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Ten Things I Love About You

Today is Harki's birthday and she is ten: ten is a number we never thought we would reach and embracing the positive, she is being vaccinated again this Thursday!!! To celebrate, Harki went to be weighed at the Vet. Her mass is 45.8 kg, so this week she lost 1.4kg (3 lbs) Poor baby, I shall have to feed her a little more this week, but she is 22% of the way to 40 kg.

Harki is very happy to be ten,

Harki is ten

and Peri and Lorelai Gilmore are happy too because there are squeaky toys galore and special biscuits from MrsDrWho (and Pigs' Ears I forgot to photograph) as well. All of a sudden The Labradors seem interested in a career in food and toy styling!!!

Gifts galore 

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post with the 20 little coin purses. You can expect an email tomorrow. It has been very hectic here over the last few days and tomorrow I am not going out at all if I can help it!!!

Thank you too, to Kiri from Yay! for Yarn who very promptly sent me a copy of a knitting magazine I wanted, and gave me a discount on the postage. Much appreciated!!!

It was Mr Reno's birthday and I knitted him the Turn a Square hat, though Mr Reno is very cool and so he would never actually be a Square!! I used Naturally Sensation in Black and then some baby wool doubled for the variegated. He put it on and wore it straight away: he liked it so much. The hat fits very well, I steamed the decreases at the top as suggested and they smoothed right out. The hat was squooshy and warm!!! He can expect a hat every year now!!!

Turning a Not Square

I have spur-of-the-momentarily bought a pattern from the new Twist Collective, how could I not when it is named Lorelei?? The yarn they use is 100% corn, and they say it is a 5ply or Sport weight but the tension makes it an 8ply so I have ordered some Bendigo Luxury in Leaf.  I am not sure if I am allowed to put a photo here, with acknowledgement, or not, so I have erred on the side of caution!!!

The weather has been wild, windy and wet with thunder and lightning. There have been floods on the East Coast and quite near here too. Our flood levees seem to be holding, and the Gorge and the dam have become tourist attractions!!! (NB the water is quite loud)

Coles Supermarket has begun a promotion with chef Curtis Stone and a series of recipes to Feed Your Family for Under $10. As a community service, and whether you like it or not, I shall be cooking my way through these recipes and assessing them!! I shall investigate their cost effectiveness, the ingredients and method, the taste and presentation. First up will be Mushroom and Parmesan Risotto, which I am cooking tonight, followed closely by Sticky Chicken Drumsticks and Rigatoni with Italian Sausage. Off to start right now!!!



Fab pic of the 3 Girls.
Hope no one has created her own stash out of the pigs ears!!!!


happy birthday, Harki - 10 is a big milestone :)

Rose Red

Happy Birthday Harki! How lovely to have a puppy party!

I must admit, I did think of you when I saw the Lorelai pattern! It will be gorgeous in Leaf!

Oh, and thank you for your community service role re the Coles recipes - husby and I were just talking about them the other day and wondering what they were like! Shall be very interested in your reviews.


Happy Birthday, Harki.

Mushroom and parmesan risotto sounds very yummy. It's particularly windy up here, not far from Rosered's place but on the top of a hill and fairly exposed to the southwest. A great night for risotto with freshly grated parmesan on top. Unfortunately, it's a bit late to pop in for dinner!


Happy Birthday Harki! Such a lovely smiling photo! I love the Stillife with them waiting patiently too! I've decided to stop buying knitting books and patterns, right after I got my "Made in Brooklyn" booklet. :o)
I have more than enough already, which will last my lifetime. It's just too crazy with all the new patterns coming out all the time.
Oh, I love mushroom and parmeson risotto. I also love lemon risotto which would be even cheaper!


That Harki - what a smile....wundebar.....and I reckon anything to do with Curtis Stone can only turn out, sigh, yummily....


Yes, the photo with the goodies on the table is my favourite.


Happy Birthday Harki - special pats!

Do you have the Pupcakes recipe from the RSPCA - I kept a copy for you and now all I have to do is find it!


Happy Birthday Harki!! Momo and Coco sending lots of hugs and sloppy kisses to you :)


a big wet nose kiss for the 10 year old! i too am a big fan of the turn the square hat and that ironing really does make a difference doesnt it! yours looks particularly clever, as are the coin purses which post i missed! i do love them all but number 8 is kind of cute, are they alien heads?! or frogs? i cant quite tell! but yes please, if there are any left xx


Happy 10th Birthday Harki!!XOXOXO from Daisy & me :D The 3 dogs are waiting very patiently for their treats. I swear that Daisy can smell even any toys I buy before I get them out of my bag & show her!

Lorelai looks like a great cardi....I wish I didn't already have soooo much other knitting pending or I'd be very tempted.


Happy Birthday Harki!! Hope you enjoyed every treat on your special day!!!


Happy Birthday Harki! She looks so happy there - I love the picture of them all staring at the treats! Harki and Peri are looking at you intently for the signal to indulge but I think Gilly is thinking about a hit and run! Hee hee! Mr Reno's square hat looks very cosy indeed!


The Westies join me in wishing Harki a belated happy birthday. They are aghast that biscuits are birthday gifts - bones are birthday gifts, biscuits are for being good. Very literal, the Westies. :)


A very Happy (belated) Birthday to Harki and best wishes to 2paw's

lynne s of oz

Happy (Belated) birthday, Harki! Wishing you happy times full of pigs ears. (And I don't mean in a pig's ear either!)
Is Peri really darker than Gilly and Harki?
Wow, I bet the Gorge looks really impressive! We were there in November one year and it was not exactly gushing.


a belated happy birthday to sweet Harki sorry I missed it i have been asleep for a week!! I am grumpy I missed your lovely little purses too they are so cute love your new machine too


We (Sandra and I) have only just read your blog! We've dashed to Yahoo to check my mail, and so have only just got your e-mail and we are very excited!
Although before we read about that we were excited about Harki's birthday and Sandra loved the Labrador pictures. Happy Birthday to Harki!

On Curtis Stone I picked up the Mushroom Risotto in the supermarket the other week because I like the sound of it, I snaffled up the mushroom bolagnaise yesterday. I am a mushroom girl!


Belated Happy Birthday to Harki. I have been collecting the recipes from Coles too & have made the Mushroom Risotto - yummy!

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