all over me!!!

Gilly's muddy walk



Congratulations on your new sewing machine!!! That's wonderful. I would love a little coin purse, just because it's made by you. Poor Peri though. Little ones (even if they are not so little any more like Gilly) can really stir up the routine and confuse everybody, especially older dogs. :o) Gilly and Happy would make a pair! He too loves everything wet, watery, muddy. He had his first walk last night. We will be having more of those, it made him super tired and we had a good night. :o)


It's too darn far to send me one, so dont worry about it, but I couldnt resist saying congrats on the new toy (luvs me some new toys) and a big wooohoooo! for busting some of your stash :D


Very smart of you!!

Love the little purses too. Very useful project to get to know your machine!!

I'll be interesting in knowing how you like it as you attack new projects in the next few months!

I love all of the, but 2, 11, and 16 are my favorites!! So if I'm one of the 20...surprise me!!

Highland Quilter

Hello Stranger,
Ok, I am gonig to make this comment send!! Hope you are well...I did text you the other day about coffee...when... are you free...let me know...mon or thurs are good!Love your brother....and all your little purses, I would love one too!!.. 2, 7 or 12 match my new black and red theme...but I'm not fussy. (oh you already knew that?!)
Chat soon, Cathyx


Looks like it is monsoon season on both sides of the world then :) We're having yet another wet summer, although today hasn't been too bad! I would love one of your little coin purses sewn with your new Brother - I have a 'lil Brother too and I love him, in fact he is sitting on my desk at the moment in mid-bunting production :) I really like the rainbow kitties if it's still available - if not, any very colourful, or rainbow coloured one will be equally loved :)


Ohh - pick me! That would be perfect for my iphone ear-e-ole thingeys....can I be so rude as to request no 16? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?


I would love a coin purse too - but I will leave it to your good taste - I love surprises. How lovely to have a new toy - my Janome was bought for me when I started Uni in 1980 and is still going - and I never use the embroidery either (and I don't do it by hand because I'm so bad at it), and stash busting is always fun

give super hugs and pats to the dorables!

Rose Red

Oh sweet! Welcome to your new home, Lady Sewsalot!

Love the purses...if I could be so bold, I love #12 (I think it's 12, the last one on the right in row 3 - big red flower!) or red dotty, or red cherry on green gingham? They are all very cute - you have great stash!


Oooh. A new machine!! I've been wanting to buy a basic sewing machine so that I can learn to sew!! Anyway, love those coin pouches!! They're so cute!! May I have one please? ^_^

Btw, woke up this morning and Coco's little front paw is swollen, you know, the bits between their toes? :(


I'd love one too, please. Any one at all. They are all lovely.

A new sewing machine, how lovely. I don't use my Husqvarna often enough to replace it, but it needs some attention. Was sewing lots of Amy Butler's lounge pants, very decadent, last summer and its tension does not seem to be working well now. Machine has some bad personal memories attached too and I'd love to be able to replace it. The time will come, so I'm looking at comments on different makes.


She looks fabulous! I'm glad you found a sympathetic sales lady ~ it's so tiring having to deal with someone who's doing the big sell, isn't it?
I would love 3 or 17 ~ I know how beautifully you sew. Thank you Cindy. You are very generous.
Please pat the pooches for me. =]


Lovely! Hurrah for new sewing goodies!

I would LUFF to have a little coin purse made by you! Too cute, love that fabric!

And also hurrah for rain and mud - two of my favourite things! xo


oooh i would love one. they are so pretty. (but then i am a long way away). i do 'specially like the look of 4 and 16.... :)


those coin purses are adorable! So much colour!


Ooh number 10 is nice.

They look great.


Ohhhhh they are all so cute. I'd love to give one a new home :)


i'm glad that harki is feeling so much better =)


you've been busy! as have i and am perpetually behind in the blog world. getting my new job has taken me out of the loop! i love the labrador photos (especially the last post with the two sleeping together!!!) your coin purses make me want to get back in touch with my sewing machine! great job!!


What a pity none have skulls! Tee hee! But can I make a not so secret (as she will probably read this blog and the comments)request for Sandra and ask for number 13(?) the one with the elephants?
She's mad about elephants, so we are always on the lookout for cards and nick knacks for her.


Your little purses are sooo sweet Cindy. I love them all but am partial to Nos 12, 7 & 5.
I hope your new machine gives you many hours of pleasure :)


Yay for a new toy! Enjoy the zooming :)


Just a quick PS Cindy in case I'm one of the lucky ones....I noticed that my favourites were already 'baggsed' :D Although I think they're all sweet No15 is sweeter to me :D


Wow - I am trying to imagine you sitting at the sewing machine & sewing away - 20 coin purses! They are all so gorgeous. I know I refuse your offer (sorry)but I would like one now if there's any left. Thanks.


Thanks for thinking of me, even though I wasn't quite with-it to post a comment! :D

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